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    happy out – congratulations on having ID TWINS also! It’s so exciting. Our mother’s maiden names are in no way usable, but thanks for the thought. I just don’t know what to do! 🙂



    verysexy, some tests can detect a lower level of the HCG hormone. i’d go get a blood test or try the other tests in a few days… let the hormone levels build up a little more.


    Thanks for the help fanciface8!! I will start trying today.



    hello ladies. hopefully i will be joining you tomorrow morning after testin. i AM 15 days late. any advice



    Dani-girl i am 20 years old and have had 2 missccarrieges, but now i am 4 months pregnant and the doctor says everything looks perfect, i go in for my next appt this wensday, all i can say is keep your head up and get your test done, it takes your mind off of so much.



    Hi, i’m Tracey an have just joined this wonderful site.
    I’m 9wks with my 4th and final bub and thought i’d share my experience with other mums and mums to be. I love being pregnant only so far this one is proving to be very painful, my dr thinks i may have spd (Symphysis pubis dysfunction) so i’m hoping to find other that have dealt with this aswell. 🙂



    I have a yeast infection (just found that out today) & I’m due any day now. How would having a yeast infection affect my baby during a vaginal birth? I’m going to the store soon to buy some OTC meds to help treat the infection but what if I go into labor before the yeast infection is completely gone? If I have a vaginal birth…will me having a yeast infection hurt my baby?!?



    Just joined and wanted to introduce myself to the group! I am heading into my 10th week of pregnancy.



    even when not preg, if i let my bf cum in me, the next day the ‘leftovers’ will come back out, and look VERY similar to a mucous plug. i guess it kinda congeals in there or something ewww lol but i know exactly what u are talking about.


    I had my levels done tonight at work HCG 4133 PROGESTRONE 22.44 =)



    Hi lisey-n-brees-mommy! I’ve had the same problem this week, but coming here and seeing the feedback and experience of others made me feel better. Is it a lot of bleeding or just minimal without cramps? Apparently, the more I talk to other mommies, the more I see how many have bled during their 5-8 week. Go the the ‘bleeding’ section of the forum and you’ll see quite a few responses on this, if you haven’t already. 🙂 Hope this helps ease your mind some…



    I’m 7 weeks prego but this is my 4 child so I know what I’m in for but this is my boyfriends 1st but he acts like he does care and I talk about it all the time I want to know why r women so much more happy when they get preggers and it doesn’t hit them until u have the baby? This has been reallynothering me to the point that it makes me cry



    hi everymommy!!! im new here and very eager to hear everyones advice! Im 28yrs old and 9 weeks pregnant with my second child. I have a 2 year at home and only work part-time. I am always ALWAYS so very tired and basically on the verge of falling asleep at any minute….its so frustrating because I have so much I should do yet all I could do is lay and let my little one run wild! :/ Does anyone know what Im doing wrong? Im taking all my vitamins but I do have to mention that I was diagnosed with high blood pressure from day one with this pregnancy and Im on meds for it…could that have anything to do with it? Any advice anyone?



    My friend made this video for Ellen’s pregnant dance challenge. Let’s get her some hits!



    If anyone is from Ontario Canada and delivered at either the Oshawa hospital or the Peterborough hospital can you comment on my profile about what it was like…what kind of things they had in the room and so on….what I should bring with me….My town hospital is too small to accommodate me they said. I still go there for my checkups but I need to pick either Oshawa or peterbrough and I wanted to hear what each hospital has since neither website tells me much at all.

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