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    Hello all, I am new to this site. I am 15 weeks pregnant and have 2 beautiful daughters, 12 yrs and 9 yrs. This pregnancy was a surprise and we all feel like we have been given a gift. Just wanted to say hi.



    Im pregnant with 5th child and realy scared. I have four beautiful girls aged 8mths, 19mths, 4yrs and 5.5yrs. I didn’t want to be pregnant so soon but my birth control let me down and morning after pill didn’t work. I’m about 10wks and so terrified I wont be able to cope. My husband is amazing and will be there100% but I still feel unsure. I’m afraid of what people will think at work etc. is this crazy? I love being pregnant and have had 4 amazing birthing experiences which my husband thinks Im built for babymaking!!!!



    Azeeza, as soon as your find out you are pregnant it is always a good time to see your doctor. Congrats on the pregnancy.
    I saw my doctor at 5-6 weeks, it was a short simple visit to basically set up future appointments and get my file started etc. Also you need blood work etc. so you need to set all this up, PLUS you’ll need to start prenatal vitamins if you haven’t started already. Better to be on the ball 🙂
    Good luck!



    This is kind of embarrassing… actually scratch that, really embarrassing. My nipples are HUGE and you can see them even when I wear a padded bra. Does anyone know of any ideas how to hide them?



    hi Ladies! I am finally a mother! I had a lot of trouble getting pragnant but guess what helped me?try this out Click Here!



    Thanks a lot Adnorel- I know I shouldn’t be freaking out but I was starting to worry.



    Hello ladies!! hope your all feeling well. I just got my positive today after 2 + years trying. So I just wanted to stop by and say hello! We’re very excited and nervous, but blessed that its happened.



    Hey Cheyne-sounds like we’re in the exact same boat. I know, easier said than donebut try not to worry. My Sis In Law is pregnant too and she just had her 2nd ultrasound, they put her at 8 wks and she thought she was 10 wks! Let’s take each others advice and let the baby brew in the bun the way it wants to. If the heart is beating, it’s alive and well! leep me updated!


    Hi All,

    I’m a first time mum currently 11.5 weeks pregnant. I’m 23 and my partner is 29. Were in Perth, WA. Australia. Anyone in our area in a similar age bracket and due date?

    I wish you all happy and safe pregnancies!


    Hello Everyone…hope that you are all having a wonderful day I am pregnant with my first child….12 weeks. So happy to be leaving the 1st trimester soon…YAY.



    Thanks Nellina, i am definitely of to the doc today. i have been having some stomach cramps and bloating for the past couple of days, so i hope all is well. yep, i def need to start on the vitamins asap.



    Hello Mums to be. I am a little worried at my weight at the moment. I am 13 weeks n 6 days Pregnant. 14 Weeks ago I weighed 13st 11lbs. Today I weigh 13st 0lbs. I am sure I should of gained weight now. Not lost it!!! Whats happened?



    Mummies it’s me again-forgot to tell you how to save yourself form getting to fat while pregnant!
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    Hi, Im new to the board, im actually ttc but i have a question about testing. I feel like im having pregnancy symptoms, sore back, nipples larger than usual and breasts sore (sorry it too much info!). AF is due in 3 days. I did a pregnancy test and it came back a very dark NO. Could it just be that ive tested too early. Did anyone else test before AF and then find out they were pregnant? I just feel really disappointed and im trying to see if there some hope!



    dayshasmom;CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! thats fab news!!! x

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