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    iamlala – I would suggest you get some prenatal care asap to find out how far along you actually are etc. The chance of things being wrong with your baby aren’t much higher than if you had been taking care of your body and baby, so I wouldn’t worry too much – if there’s gonna be damage done, it’s gonna get done regardless. But it would be wise to seek some form of prenatal care, as soon as you can, and start taking some prenatals soon too. Since you say you’re feeling some movements, that’s a good sign that baby is ok, so take some comfort in that. Good luck with everything, and once you’ve seen the doc let us know how things are going. =]



    HEY EVERYONE! I want to say congrats to everyone first off. This is the second time i have been pregnant but the first time i had a misscarriage at 6 weeks:( I am now 10 weeks and very happy but VERY VERY NERVOUS. I dont like constantly bothering my friends and family about it because i know i probably sound like the nagging pregnant lady lol. i am so happy becuase my husband and were trying but now everyday i am nervous wreck and i guess i just need to hear that everything is fine once ina while. at 6 weeks i got an ultrasound, i saw my baby and the heartbeat:) at 8 weeks i went back to the doc and everything looked good. the next timei go back i will be 12 weeks(2 weeks from now) but everday i worry,i Wonder if everything is alright in there or if there is a problem that i dont know about yet….if i could i would see my doc everyweek just to hear him say everything looks good. Im not bleeding and i dont have the pain like i did when i had my misscarriage the 1st time but just the thought of losing this baby or not knowing whats going on inside of me bothers me. does any one else feel or ever felt this way!?



    Dani-Girl the only thing I suggest is to PEE ON A STICK. Don’t wait because if you are you need to get a doctors appointment asap.



    Very unlikely whitecracker, I wouldn’t worry



    Hi Guys, im new to this sight but looking forward to keeping my self updated. Im 7 weeks pregnant and had a scan at 5.5 wks its was amazing to see the heart beat that soon, im constantly anxious as I had a miscarriage before my son (7yrsnow) and just wishing the weeks to pass. I too feel like I have a large bump already is this normal for you second pregnancy ? hoping to have another can soon.



    ooo well if its free why not lol

    just over here i had to pay for my 3d one so i waited till i could make out the babys features coz i didnt wanna know the gender lol (so didnt find out just wanted to see the face i was convinced something was wrong with baby see)
    i think thery can see the babs sex from it:) xx


    kristyk- have you thought about the your mother and your husbands mothers madden names or someting like them as middle names?


    I just had a baby on Aug. 25th I was wondering how soon you can conceive after giving birth? I have had 7 kids but the soonest I conceived after giving birth was 3 mths. Any help would be much appreciated.


    Hey ladies! I am over 37 weeks and excited about becoming a mommy, not so much about the cramping in my legs! Right where my leg connects to my pelvic area has gotten to where it gets really sharp cramps if I do too much walking. I was going through the store the other day and had to stop every few minutes to laugh so I wouldn’t cry! Any one else had this problem?



    can someone help me? please. im young and 7/8weeks preg. confused and scared. help 🙁


    congrads WANNA welcom to the PG club and vary soon the mommy club 🙂



    Hey ladies with a New Windows 7 phone! There is an APP called baby and us (baby&us) that has a section for a child with letters numbers colors a section for mom to help organize baby shower, journal through pregnancy and save pictures, and a section for dad for organizing list of things to do or shopping lists.. its a pretty cool pregnancy app thought id share, I know i loved having things like that on my phone 🙂


    emma-sounds like your mucus plug. I had my membranes swept 8 times. : / My SIL had hers done, and had her son 9 hours later…for some people it works, for others it just doesn’t. It does sound like you are losing your plug though!! If the blood gets heavy, or is not ‘spotting’ I would call your ob Good luck!!!



    I hope we can at least find out what it is. I know the baby will look like its daddy, perfect! Lol. If they cant see what the baby’s sex is then I guess we are not gonna find out till delivery day!


    ps im also having identical twins

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