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    This will be my first time posting in this thread as I have been hanging out in the TTC one . Well I am 4.5 weeks preggers , and I have a question … Ok yyou know how when you check your pulse the way your vein throbs , well in my lower abdomen I am getting that kind of a sensation , is that normal ? This is my first and I am 30 y/o so I don’t have the slighgtest idea what to expect .



    I’d say for me that the morning/all day sickness really started in around 10 weeks and is still going strong at 17 weeks. I hope it goes away soon!



    Thanks sweetaskanki!! I appreciate it!! I go for my first sonagram on March 12th….so I guess I will have to wait and see. Have a great day everyone!



    Hi everyone! I just wanted to drop in and say hi! I’m new on this site and I have been really enjoying reading through everyone’s comments. Although originally from Utah, both my husband and I are in the military serving overseas in South Korea. I am 18 weeks along now and really excited to find out what sex the baby is. I hope to get to know y’all better! Take care everyone!!



    hi hope u all ok ,was just wondering is there ne 1 out there who has has shoulder dystocia in previous pregnancies, im 29 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and had it in both previous pregnancies ,is there any thing i can do to help this time as i dont really want to have a c section thanx cazz x



    hey any ladies availbe for me to ask a question



    Thanks that’s what I thought I forgot when I found out with my daughter she was easy to tell her legs where open hopes its that easy this time



    hello i am pregnant already 31 weeks and feel pretty easily tired…and does stress effect your unborn child? i have some problems with the family…



    nausea is going away i think !!! oh the relief !!!



    i got ms at 9 weeks im nearly 14 weeks and stll get it if im tired or hungry 🙁



    just wanted you to know that I was the same: got stretch marks all over my boobs and none on my belly. but the stretch marks are all gone now! I think they disappeared by the time my baby was 3 months old, and my milk supply had regulated. yay for mark-free, bigger boobs! haha.



    hi everyone!
    I am 9 weeks preg and i cant wait to be a mum! my morning sickness seems to have just disappeared all of a sudden??? is that normal? hope all you mum 2 bes are ok! x



    I am almost 23 weeks pregnant and people tell me I look bigger than I should. Am I the only one experiencing this. I am petite (5′ 1′) and people are telling me they looked like I did when they were further along. Hearing this makes me feel odd. I cannot be the only one going through this.



    klovins – Did they do an U/S? Sometimes 9 weeks is too early to hear the HB from the outside with a doppler.



    hello everyone i am 6w2d and ive been having to do hcg blood work every 2 days on 6/16 they were 269 on 6/18 they were 742 on 6/21 they were 3,675 on 6/23 they were 5,137 on 6/25 they were 11,899 and today they are 27,101 i was just wondering if my levels seem normal my doc is on vacation so im goin crazy not knowing

Viewing 15 posts - 1,336 through 1,350 (of 2,043 total)

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