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    i was 2 weeks late (which never happens to me) and had 5 (yes 5) BFN HPT so i went to the OB for a blood test BFN so they told me to wait one more week then they would do an US also BFN so i brushed it off as stess and ended up going to my FP for a sore throat he gave me Antibiotics and told me to come back in a week if i was not better. So one week later i was not better and went back. I was tested for mono because i was so tired all the time. No mono. so becuase i was not on BC he had to do a urine preg test before i could recieved any more anti biotics… BFP!!! I am now 8 weeks the last US we saw a heart beat of 168 🙂



    I’m 24w5d pregnant with my 2nd child..another girl! I am so excited because I didn’t think I could have more babies. My oldest is 10 and she is the best kid ever..I’m not just saying that because she’s mine! I got to have a free prenatal massage last night and she came in to the class room with me. Everyone commented on how well behaved she was! Made a mama proud! I am from Lexington, Ky..and I’m on facebook too (!/pint1)! Add me if you’re in the area! It would be awesome to connect with other mommies to be in my area!



    @BrittneB depends on how urgent they sent of the bloodwork. if they sent it out tonight to a lab they could hear back earliest as tomorrow morning. latest 3 days.



    uhhh yea…at like 3-4 weeks I was feeling nauseous all the time! I was lucky to find out very soon with both my pregnancies that we were pregnant…within 2-3 weeks



    Hey all.
    Just a Question, I am 39 weeks and 1 day pregnant. My pelvis for the past month has felt almost dislocated, it never so much hurt unless i was laying down and moving around in my sleep, it would feel like it would just cllick in and out of place. But the past two days.. its actually became quite painfull, laying down & walkimg.. it really hurts and i find it quite impossible to move. I have no idea how i am supose to pass a baby thru my pelvis when its in this much pain.. i never experienced anything like this When i was pregnant with my First.. Would you say its normal?


    Hi, looking for advice and friends! Wondering who has tried the sex-every-other-night method and how it worked for them?



    I have had cramping also… this is #3 and I always think i’m going to start my period!!! but like janine said its just your ligaments in you belly stretching! Sometimes its hurts so bad I think somethings wrong but its nothing. also I have a boy and a girl and both heartbeats were in the 160’s as well as this babys so… I think the myth is a no go! 🙂



    hello all
    not sure if im in rite place but no1 seems b able help n im gettin very stressed
    u c i have been not feelin very well, got constant back ache n aches in my tummy n genally dont feel myself…
    i av the contraceptive implant n was wondering if any1 no of any1 gettin pregnant while on it??
    I feel like im goin mad as i feel pregnant n my tummy as swollen but i have done a test n it said i wasnt… i am tired al the time but cant sleep, i need 2 wee constantly… im really confussed n dont no who best 2 ask 4 advice
    if any1 could help i really wood b greatful x



    Hi, I am 34 weeks pregnant and my doctor thinks I may have SPD. I can barely walk from the pelvic pain. This started about a week ago. I have also had severe pain due to a herniated L-4 creating pain from sciatic nerve. I called out of work for the past week. When I mentioned to my doctor to fill out my short term disability form she looked at me like I was crazy. I live in PA and my company does have maternity. I can use my STD and FMLA. What should I do if my doctor will not sign me out of work early. I am in so much pain does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you



    I just found out friday night that i am pregnant.. I dont feel pregnant at all.. I took sixt tests since friday night when i took the first one but they are all coming out postive so i hope i am not making myself look stupid..



    I just found out I am pregnant today, I took a blood test planning on getting my wisdom teeth taken out and my doctor informed me i had high levels of the pregnancy hormone. I haven’t gotten my period for a few months now, so they sent me for another blood test to see how far along i am. Does anyone know how long it takes for blood results to come back?



    haha completnme … my man is ‘sick’ and ive been horny as hell HE WONT touch me … but i do understand what u are going through.. trust me ive had days where i cant stand him to touch me.. and thats all he would want to do.



    katiemason – You’ll be doing several blood tests and u/s throughout the pregnancy. The blood tests show chromosonal defects. They are looking for downs, spinal bifida and others like that. Unfortunately not everything is perfect and I know a lady that came out clear with all the tests and her second daughter does have downs. I think the only really positive test is a amnio but they are invasive and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you come out clear with all your tests I wouldn’t worry. You probably are having a healthy baby. I do understand the fear though. My fear is that I have an active 21month old. He’s all over the place. I’m constantly having to run after him and jump to get him off of things. He also thinks I’m a jungle gym. I’m trying to teach him to be careful to his little sibling but he doesn’t understand. He climbs up onto my tummy and kicks me on accident and whatnot. I worry that he’ll break one of the baby’s bones or something. Even though I know that the baby is well protected and it is rare to cause damage like that I still worry. Think of it this way. You are doing everything right. If you look at the stats for a healthy young women then you don’t have anythng to fear. Most of the defects are 1 in a 1000 or 1 in 10000 live births depending on the defect. Try to relax and not worry. I know it’s hard but like you said you are doing everything right. Just keep it up. At each test you’ll get more and more confident. I know I am. I’m just waiting for my level 2 u/s in two weeks.



    Hi ladies, just wanted to share a little of my frustration. This morning i woke and i was bleeding, only when i wiped. It did stop and has not happened anymore through out the day. As freaked out as i was i called my ob/gyn and got booked in for an appointment. I get there and he was sooooo rude. I totally do not want to see him anymore. He looked at me and asked me what i wanted to do…Is he not the doctor?, he should know what to do. He sent me in for some blood work, i get the results tomorrow. I am not to worried anymore as i have no pain or cramping and the bleeding did stop. He also threw in a comment ‘ there is nothing i can do, if u are gonna miscarry then that is fate’ I don’t think that is appropriate to say. I am just really upset at how i got treated today by him. I am totally considering getting a midwife instead. What do u ladies think about the bleeding? Should i worry or not?



    non.. thanks for reply. feeling better…wind gone for the moment lol!! have another scan next friday so will feel better when i see the little miracle again..then i will start worrying till my 12 week scan, then my 20th ….then…never ending story xx

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