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    Hi Guys.

    My wife and I are 6 weeks pregnant (which was planned) but she is very depressed. She feels that her life is now over and is also very scared about all the things that are going to happen to her. On top of that she feels bad that she is not as excited about the pregnancy as I am.

    I know that it is normal to a certain extent, but should I be worried ? She cries all the time. Will she start feeling better soon ? What can I do to help ?



    did any of you ladies use clomid? my doctor is going to put me on it and id like to know the process of it and how you like it =) message me please! =)


    Im 10 weeks Pregnant and Got no appite wat so eve I feel Like I dont wanna eat at all… For my son It was totally diff wat do i do??



    so I found out last week or so ago that I am 7 weeks preg. I have been so sick and moody but I dont want to tell anyone yet. A few close people know. Its crazy though I have never been through this before, but its like no one cares if you are preg or about your feelings until you are about to pop, then its all over, I guess i just need some sensitivty lol from someone this is very stressful.



    I found out I was pregnant a fortnight ago, for four weeks ive been suffering from severe cramps in my stomach and lower abdomen, my bowels and what not, is all good, actually better than before if not! I went to my doctor and she signed me off for two weeks too rest, the pains havent gone though, I work as a care assistant in a nursing home will i have to leave or is it safe to stay i dont wana risk a miscarriage.



    One word rachel27–DICLECTIN!!! I would not have survived my first pregnancy without it! It’s well researched and safe (literally millions of women have taken it and they have long-term data over the last 30 years to back it up) . I’m in Canada so not sure if they have it where u are but i’m sure they have something similar.


    Oh man after being sick and not eating for a few days it is catching up to me, i am so hungry. Stilla little sick but so much better. I was worried for awhile cause iw as having high fevers and not eating. Im just glad it wasn’t Strep throat. How are you gals?



    Yes its possible to feel the baby move. This is my second pregnancy i didn’t feel my first until 18 weeks. I’m 13 almost 14 weeks now and i have started to feel the baby move. nothing from the outside but its def. thumping around in there. so for sure you can be feeling the baby move



    i feel alot better today, my arm was so sore. The injection site still is tender, but i feel so much better. i have four more weeks left befor my u/s to tell the sex of the baby. i picked the name Kylie if it’s a girl. my husband can name the baby if it’s a boy.



    hi i am 17+1 weeks and just had my 16wk bloods. I have to go back for a further test as i am just on the other side of ‘normal’ levels for liver and thyroid.
    Anybody got any ideas. My app is not until monday



    hi all. some1 pleaseee help. ..
    had terrible pains side of lower abdomen last night… felt like trapped wind,felt like i couldnt breathe at 1 point. eased after 20mins or so and it has just started again. is this normal?? dont remember it with my first. also guys, 1 day i feel pregs with sore boobs and the next day i feel not preggies at all….. is that normal. i will b 8 weeks on monday, have already seen heartbeat at 5 weeks 4 days… but still ssooooooo worried it isnt there anymore. please replyyyy xx



    Hello everyone, I’m new in this web and I been reading all this and I love it. I have a question:

    I’m 7 weeks pregnant and I would like to know if somebody has any kind of shots, like H1N1 or Flu, I’m kind of nervous about the flu this year and I don’t know if it is to early to get it



    xrenesmeecullenx- i think it all depends on if u have to help the eldery person stand or sit and so forth…cuz u helping them get up wwould be puttin a strain on you and ur unborn child and most doctors recommend no heavy lifting or load carrying but if ur just giving out pills and other light work you should be find



    I should mention that I tried all the other stuff too (i.e. preggo pops, eating crackers before getting up) and none of it helped for me (i ended up puking over a garbage bucket 10 minutes later no matter what). I hate to sound like i’m a pill pusher, but it really was a lifesaver and I had no idea it existed…so just wanted to put it out there– but of course try the traditional remedies first, maybe they will help make it tolerable.



    Hello hello! New to all of this, (forums, pregnancy). Edd is May 24, 2011. First time pregnancy and we have been blessed with twins!! Have a 3D/4D ultrasound on Fri, hopefully to find out what the babies are!! Only 16wks, 2days so Im hoping they can tell. On strict bedrest, due to being High Risk and having cramping/bleeding last week. This is killin me.

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