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    LeenaBaby – Spotting in the 1st trimester is normal. Also, if it’s just a little bleeding then it could be implantation bleeding which many think is their period. There are times when women bleed throughout their pregnancies and just think it’s irregular periods but that isn’t often. If you did get a faint line then you probably have a small trace of hcg in your urine which means pregnancy. Congrats! I would call your doctor for confirmation if you aren’t quite sure. I did with my first.

    Not everyone gets dark pink lines. I know women that never tested positive on a hpt and they have a beautiful children to show for it. Hpts will get darker the more hcg is in he system. Some take longer to build up the hormone. Hcg tends to double every couple of days but depending on the test you need as little as 15. This isn’t a lot but if you only are testing for 10 then it won’t show. The reason the morning urine is best is because you aren’t peeing or drinking all night long. You want to do a test when you haven’t peed for at least 4hours. You also don’t want to drink a gallon of water before hand which will dilute the hcg in the urine. So, if your at work and know you are taking a test when you get home, avoid drinking anything and hold your pee for several hours. Then you will get the same result as the morning urine. Oh and I got negatives until I was four days past. I already had morning sickness and was puking and feeling feeling pregnant so I knew I was even though I was getting negative hpts. Finally, I got a positive and was actually shocked even though I knew it.



    i am a little concerned… should i be? i have only gained bout 4-5 lbs and i am 19weeks… anyone in the same boat???


    Hey Everyone! And God bless whoever reads this! I am new to this site and I am currently 32 weeks pregnant with a babygirl! I am very excited. I was looking to find a few friends on here that may be in their later stage of pregnancy. This seems like a great site and I hope to hear from you 🙂 XXX



    Umm. im a few days away from being 36 weeks along. Im having chest apin and shortness of breath!! I dont know if i should go to the docs becuase I had my usual check up this morning and nothing was wrong. But about 2 hours ago im feeling pretty crappy! should i call or go in or what?


    Congrats Crazymomma! It will take awhile to sink in, it took me 2 ultrasounds and a few good kicks for it to be real for me! So happy for you!



    Hey everyone, I will be 15 weeks tomorrow and was wondering if there was anyone here who has had a tummy tuck and then gotten pregnant. I had tt after my first its been 3 yrs since the surgury, I would love to hear from other woman with a similar story.



    thanks liz king. im due on saturday but i will also take a test just incase if i start bleeding it could just be withdrawel bleeding from the pill, i heard that can happen.


    Hey ladies, im from 12 weeks, anyways.. i think i may or may not have a yeast infection.. it hurts a little down there. is there anything else i could be thats normal around this time? This is my 2nd and i dont remember anything like this the first time.. maybe it wasnt as bad? anyways what does a yeast infection feel like???


    hey, forgot to ask the doc at my last OB appointment. How important is not sleeping on your back. I’m 18 weeks. All the books say now is the time to stop doing that, is it really time or can i get away with it a few more weeks?



    Prego81: I’ve gained 10 pounds., but I’m not really showing which is my biggest concern. Are you showing yet?


    ok ladies I live in nc I was just wondering, I have decided to bottle feed, its just going to better for our fam in the end I believe, My hubby has to loose weight for his job (military) and dosent have of time to do it in cuz he has gained 20lbs with this baby lol. I nursed my son 7 years ago and I didnt loose any weight till I stopped then it just melted off. My hubby isn’t going to go very far with me eating all the time and making sure I get what I need to feed him, Anyone know how much wic will cover and what im looking at buying? and what bottles are the best? Please post to my page, thank you



    OMG… i am 31 weeks pregnant and i feel like i have been pregnant for years now. I just want my baby girl to pop out. Any suggestions to help pass time? I know they say to no think about your pregnancy but everything i do reminds me of it. NEWS FLASH i have a baby bump with me 24/7 how can i not think about it, from movements to uncomfy positions, it’s there allllllll the time. HELP ME PASS THE TIME!



    cinderella- the same thing happened to me last night, it was starting to get worrysome but then finally went away, it almost felt like really bad, like perhaps I had to go, but I didn’t. It wasn’t cramping so much as just pain huh? I also had heartburn that almost made me feel like I had to throw up, perhaps the 2 were related? I’m 21 weeks along, must be normal I’m going to assume ? 😉



    Sharon- I know exactly how you feel. I took 2 hpts and both came back BFNs and I was a week late. I even went to my OB and she it was negative too. I had one of those gut feelings that the test was somehow wrong and sure enough I took another one the next day and it came out positive. I ended up going back to my OB for a blood test which came back with low numbers but still read that I am preggers!



    Lately I’ve had alot of (period like) cramping, headaches, EXTREME hunger, and I’ve been really nausea. Could I be pregnant? I dont have a missed period or anything because I had my baby five in a half weeks ago…so I’m not sure when I should get me period. I have a history of chronic headaches/migraines (so that could explain the headaches) & I had my son via c-section so that could probably explain the stomach pain but I’m not sure. I’m scared to take a pregnancy test & idk if it’s too soon to take one. Could I be prego AGAIN?! When should I take a pregnany test. I pray I’m NOT prego…I dont know what I’m going to do if I am! Please help.

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