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    ams- thats hard to say. i feel mine alot sometimes when sitting up more then laying down. and sometimes it more when laying down then sittingup.. buttt im thinking i feel it more when sitting. so ha maybe there is something wrong with both of us! kidding. i dont know why it would be that way.



    oh yeah, for sure. breast feeding is such a good choice. I am only 10 weeks pregnant tho and just wonder if it will effect my baby in the womb or even 10 years from now some side effect that shows up in my child from getting this vaccine while im pregnant…im sooo confused 🙁



    i was just wondering, is it normal to drop at 35 weeks?



    Hi im 10 weeks pregnant, had an early U/S done at 6 weeks, they said everything looked fine & good heartbeat etc, we got to see it & hear it..
    my question is this for the last few days my nausea has gone, my boobs are not so sore & im peeing less, my veins in my breast still show up throughout the day..Is it true the symptoms start to decline around this stage?, ive read earlier & later, but this will be my first baby & im a bit nervous, even the twinges in my uterus are not as active as they were …should i be worried or is this all normal?



    This is my first baby , and I dont know why, but I dont want to take a birthing class…Iv had friends that never did said they were mil says i have to do it..and gives me this look….Just wondering if anyone else felt this way too?? and if im crazy for not wanting to do it?



    Hey girl im glad i found this website. Im really concern because i did 2 pregnancy test 2 weeks ago and they both came back possitive. 1 week ago i started having pain like period pain but i waited. THis past monday i went to the hospital because the pain still here. they did my blood test and it came back possitive, but when they did my ultrasound they didnt find anything no sac, no baby. seems i have a history of one m.c the doctor send me home with bed rest and drink alot of water, and prenatal vitamins. the doctor said i might be close to 5 weeks and thats the reason why they cant see the baby, but im really worry and scare about it, im scare of going back on friday how the dr. told me nd finding that my hornome levels went down or still nothing on my ultrasound. Wondering if this has happen to anyone else ”/



    Hey ladies! Has anyone had trouble sleeping on their side this early? I just started my 6th week and Im having trouble getting comfortable on my side. Good luck to all! 🙂



    Jenism…(and others reading)
    Most hospitals have a state funded program like Medi-cal, or medicaid (something like that). That is for emergency situations. If you don’t qualify for that most Hospitals will reduce your bill if you self pay.. I went from a 2,000 + bill to a 150.00 bill just cause i was self pay and could not afford it. They even have payment plans that you can set up.
    Good luck



    Hi all Im new on here! Im 25 weeks along and was just put on bedrest in the hospital until i give birth. My water broke 2 days ago which was pretty scary but hopefully the baby will stay in my tummy for up to 9 weeks, but the every day counts! Thought Id join this site, to give me some entertainment and discussions with other mommies while Im on bedrest! Nice you meet everyone 🙂



    that is good info! Thanks:) that will help in part of my decision… Im off to bed, so i appreciate your input!


    Sunflower….I am in manitoba which right now is cold lol….but its only in the mornings when I wake up and I mean its not hugely noticable just enough for me to go hmm thats not so pretty lol…what about where abouts are you? How far along are you?



    Does having a previa mean that you’re more likely to be delivered earlier? And if so, on an average, how early?



    @DoMiNiQuE – I have 2 and also never took any classes. Have two beautiful and healthy babies. I think to each there own. If you dont want to .. Dont do it.



    congratulations to all of you who are pregnant and awaiting the birth of the baby. I hope the mother and the baby healthy.
    sorry if my english is not good.
    thank you

    about the mothers and babies



    Hey, I wasn’t actually trying to concieve but my daughter will be 12 weeks tomorrow. Last friday I got my first period after giving birth. Last night me and my husband had unprotected sex and I’m thinking I might be pregnant. I’m not able to be on birthcontrol because of bloodclotting issues, and I wasn’t able to even get an IUD until after I got my first period. I’m just really scared, because if I am pregnant again, I tested positive to this bloodclotting disorder that can make me misscarry and I was having blood pressure problems, so I’d most likely be high risk. I don’t know when to test, but as soon as I find out I need to be seen by a doctor, If anyone has any advice you can message me on my page….Do you think it’s likely that I’m pregnant again??? I want to kill my husband lol…….Thanks 🙂

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