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    Hey ladies. I have a knawing question that the doctor’s office doesn’t seem to help much with. I just finished azythromicin for a bad sinus infection and ever since i have been having tightness in my upper abdomen (under breasts in rib area down to my belly button) and a radiating pain on both sides of my back under my ribs that radiates around to the side. I am currently 14 weeks pregnant. Sometimes the back pain radiates high into my shoulder blades and sometimes low into my tailbone area. I thought this was constipation pain but since it started i have used the bathroom twice with no relief. Is this just a normal pregnancy ache i should get used to? It is really bothering me but it is not ‘crampy’ like a miscarriage perse. Just pressure and aching. PLEASE HELP. I am freaking out.



    Hello All,

    I am new to this site and very happy that i came across it as this is my very first pregnancy and not to sure what to expect. I am not sure as to how many weeks i am, i will find out on monday. I have heard about midwifes but not really sure what it is what they do. I live in Canada, ontario, toronto. Do u either have a midwife or a gyno? can u have both? Sorry for all the questions they may seem dumb. Is it better to have one? What have most people done?

    Also, this has nothing to do with this, but, i have heard that it is not good to sleep on your back, is this true will it hurt the baby? I don’t think im too far along maybe 4-6 weeks, i am not showing alot, i already had a little bit of a pouch to begin with. Will sleeping on my tummy affect the baby? I have always slept on my tummy and find this the most comfortable. I know that as i get further along and start showing alot more it will not be possible to sleep on my tummy.

    Thanks for reading and answering!



    I just found out im pregnant 2 days ago, its my first. Because my periods are irregular the doctor told me i have to wait for the midwife to come before i can find out how far gone i am.=) cant wait to find out.


    I am 16 weeks and have been experiencing extreme soreness for quite some time. I was still experiencing the soreness until I went to sleep last night and I woke up this morning and nothing. I’m worried.



    Hi ladies, last night i had terrible case of restless legs. my legs had a weird feeling and it kept me up for most of the night. im not sure if this a preg symptom anyone had the same? if so does anyone know how i can prevent it form happening again? its really annoying.



    chickinjeans- I didnt gain my first 5lbs til just recently, at 6 months. The baby is fine, shes normal size and all.



    I am 8 weeks pregnant, recently found. I have been asked to get inj. HCG every 5 days. Does anyone know the indication of giving HCG during pregnancy? I guess this is given for infertility treatment. I had a miscarriage 2 years ago. Also, now I am diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Please help with an answer



    I got a positive result on my pregnancy test the week before my period was due.



    sorry to say, but that sounds normal to me and it will last on and off all the way through the pregnancy!! do u mean erythromycin? that medicine is safe for pregnancy…i had an iv of it during my labor bc of a strep b infection.



    babytimbit – If you can go with a midwife, that is your best route. The care is amazing. You will see your regular DR until the midwife is able to take you. You will not see an OB. You need to start calling midwifes now and start interviewing to find you right match as they are generally super booked. There are a ton of them in Toronto. And with your midwife you can discuss your birth choices and care choices. As for sleeping on your back, after about 16 weeks or so it is suggested that you avoid this and you will see at around 12 weeks or so that sleeping on your tummy will no longer be comfy. Enjoy your pregnancy, it’s truly amazing!!



    just found out i’m going to have my first scan in one week. i am soooo excited i can’t wait to see my little bubby. it will make all of this seem more real. 😀



    GB, i’ve been experiencing numbness in my legs and some in my arms. i find it happens most frequently while in bed but also sometimes during periods of low activity. i’m 21 weeks and have noticed it for the past few weeks.



    hi! my period was suppose to be last May24 but missed it. i took HPT on the night of may26 and got a positive result..wanted to be so sure that i took another HPT on the night of may2, still got a positive result.. will see the dr. this sunday..but i have this feeling that i want to take another HPT to be very a first time mom and i can’t help but to think that this might be a false positive result…i need an advise! thanks!


    hey ladies can it be possible to show this early. I am 7 weeks. This is my second child, but omg i feel like i am 4mths already!!



    MINI I am not sure about HCG injections but I am also 8 weeks and have been taking progestrone shots since the very beginning of my pregnancy due to low progestrone with my last 3 pregnancies that I lost. They are very helpful and keep my progestrone where it needs to be and I will have them every week for my first trimester

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