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    hey everyone
    i found out about 6 weeks ago that i had a miscarriage not sure when but now im pregnant again is this normal please help



    flutterflybaby1999 – i would say ur 15 weeks, as those first 3 weeks or so are included in the 40 week time 😀



    snipdad – just be aware that vasectomies are not foolproof. Oddly enough. I am living proof. My father had a vasectomy after my older sister was born. 10 months later, my mom was a little surprised to hear that she was pregnant with me. It’s a good thing I look just like my father!



    Hey everyone, my mother sent me this link on kangaroo care and I think it is worth sharing.

    Mother’s Last Skin-to-Skin Goodbye Saves her 20 oz Baby



    There is a lot of talk about this app..called my babys beat..i though it was spam..but i said what the heck it’s just 5$ gave it a try..and it actually worked..:-) the sound was very much clear and i recorded it and sent it to my grandmama..she was so happy..she can’t hear all that for it was like a gift..but let me just say..i have a couple of friends that didn’t hear nothing..but they are in week 22 and that could DEF B Y..i’m week 29..


    Hey everyone! I need some input from someone who can relate! I was on zoloft before i became pregnant and im so concerned abt m/c that i stopped cold turkey as soon as i found out i was prego. I am now 11 weeks pregnant and for the past 11 weeks have quickly dwindled back down my list of symptoms that got me on the zoloft in the first place so i talked to my doc abt it and since i am so close the second trimester he put me back on the zoloft. But when i ask him abt the risks and how he felt abt it he just said ‘well its a category c med and just like anything if you dont HAVE to take it dont but if you do…you do’. I did not find that very comforting but ive been back on it for 2 days and already i feel so much more like myself. But now im scared to death of the side effects it might have on my baby and the risk of m/c being even higher. So id really like to hear some success stories to ease my mind!



    ok..question. I found out about 4 weeks ago that i was pregnant, said i was 4 weeks. I had my last period starting 7/24/10, i had a d&c on 07/28/10. My first dr appt was today and they are trying to tell me that i am 12 weeks. That means i was pregnant while i had the d&c, which i’m pretty sure didnt’ happen. everytime i check how far i am by using my lmp it says about 8 weeks and my due date is 4/30/11. the dr says my due date is 04/30/11 but i’m 12 weeks..i’m so confused..any ideas?



    I am 27 +3 weeks and had protein in my urine when I last saw my midwife, she is checking it again tomorrow I also had high sugar levels, and I’m getting abdominal and back pain, I’m also getting headaces can anyone give me advice I’m really worried



    samsmom06-With my first son I was sick from the jump..infact I was sick the next day after conception ‘sex’ I thought I was crazy then every day I was getting sick…I know that was the day we concieved because he was gone for three months before that..and I am a good little anyways..when I finally broke down and took the test..I was way too early to tell..even with an ultrasound…so finally around six weeks about four weeks after I suspected they confirmed it..I was EXACT with conception and had my son on his Due was amazing..with this one well I didn’t know at all no morning sickness..except when I had the flu about a month ago…This pregnancy even though its a BOY again..everything is different…AND I CAN’T STOP CRAVING SPAGETTII! LOL



    Hey Ladies! Does anyone know if it’s ok to use Veet hair removal cream during pregnancy? I’m waiting on my insurance to kick in in a few weeks before going to the doc so I havent been able to ask him any prego questions yet. Please comment on my page so I dont have to read through all the general comments… Thanks Ladies.



    Beautiful Bre I would have to say I did feel the same way my first two months but that is about it. They were sharp stabs of pain and I found out that it was my son planting himself in my uterus wall. 🙂 I wouldn’t know what that is but you should probably find a different OB. Your baby is very important and if one doctor does not want to check just to make sure he/she is not good enough to help. I suggest you find yourself another doctor to visit. HOPE you take my suggestion because these kinds of thing should be checked. Wish you the best of lucks.


    Just wanted to share with everyone….we have a HEARTBEAT of 169 and was told I am out of the woods today!!! WOO HOO!!!! We are now so happy and excited, we have been waiting for this day for what feels like forever!!!



    Hello all! So I just got married Dec. 12 and apprently I brought more than honeymoon pictures home from St. Lucia! I took 3 pregnancy tests Jan 5 after being late for my period 4 days. As far as I can calculate, I would be due Sept. 12, 2010. I have felt great until yesterday when my back ached all day. I woke up this morning with a little spotting when I went to the bathroom and wiped.:( light brownish in color (gross I know). I’m a nervous wreck and know NOTHING about any of this. Please tell me this probably doesn’t mean what I think it means….



    @ Diana… go to an Ob doctor to make sure everything is ok… talk to friends and family and make sure you have a strong support system… and stay positive you are still really early.



    I understand where you are coming from. I have had a previous c-section with my son yet my doctor wont even allow a v-back. From what I have heard and some stories I have read I dont think it would be worth the risk. Just my thought on it, there is some type of risk percentage and it’s not worth it in the long run. I would say go with another c section.

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