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    I am new to this site. 11 weeks along. After 1 miscarriage and 3 IUI procedures we’re finally pregnant! I am 40 yrs old. My husband and I are so excited! Just wanted to say that we rented a home doppler and I can hear my baby’s h/b every nite! It’s so awesome! After a m/c is it so reassuring to hear the life inside of me anytime I want. Congratulations to all the mommies to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    hi everyone. i am completely new to this site and am still trying to figure out how to use everything.
    this is my second pregnancy. my first one i had a son who is about 20 months old. this time around i am about 20 weeks pregnant with a little girl. we are super excited to be having one of each!



    ok well, i have a question. i will be 35 weeks in a couple days and this is my second pregnancy and i was just wondering when they start checking you to see if you are dialated and all.. my dr with my first pregnancy never checked me at all sooo i have no idea when to be expecting it



    Thank you ladies for your responses…it really is reassuring to know that someone else has gone through this and Im not the only one in the world ( which I know we all feel like sometimes) Im just keeping my hopes up, I know my baby is strong!!!!



    Hi Ladies, I am 8 weeks pregnant and new to this site. Its great to read all your experiences. Makes me feel so much better as i can relate to some of your posts…



    I had my IUD removed about 2 weeks ago, did any of you ladies have alot of bleeding? It seems intermittant, like every other day.



    Hi ladies I was just wondering if any of yous have diverticular disease and have been pregnant. I do have it and am really nervous about having attack in the next 8 months and how they would deal with it cause they use very strong antibiotics to kill the infections. if anyone has any info please let me know I wont be able to talk to my gasto DR for another month. Thanks



    i get my 2nd ultrasound tomorrow. My 1st was done in ER due to bleeding. I am pretty excited. Hopefully I will get an estimated due date and be able to see a heartbeat. I will be 6 weeks and 4 days tomorrow IF the estimation they gave me in the ER is accurate. Can’t go off of LMP because my cycle is notoriously irregular and I honestly cannot remember when my last cycle was. All I know is it was late Sept. sometime. Doc did say he was going to do a cerclage at around 15 weeks due to the fact that I went into labor at 21 weeks last pregnancy and delievered my son at 27 weeks. (he is a health 7 year old boy now). Wish me luck for all of the poking and prodding tomorrow. Woo hooo!



    Hello all hows things hope ur all well.. Can any1 tell me if i can use ‘Deep Heat’ muscle rub whilst pregnant? i have a really sore neck but paracetamel are not helping xx



    Help Ladies, I’m 5 days late for my period. I took a hpt today and it said negative. I have swollen breasts, low back aches, mild cramps, dizzy spells, headaches off and on, and I’m totally broken out..zits everywhere. If I’m not pregnant I just want my period to arrive. If I am then I want the hpt test to say so. I just needed to vent, this is so frustrating for me.



    Bre – my Dr office said they start at 35 weeks.


    Morning ladies:D….Have any of you been waking up with minor swellin in your feet?



    Help.. stuck with names ? I am having a little girl and i have a son called Jacob Rhys and a daughter called Brooke May .. cant make mind up on a name its between Milly Rose or Paige but got no middle name to go with Paige not sure if Rose goes with it… Anybody have any ideas ???????????



    Just added a blog to my page about a misdiagnosed miscarriage. Feel free to have a read I hope it gives hope to others who may being going through the same thing as i did 🙂



    hi everybody i m new to tiz site but wanted to share that i underwent my NT scan today and i must tell u it was divine experience to see my baby dancing in my womb! happy happy happy!!!!!!!!

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