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    hello i need someones help anyones… please…..
    this is my story… back in august i lost my baby. they told me that it had a birth defect. now during those 3 months i was pregnant my husband was very verbaly abbusive to me. i would cry through things at him bc i would be soo sad. all the time. We fixed things and now im 10 weeks pregnant weve maybe had about 6 arguments so far. we i cry bc he puts me down.. ok maybe i do take things to personally. sorry im crying as im typing.
    just to mention i already have a perfectly healthy 2 year old boy. now just today we had another argument where i exploded just like i would with my second pregnany. i need someones advice is my baby gonna be ok??? what happeneds to the fetus when im feeling like this???



    Lucyo1 🙂 I’ll be 13 wks pregnant tomorrow and I started having pains in my abdomen. This is normal. My doctor said sometime you will have cramping, but not as severe as if you were on your period. Also I have back aches sore muscles. I feel stretching and pulling especially on my left side. I try to stretch whenever I have a chance. Its just your body adjusting to your growing uterus



    cheyne your hcg does start to slow down here is a great website that helped me when I was in beta h*ll



    Just to update you all – sadly my little one didn’t make it. I went for scan yesterday and today and both gave the same results: the baby’s heart beat has now stopped. It put up a good fight and its heart kept beating for three weeks after it stopped growing, but it is now at peace. Thank you so much for all your kind comments, support and advice. It has meant so much to me and really helped me through this difficult pregnancy. All my love and very best wishes to you and yours xxx



    I am 6 weeks pregnant and I am concerned. I’ve been feeling nauseous all the time, sore breast, and twinges in my stomach since 4 weeks but 2 days ago I stop feeling nauseous all time, I feel it every now and then but not like it was. I’ve had no bleeding or cramps. Since I had a miscarriage in 07 the OB/GYN put me on progesterone every night. Should I be concern enough to call the doctor? Is this normal?



    i went to the er tonite for bleeding they said they saw a sac and that was good



    Hi everyone! Well I’m here because I ‘think’ I’m pregnant, I just want to know what you think. No, I haven’t taken a test yet, but I will. I’m just scared and nervous. Here is what’s been happening.
    Tender breast and they feel heavier
    Last period was the beginning of November
    Peeing alot
    My nose bled today and it never bleeds
    Really really really tired
    Loss of appetite
    Lots of head aches
    More frequent bowel movements
    And finding it impossible to fall asleep no matter how tired I am.

    So ya. I’m pretty sure I am. Won’t be able to get into see my family doctor for a few weeks 🙁



    Any advice to give an expecting father in the delivery room?



    Anyone tried accupuncture to fall pregnant? I think I might give that a go.:-D ( Can’t hurt at this point.)



    pygmalin- Thanks! I never got sick when I was pregnant with my son. In fact I didnt even know until I was 8 weeks! However with my daughter I was sick as a dog and couldnt even hold down water! I am waiting for my doctor to call me back with some blood work results. Until then though Im STARVING!!! Guess thats my cue to find something to eat.



    kristy2 my hcg at 16dpo was only 114 and I am almost 19w. I have learned some woman just start out low as long as it doubles every 48-72 hours it usually is fine.



    cyenne, I’m so sorry to hear. That so sad and very terrible..



    miraclemumma , My God how did that happen? please share…



    Thank you tiffJD! That makes me feel better. I went ahead and saw the Dr. and it seems that moving heavy things explains why my back hurts! haha It helps to hear that someone else has had similar experience, but that everything turned out great. Thanks again!:)



    Im 15 and a half weeks and finally starting to look pregnant! I have this rush of emotions going on right now, just so happy to have this baby inside me 🙂

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