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    beegee, should i go to a normal GP doc or a ob/gyn?



    I found out i was pregnant last Wednesday 1/9/10 the dr said maybe around 5w1d. So i’d be 6w2d now, my boobs WERE sore but not so much anymore..! Im not sick either which is good. But would something be wrong if im not sick yet.. This is my first pregnancy



    i’am at my 13 week and 1 day..when can i feel my baby movement?



    due today .. surely my lil girl doesnt wanna b in ma belly much longer .. been in there 40 weeks lol 😛



    Any one else a little tired and over the whole being pregnant thing..I am 32-33weeks and I am so tired of having a knee in my diaphragm..He hangs out on my right side on his side so his back pushes on my right ribs..hishead is not square in my pelvis his nose face my left hip..but his knees are actually brusing my insides..being kneed in the same spot over and over again…okay I know I being hormonal and whinny but I have tried EVERYTHING to get him to move he is so stubborn…doc is going to try and move him at my 35 week ultrasound because he is not optimal for delivery..but no gaurantee he’ll stay there.



    Anyone want to take a look at my ultrasound pictures and let me know if it is a boy or a girl? I am confused, and haven’t a clue at what to look for..



    thanks Bri



    Hello everyone – Maybe you ladies can help me…
    I am 10w4d and I have to take progesterone twice a day. I was told to stop it at 10 weeks but I have 8 days or so left of my prescription so I am going to continue. Even after that I am afraid to stop it. I have read many people miscarry right after stopping it and I haven’t gotten a clear answer as to when it is safe to stop it. Some say 10w some say 12w and some say 14w. I don’t want to lose my baby…Does anyone have suggestions or experiences?



    karenin they couldn’t get a heartbeat with the doppler at my 13wk 4day appt but they got one with the u/s at my 11wk 5day sonogram so it really depends on the equipment they use and your size and if the baby is being really active.



    29th April 11.. Last week i couldnt sleep or eat much but this week is completeley different. I can sleep im always hungry 🙂 Im terrified of miscarriage or not feeling what other people feel at this stage.


    I’m 9wks &4 days now had a dr app on the 12th,too early to hear the heartbeat but,my dr. is awesome she did an ultrasound the baby had his or her back turned to us but ,I saw the heart beating,needless to say it was the best part of the day,my first official us ,is on the 19th keeping my fingers crossed that everything continues to go well,keeping my fingers crossed for everyone else as well



    boneblaze….the pain you might be feeling is that your bf might be bumping your cervix. I have the same problem sometimes I just tell my DH to be careful. My OB said that its because my cervix is tilted back and when my DH goes ‘deep or too deep’ then he hits my cervix. Hope that helps



    Ok my partner is you know really supportive and finally realizes there is a little baby in my tummy, but it still doesnt stop him from wanting to go out with mate.
    Its like once he realized i was having a baby our whole relationship changed it went from us to hugging and being very affectionate towards each other , to like nothing, we dont have sex ( sorry for tmi ) we hardly even go to bed at the same time anymore, we hug sometimes but it feels like somethign is different, It feels like im now a close friend instead of his almost wife, i mean whats going on, its like we are on two different planets. I no longer can cope with, and when we do have sex its like he askes beforehand and there is no foreplay *(again sorry for tmi ) its just straight into it, i dont get anything out of it as it seems like a chore to him. Has anyone else got this from there man when they were pregnant?



    I am CERTAIN of my dates. I should be due 24th December. I must be 7 weeks pregnant – my LMP was 19th March. My cycle was a regular 28 days. On the odd occasion it wasn’t, it was never shorter than 27 days and never longer than 30. I got a strong positive pregnancy tests over 3 weeks ago on the 17th April.

    Yet I went for a scan at 5 weeks 6 days and they saw nothing but the yolk sac. I went back the other day at 7 weeks exactly and they saw a fetal pole and heartbeat and gave me a hospital letter for my doctor saying they clearly saw these things – but it was so tiny I couldn’t see it – barely a grain of rice. They said I am 5 and a half weeks. Impossible. What’s going on? I think its stopped growing. What if it’s died inside me. Help!?



    Sorry guys panicing again! I don’t have my 13 week scan until next week but I am so scared that baby is not ok – does anyone know how likely it is to miscarry after hearing heart beat at 11 weeks and not having bleeding? I just don’t feel pregnant anymore!

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