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    hey just a random thing is anyone else on here a raver… the reason i ask is if anyone is how did u go with dancing????



    Debz81 – my doc gave me the okay when I was pregnant. I even used a pharmaceutical grade version.



    hey i am 2 months pregnant and morning sickness has been hapening for nearly a month now , i have been hospitalized with dehydration about 3 time now and each time been given I.v’s I dont know why I am so sick and niether do the doctors or Nurses. I have tried everythign I know every little trick to keep food down and I can’t I am not even able to lay down for more then 5 minutes without feelng sick and overwhelmed.. I dont know what I am doing wrong and its becoming tiredsom and very overwhelming. Any one have any suggestions



    Beautiful Bre – It really depends on the doctor and how your pregnany has been progressing. With my son my doctor didn’t check me until 38weeks. I was also having a standard pregnancy and she had no thoughts of me delivering early, she was right. If you’ve had any worries your doctor may start checking you soon but if not it may be longer. You can always ask?



    oh cinderella…I feel for you! You’re right – your partner does NOT understand. He cannot possibly understand what you’re going through. I always tell my husband that if it were up to men to carry and birth babies, we would die out very quickly!

    You are not the only one who feels that way. With my son, I delivered at 37 weeks and I couldn’t imagine going any further than that. I was so ready to not be pregnant anymore. It is very emotional and exhausting.

    This time around, I’m already feeling that like! I’m only 22 weeks and I was bitching to my husband last night about how much I don’t like being pregnant. I was like, I do not understand when women say how much they love being pregnant. I already don’t sleep. I’m up all night peeing. My pelvic region hurts so bad in the evening that I can barely move. I can’t have a glass of wine to relax and I was just recently put on pelvic rest due to placenta previa so no sex or orgasms or exercise for me.

    This will be my last pregnancy! I love what comes from it, obviously, my beautiful babies. But I don’t care for pregnancy. So don’t feel alone.

    You will be done soon, I promise. Try not get induced though. I know it can be tempting if your doctor allows it, but unless its absolutely medically necessary – DONT do it. It can lead to all sorts of unwanted interventions and complications!

    Good luck with everything =)



    Hi everyone! I am looking for some help/encouragement. I just went to my 6 week ultrasound yesterday and they said they could not detect any fetal heartbeats. I went through IVF and there are 2 gestational sacs. Has anyone else also been told there was no heartbeat only to find out later that everything was okay? I am having a follow up ultrasound in 3 days and if they don’t detect anything then they may suggest I have a D&C. Does anyone have any thoughts?
    Thanks for the help.


    Hi Ladies!! I just moved over from TTC!! I got my BFP on Monday @ 12dpo!! I am 3w6d as of today…I have never found out that I was pregnant before 4 weeks before. It’s very exciting! I’m due May 18, 2011!!



    hi all, just looking for some advice, my doctor has said i have a kidney infection, but she rang me today to say i had a bug and need a 2nd lot of anti biotic, my doctor is a bit of a pain in the bum soo bit worried abou all these anti biotics im taking, and also there giving me terrible thrush, is this normal?



    Hi Pregones – as I understand it – a back labour occurs when baby’s back is facingyour back – as opposed to baby’s back facing your naval. Apparantly if they lie back to back is when a back labour occurs..



    Turtlemom thanks hun just better safe than sorry eh xx



    I had my 4th ultrasound yesterday and the computer finally measured the embryo 4 mm and at 6 wks 1 day. But I’m freaking because the Dr’s expected to see the embryo to be 7 mm and he says there’s been no change since last week. Anyone have early ultrasound scans and have any advice/comment/input for me? My ultrasound at hm from last week shows embryo at 3.6 mm so I’m confused about what the Dr is talking about. Anything is appreciated!!!



    Llamakeeper – Call your doctor. If you aren’t keeping anything down then it’s not good for you or baby. Granted Baby can live off of your stores but your doctor can help. I lost over 10lbs this pregnancy because I was so darn sick. Well, my doctor got me on Zofran (well the generic version) and Holy Cow! I started to feel much better within a day. They don’t prescribe it just because but they also don’t want you dehydrated and ending up in the hospital because you can stand up straight. When I went in to have blood work up at 9weeks or so I almost fainted in the lab. It was awful. I hadn’t had any food in my stomach for over 24hours. They couldn’t get enough blood and I was sweating. My arm went numb, I was dizzy and crying uncontrolablly. It was a funny sight but a bit scary at the time. Please ask your doctor and maybe there’s something she can do for you. You don’t have to suffer.



    cinderella*~** –
    I haven’t given birth yet but I know 2 of my friends had very hard days before birth.
    Just like u said, they wanted to have their babies out right away, cuz it was hurting a lot.
    When you feel unsecure you should call your doctor/midwife if you can, for some advice..


    well im 16 and 27 weeks and 3 days pregnant . im almost there my mom and boyfriend and family are very excited im planning my baby showe march 19th 🙂 im almost done and its great


    Hi Ladies!! I just moved over from TTC!! I got my BFP on Monday @ 12dpo!! I am 3w6d as of today…I have never found out that I was pregnant before 4 weeks before. It’s very exciting! I’m due May 18, 2011!!

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