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    From my research though I have found out that this is another reason why all moms should breastfeed. Those of you that haven’t decided whether to give it a try or not should really think about it. Infants are born with a weak immune system. Formula can’t provide them with the antibodies that breastmilk can. From the sources that I’ve been looking at all say that breastfeeding is the best way to protect your newborn from H1N1 and all other sicknesses. Infants can’t get any flu vaccines until they are six months of age. All antibodies would be formed if they got the flu or if it’s passed on from Mom. I do hope that none of us end up with the flu or anything worse so it won’t matter whether you breastfeed or not but just think about it. It might end up being the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself and baby.


    Kelly.m….It was loads of fun a bit tricky and quite the balancing act but Noah had a blast so thats all that counts:) I am due on March 1rst so just under six weeks to go 🙂 I’ve posted the eviction notice for this baby lol it feels like he is going to rip out of sides some days lol This pregnancy has been pretty easy just like noahs no morning sickness no nothing really I had bleeding at the very beginging but they told me it was a subchorionic bleed I went for an internal ultra sound at five weeks and than again at 21 weeks and everything was fine thank goodness! but other than that its gone off without a hitch! Lately though I wake up and my hips are sore or numb and its getting alot harder to keep up with noah he is such an active boy always on the go doing something unless he is sleeping lol…This pregnancy has mimicked noahs in almost everyway except the weight gain I gained a horrifying 60 pounds with noah but i attribute that to it being my first and just thinking i could eat anything i wanted lol this one I have only gained forty so its not bad… I think its another boy which I am okay with I ddont think I would know what to do with a girl lol…..



    Hi Everyone..I am 5w4d pregnant. This is my 2nd pregnancy after loosing my first at 8w5d 4 months ago. So I am kind of nervous. I hope you all are coping well and have a great support. I’m very grateful for my Husband. Best wishes and God bless. katie



    Hi there! I’m 21 years old and just into my 21st week… still experiencing nausea and vomiting to the point it wakes me out of a dead sleep, ive tried crackers and ginger ale, ive tried eating before bed and not eating before bed, drinking lots of fluids and staying active but still most mornings im up at 6-8am praying to the porcelain. Other than that, im loving being pregnant and cant wait to finally hold our little one.

    I’m just here to find some people i can relate to and who understand what goes on in my head on a daily basis, so feel free to message me 🙂


    hi everyone..i am new to this forum and i am 26 weeks pregnant.. i am so happy that i am having a son. this is my first pregnancy. wishing all mothers here a wonderful day



    Hey ladies, had my appt today (currently starting the weekly visits) Dr. said everything was fine ! Wish me luck, 30 days left until my due date!



    im only 8 almost 9 weeks pregnant with my first and i feel like my belly is huge.. i keep wondering if it from eating but it never goes away.. is that normal to be a little bit big for only 8-9 weeks?



    ya know whats weird..i am almost 18 weeks and I mainly only feel movement when i am sitting down…but when i lay down i dont feel anything…you would think it would be ther other way around??



    From what I’ve read the thimerosal is in all vaccines. It is put in there to stop bacterial growth. By the time the flu vaccine is ready for use, the traces of preservative are so minute that the vaccine is considered to be thimerosal free. If the vaccine is packaged as a single dose vaccine (meaning one dose per vial) no additional preservative is used. This single dose flu vaccine is reserved for pregnant women and it contains far less mercury than 1 oz of canned albacore tuna.



    imaproudmamma……yeah the hips in the morning is a right killer, seriously i was in that much pain thismorning its caused a huge row all day between me and the other half just because i was so snappy and told him he was selfish and didnt understand!!! hahah i did appologise evntually of course but still havnt had any sympathy !!! hahaha It dosent help that our mattress is shot to bits, iv been complaining about it for ages but we just havnt had any spare cash to get a new one, boo hoo, bring out the violins!! hahaha
    I had that early bleeding with Fin and had to have the internal scan, not the most desirable thing but mind you nothing about child birth is!!
    We seem to have loads in common, i also put on a huge amount of weight with Finlay, 4 sone actually and i have just gone over 1 1/2 this time. My thinking was because i was lving in the city, driving to work, sitting at a computer all day and as i was working in a good job we had quite a lot of money so was eating out or take aways all the time and of course now, im in the country i walk everywhere and have an 18 month old to run around after!!!! You never know we might halve it again next time!!! hahahaha



    hi, every one I’ve recently found out I’m pregnant with my first baby . Ihad been past for 2 miscarriage ,two of them were empty sac and now iam so worry about anyone can help me .give me a advice



    Hey ladies I got a question..this mite be off topic for the ‘pregnancy’ section but I had no clue where else to ask it and I’m on my iPod touch so I couldn’t write a blog 🙁 anyways, on sept 20th I took 2 preg tests and it came back pos,then 2 days later I started bleedin so I took another test nd it was neg.
    So I found out I had a chemical pregnancy or w.e cuz I wuda only been 4-5ish weeks when i miscarried. Well I had my monthly, it started on sept 23rd nd ended oct 2! It usually never lasted that long. Uhm well that wuda been my 2nd period in a yr cuz I was pregnant last yr with Rylan, had him in may. I dunno if this is makin sense lol but just today I started spottin, and I’ve been off it for like a week now, so I guess my question is, Why am I bleeding again when I just got off of it? I wud go to the doc but their closed till tues due to thanksgiving 🙁 I cudnt be pregnant again cud I? Pleeease answer this cuz it’s kinda scary lol Thanx 🙂



    Hi ladies!
    I’m casting a new show that would love to document pregnant couples who want to get married before their due date! Selected couple will be compensated!
    Please email me if you’d like to see an official flyer and get more information! Well wishes to all the mothers to be!
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    Hey ladies if anyone has delivered at the oshawa hospital in ontario canada in the past Id love to know what its like. What to know or bring…I have to be transferred from my local hospital and deliver there and I would love to know what to expect.



    jenism – maybe call the hospital and have them refer to a clinic or private doctor. a clinic visit could be free and a private doc would be cheaper than an er visit. that doesn’t sound right, you should be checked.

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