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    Hi everyone, i’ve just joined this site, i found out earlier today that i’m expecting, i’m probably between 4-6 weeks along, I’m seriously freaked!



    I am new to this site so I just wanted to say hi to everyone! I am 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I had a miscarriage in July so I am a bit nervous. So I hope that everything will work out this time!



    This is my first time pregnant.I am 22 weeks..
    I was wondering if its common (normal) to feel kicks all over or in one just one spot? Meaning would I feel a few kicks in the exact same spot or is it one kick here and another kick over there type of thing or is it both? Also, I was feeling the flutters but now its a big quick push (like little jabs) right against my this the kicks?
    Any information would be greatly appreciated.



    is there anybody who experience light bleeding for 3 days pinkish and it turns to brown?instead of my monthly period due date



    hello everyone
    I am 23 weeks pregnant and lately i have noticed a rash on my tummy they look like little pimples and are very itchy does anyone know what they are and if i should be concerned thanks


    Just thought I would throw myself in here 🙂 I am thirty three weeks pregnant and oh so excited, this is my secound, my son just turned three and let me tell you keepin up with him while being this round is proving quite the challenge! Just wondering if there are any other ladies that are in the same boat or this far long that might wanna chat:)



    Oh and i did stop the pill about a week ago and I have brown discharge today



    Thanks oh baby…I’ve always wanted to be a mom, I just wish it could be a happy time, but I feel like nobody is happy right now. I feel like a huge disappointment.



    38 yr old diabetic pregnant with 5th baby after 4 live births, then 3 miscarriages afterwards. Also a grandma to 2 (1 yr old and 5 day old :))



    Good luck BabyAbner3!



    all sounds normal to me…your baby will kick you everywhere. There will be times that you can even see the baby pushing out on your stomach. I used to place a dish on my belly and watch her make it dance. When my mother was PG with my brother you could see the complete out line of his foot. hope this helps



    hey since father’s day is coming up… any ideas on what to get a father-to-be??? I dunno what to get my hubby



    hey ladies. im 13 weeks weeks pregnant and i have dark skin and hair. i have been getting lota of darker hairs on my tummy and was wondering if there was any way of preventing this? please help its a little embbaressing lol x



    SHANMAC- so sorry to hear that I can’t really give you advice but I am in the same boat. I went in for my ultrasound last thursday and I should have been 7 wks 1 day and was only measuring 5 wks 4 days and a low heartrate of 91…did they tell you what the heartrate is?? I will surely keep you in my prayers and hope that all comes out ok. I have my follow up ultrasound thursday the 14th. I too am VERY upset and worried but praying for the best. I had artificial insemination so my dates are pretty accurate….Keep in touch! I will let you know what I find out on Thursday.



    I am about 9 weeks pregnant and my first ultrasound will be on the 25th. I have been feeling nausea (no vomitting), period like cramps, tender breasts, heartburn and indegestion since about 6 weeks. The past couple days I have not been feeling any of these symptoms and I am finding myself worried. is it normal to not feel symptoms after having symtoms in your first trimester?

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