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    hey i was just wondering if anyone has been told they were measuring too small, im 30 weeks but they are telling me im only measuring 28? anybody else had this



    miraclemumma > Not sure about the pains at that stage (8weeks) but i do know that i also experience such pains now and i’m 13w.
    As for not feeling preggies, i feel like that sometimes: it’s normal sweety, joys of being preggies!



    prego81 – Don’t be worried. Plenty of people lose weight in the beginning too. I didn’t start packing on the pounds in the second half. Think of it this way, depending on your weight ahead of time you only want to gain 25-35lbs the whole pregnancy. At least that is what books and such say. But as of 20wks your baby is about a pound. So, your baby has a lot of growing to do, plus there is the fluids and such. So far really the weight that you have gained is maternal fats and a little bit of fluids. And,if you lost weight in the beginning then you know all of it should be fluids and such. HAHA! Think of yourself as lucky. Less to lose afterwards.



    kt2010- thanks ill have to ask about the prenatal vits….cuz all the doc gave me was folic acid..but im not sure how they do it away from the US so i will def. find out on my next visit.. oh and all these blood test are really starting 2 suck…. hope there isnt alot more coming lol but im sure dere probably is…



    OMG morning sickness (ALL FREAKIN DAY) I dont know how I will ever go back to work!!! Any suggestions on how to get through it? I am 6w3d. I was also bleeding last week (brownish) and freaked out thinking I was having another miscarriage. Went for an US and saw the heartbeat!! Awesome experience (didnt think i would at 5w5d) anyone else experienced bleeding and had a normal pregnancy??



    ryroz….a good way to avoid retention and completely empty your bladder is making sure you stay on the toilet even after you think you are done wait a minute then try to urinate again….depending on how much space is available around your toilet also sometimes sitting backwards on the toilet can help as well….i had a retention problem when i was not pregnant and these two tricks handled the problem



    I am looking for anyone who has a uterus didelphys to discuss the risks and complications…I am not sure my doctor is doing all that he can….please post to my page


    ANCO: Excuse me if I got your name wrong..As a woman and mother of an 8 and 14 yr old I can tell you: Yes, pregnancy causes hormonal changes that can lead to major depression especially if there is already a decrease in seratonin levels to begin with. Im curious if your wife’s levels were low before getting pg? I have been diagonosed with depression and my seratonin levels are always low but I dont medicate for it like I should. Please urge your wife to talk to her ob about the depression. I was offered zoloft when pg with my daughter so there are things safe to take. Watch for self destructive behaivors like thoughts of suicide or possibly any type of harm to herself. Chances are within a few months the hormones may level back out..Good luck and congrats. I can be found on the general ttc board if you have any other questions…



    yepp.. at 38 weeks i was measuring 36 im also wondering about this lol



    ourlittlehogi – The problem with sleeping on your back is that the weight cuts off two very important veins. your aorta and inferior vena cava. These two provide blood to your heart AND more importantly to your baby’s placenta, e.i. to Baby itself. That being said. From experience and from my doctor, your body will tell you what’s going on. If you are laying on your back and your legs don’t feel right then you will automatically want to move or consciously (if awake) will move. You can help how you turn during the night so you do have to rely on your body to not stay somewhere where it can hurt you or the baby. Around 16weeks you want to start trying to fall asleep on your side or more to the side. Proping up on pillows so you aren’t completely on your back or tummy helps. I can’t sleep directly on my side for the life of me. No way is it possible. So, I use pillows to help me prop my tummy so I can sleep face down without the bowling ball in the stomach effect. HAHA! Good Luck



    Should I be showing at 5 months



    Hollys Dancing on ice semi final night is all grecian glamour



    rachel27 – Try keeping something in your tummy. When food is in there ther acids are building and making you sick. Of course only healthy foods and not a lot cause you don’t want to gain a million pounds but a little goes a long way. There are also morning sickness teas and preggie pops to help. Ginger is great for MS too.



    hey, melissavrell , thanx for replying to me. i feel better knowing someone has exsperienced the same thing, i felt like i was going to throw up.
    but i agree it felt like i needed to go but i didnt.
    i rang my midwife in the end yesterday and she said its fine as long as there isnt any vaginal loss and the pains dont keep occuring 🙂



    I just joined the site..I am 14 weeks and this is my first pregnancy so I really dont know what to any advice would be greatly appreciated…I am really excited for my first sonigram on June 2 so i can know what I am having..I wish I could find out sooner…

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