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    chikinjeans: Its fine, i have the same problem with gaining weight when im pregnant…im 28 weeks..and really when i first got pregnant i was underweight..and they said i needed to gain atleast 35 lbs..but i have told my doc that even before i got pregnant i had a hard time with gaining weight period..and the only time i would ever gain weight was during my menstrual cycle..n then going back to normal…but since ive gotten pregnant ive only gained 2-3 lbs every month which is better than nothing..ive eaten everything and anything to gain weight..but its just my body that takes it..and as long as your eating shouldnt have anythin to worry about is what my doc said..but make sure you take your vitamins and eat healthy and eat foods that have a lot of calories and protein and im sure you will gain a couple of pounds if you have a problem like i do with gaining weight during pregnancy.



    you are welcome MINI. Wishlet, at 4-5 weeks all you are basically going to be able to see is a sac and maybe a dot, but nothing more. My last period was Oct 8 and I am 8 weeks and 5 days (they moved my due date back) and I had my first ultrasound at at 6 weeks and 3 days (measured 5 weeks and 6 days) and all we could see was a sac and white dot and nothing more. Since then we have seen the heartbeat. Good luck and best wishes



    Okay this is all TMI for most,but from one prego to the next a sistah gotta vent!So my husband and his dumb self(I’m a bit irritated very educated brotha)tries to make love to me….mind you lately I have not been In the mood so I kinda been just avoiding the whole ‘booty scoot’ at night time,but then I thought ‘if he gets me ready enough ill give him some’okay so of course like the man I know I married,he goes in for the kill a second ago,and I try to make it more intense by denying it to him and intensifying his fight for it….and it worked at first,once it ‘got crackin’ I played the role a little more,and this man got up……and started playin damn playstation!!!!!!!man I could kill him right now! WTF okay-jus ventin,now he won’t get these goodies at all!!!!!



    MummyYumYum – i spoke with him last night nad he says that he used to love having sex with me and now he just wants to protect me. I realised that sex is something that makes me wanted and special, and attractive, now that its not there i feel useless, and not wanted, like having a baby doesnt make u feel bad enough with ur body, this just makes me feel worse. i feel unloved and no longer pretty. sorry for tmi



    im 21 weeks prego and with a little girl and she is like a wild child in there. it seems like she is never sleeping! i love it though. my husband just got the chance to feel her kick last night before he went to work. he was super excited. my first one was a boy and he didnt move like this. he also had a knot in his cord and didnt know till i delivered him. my dr was dumb. so we have a miracle baby!



    Hi everyone, im 10 weeks into my first pregnancy and have been experiencing lots of sickness, headaches and tiredness. Today however my tummy feels incredibly heavy and achy. I have had no bleeding or spotting. Could this be a sign of a miscarrige? or is this normal? I have experienced slight cramps throughout the entire pregnancy but scans show everything to be fine. However this feeling is completly different to anything ive felt before. Has anyone else had this?



    I took a test today 12piui and it said pregnant….yeppie.. I’m a little nervous I have been taken prometrium, and wonder if I should stop



    Hi everyone, I just signed up for this web site, so I’m extremely new to this. I currently have a 3 year old and a 4 year old and just last week I tested positive on a home pregnancy test, I’m currently around 6 weeks pregnant. With my other pregnancies I had no real problems conceiving, but this time my ob/gyn wants my hCG levels taken every other day, so far they were 1398 on Tues and actually went down to 1360 today (2 days later), when it’s supposed to go up. My progresterone level is good. With these numbers going down does this mean miscarriage or am I worrying too much? I’ve never had this happen before and when I asked my dr today what this means, all he said is that I guess time will tell. Does somebody have any other advice to help me understand this a little better.



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    thanks for the reply @Jjrhodes. dr called back with my bloodwork today as i was going in for recheck bloodwork. my progesterone is low which could be why i cant see anything yet? i’m on progesterone meds (specifically prometrium). hoping for the best!



    Morning ladies! Just wanted to pose a question to you all. Ive heard that morning sickness doesnt typically start until around week 5. I was wondering if anyone got sick before week 5?



    Hey, I guess i’ll ask this question here, I’m not trying to get pregnant, my daughter is 5 months old. I entered the first day of my last period which was January 29th, and I was on a 30 day cycle. Which gave me the dates of the 11,12,13 of being my fertile days and I ovulate on the 14th. My husband and I BD on the 10th…… I’m not able to be on birthcontrol because of bloodclots…. Just wondering what the possiblity might be….if anyone has any comments…… it was one day before it’s telling me I’m possibly fertile….. Message me on my page….thanks 🙂


    first U/S this friday. calendar says 6 weeks when i plug in DD. i really hope i can see something, or at least hear a heartbeat so i know this is really happening. reality hasn’t quite hit me yet!


    Hey nessy4. I had exactly the same with my first son and panicked like mad but was told it was due to all the ligaments and muscles stretching. Im now having my third baby and am 22 weeks pregnant and getting exactly the same. I keep my fingers crossed for yu xx


    kimswifey26 i think it depends where they send it to and what it is. i thought it was 1-2 weeks though? but could be wrong!

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