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    they said everything looks fine btu i go back in 2 days for a follow up



    hi ladies, i was just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to deal with nausea?



    So ladies, I just found out I’m pregnant on Saturday. I took 2 digital tests and both said pregnant I mean I believed the first one but I had to reassure me. This is my first and I am so nervous. I am going to get it confirmed tomorrow and I’m really nervous. I don’t know why I mean my period is 2 days late and the tests said pregnant. Ugh so many emotions already.



    wishlet – I am on progestrone shots on a weekly basis as well. at my first intial visit at the beginning of Nov my progestrone was 8.5 and I was told the min level is 8.8. That has been the issue with me for the last 3 pregnancies. The shots have really helped me this go round and I have to take them until the end of my trimester, however I don’t think they effect when you are able or unable to see anything in the sac but I’m not compeltely sure on that



    Lol LUCY it is too much,wait then this he is acting so normal,and I’m just snappy at everything,’how you gone take me there,and not take me there?’ Girl Girl Girl,I’m already pregnant and trippin let alone horny now…I might go ona killin’ spree lol….playstations die first!



    just curious….Im in week 6 now, Ive had nausea & tender breasts, but Im not using the bathroom frequently. I know with my last baby and for most women they pee alot in the beginning. Im not yet….do you guys think this is ok…or should I be concerned? Did any of you do this too?? any info would be helpful, you can leave it here or on my page. Thanks Bunches!!



    timbit, I would get a new Dr. you shouldnt be treated like that, and if the bleeding was bright red I would be worried enough to get a second opinion, but dont over stress either many women spot during pregnancy



    hi ladies.
    i lost my mucus plug on sunday and i talked to my nurse and she said not even to come in and be checked or anything. which i think is weird. i will be 36 weeks in a couple days but all well. i have had crampiness and lower back pain. but they say no taking tubs or anything to make sure you dont get infections. so does that mean that you should not be having intercourse with your partner. my nurse never said anything about it so i am just curious.



    Hi everyone .. im 20 weeks pregnant and since about a week ago ive been unable to sleep … besides by back starting to hurt recently i just cant sleep … no matter how tired i am i cant sleep…. also i have been so mean and snappy lately and feel like i cant help it..i dont try to be mean and feel horrible after the fact but i cant help it … i feel like im gonig crazy…anyone experience the same or am i just a bitchzilla?


    Hi everyone, I am new to this site. I am aprox, 4 weeks pregnant with baby no. 6. This was an unexpected pregnancy, although I am not upset by the news, just taking a little time to adjust to it. I love being pregnant though, so I will adjust very soon I am sure. Good luck to all the mommies! Also what is a BFP?



    SgtsWife2011~~ Congrats! Im so happy for you! Dont be nervos you will be fine! You had two say pregnant so yay! The doc will tell you the same tomorrow!! Congrats again!!



    BrittneB – I can nornally go into my doc office first thing in the morning and my lab results are back by lunch if not before



    I was sick from conception. Sick and dizzy, and wondering what the hell was going on. Lol.



    hi im new to this forum, i am 6w 3ds pregnant, on wednesday just gone i had a fairly big bleed which scared the hell out of me. my gp sent me for a scan and i was told that a perigestation haematona sac was seen, i had a simialiar problem with my last pregnancy which sadly ended in m/c at 14weeks after weeks and weeks of bleeding.
    my question is has anyone else had this problem and went on to have a healthly baby. thanks everyone



    yeah i agree the doc shouldnt of said anything like that to you…change doctors! but if it isnt bright red then there really is no concern , i know i got some ‘brownish red blood’ in my first few weeks and im now 37 weeks X

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