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    Hello, I am new to this site. I am currently 8 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I am a nervous wreck. I had bleeding a few weeks ago twice both times i rushed to the doctors and was told i was fine. The second time being last week where i got to see the heart beat at 7 weeks 2 days it was beating at 126bpm and the baby was 10 mm. However i cant stop fearing the worst being that i had a miscarriage at 5 weeks back in April. I was hoping someone could give me some advice on ways to relax and not be so stressed or scared every time i go to the bathroom fearing the worst. I guess its just hard because the only pregnancy symptoms i have are being tired and sore boobs.


    Hi everyone!
    Just a quick question, how can i get a pregnancy ticker? cant seem to work it out?



    hey everyone. I have a question about early pregnancy. I tested positive w/ an ept digital test this morning. YAY. I have been having some light cramping over the past 3 or 4 days and although it is not nearly as bad as af cramps, they are similar. I am so scared this means I will miscarry. Today was the first day of my missed period and the test was positive so does that mean there is enough hormone to be ok? Please give some advice. My first doctor’s appt is scheduled for Jan 2nd.


    thanks lucy01… it eases my mind.



    hi all, here is an update, as posted previously i did bleed a little and i went to the doctors and had my blood taken and had an ultrasound. The ultrasound put me at 6 weeks, which i really don’t think so, i think im 4-5 weeks. 6 weeks just seems to be to far up ahead according to me. The doctor said that everything looks fine but my little peanut seems to small for where 6 weeks. He is sending me for another ultrasound in 2 weeks. Waiting two weeks is gonna kill me as i am already worried that my little peanut is not doing well. Also my HCG showed up 6,000 where they should have been at 12,000, meaning they have not doubled but they surely have increased. Last monday they were at 872 and last wednesday they increased to 1560 and as of this week tuesday they increase to 6000. According the doubling theory they should be at 12,000. My doctor did not comment on this. Ladies, should i be worried, has this happend to anyone?



    hi… lol nobody knows. the doc said that maybe when he removed tube after 2nd ectopic, it somehow healed together again. he was as surprised as i was to see the sac and heartbeat…as i had gone to hospital with my bags ready to b admitted cos we were sure it must b an ovarian ectopic this time as had no tubes……



    i have a questiomn. ive always had irregular periods, so when i didnt get my period for awhile i didnt think of anything. it wasnt till i got fatique, tender breasts etc that i took a pregnancy test. and i am pos. im 14 weeks almost 15. i havent taken prenatal vitamins, drank 5(not heavy) times in the past 15 weeks, and not eating as healthy. im starting to show a little, and can feel movements at times. but what are the chances of the baby being already damaged. itll be a few days till i see a doc, and really want to know.


    hi all I recieved my BFP 9dPO after IVF!!! So im looking forward to this pregnancy!



    Hey Tomsnana…..the only advice I can give you s to not worry about what may happen when you have no control over it , I know, easier said than done!…Just make a special effort to relax whenever you can and trust that all will go well and baby will stay put for the entire duration….I know a few women do bleed while pregnant and it is nothing to be concerned about…of course you should take up all and any concerns you have with your Dr and perhaps ask him to see you more regularly just to put your mind at rest..Good luck and congrats on the baby..:)



    I’m 15, 2weeks and 2 days pregnant and scared/excited..


    VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION LADIES! Ok, like i said in my other post i got my membranes stretched/sweeped today at 2:00pm…. they told me that i could possibly have some slight bleeding from getting my cervix checked and the membrane sweep… WELL… that was 8 hours ago and i had no bleeding at all.. well, i just went to the bathroom and there was blood in my panties but there was also some snot looking stuff… then when i wiped there was also blood on the tissue.. could this be from the sweep?? or is it my ‘bloody show’.. im not getting my hopes up that its my show because i did get my membrane sweep.. BUT i didnt start bleeding for 8 hours later… ANSWERS PLEASE



    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if at 19 weeks and 4 days if its easy to see what the baby is with a 3d ulrasound? We had a regular ultrasound Thursday but the baby was hiding the goods! If someone could please let me know I would appreciate it!



    pregnant and told that i might be having a miscarriage as i had alot of bleedin i had my hcg done they was 1533 then had a u/s 4 days later they could not c any think but she didnt look 4 long but bf said he could c somethink could they be wrong help



    hi all…. new to all this so i am just testing it out lol. currently 7 wks 3 days… miracle baby…concieved with no fallopian tubes x



    i have a question-it its normal if you lose some weight in pregnancy??
    im 12 week pregnant and i lost 6lb

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