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    Thanks I hope so cuz I would hate to pay for it an not be able to tell


    Hello everyone, i had my HCG levels tested on friday and it was 541 and had it tested yesterday and it was 1989. Is that good as far as levels raising?



    Hi everyone. Ok so I just found out at 13 dpo that I was pregnant. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to b/c I ovulated a few days early, 7th day of my cycle. That’s right. I normally do around the 10th day & have 28 to 30cd. So it gets a little frustrating when I hear info on ovulating on 14cd, b/c I never do. Is anyone else like this? Oh btw this is my 4th pregnancy( last one mc) ,I get so aggravated when I’m told I can’t ovulate that early b/c I know my body & what I see & feel during ovulation. And none of my kidds were conceived that far in my cycle.



    rachelmommy – i am also having a boy and at my 20 week scan they noticed he had a little extra water on his kidney’s but this is perfectly normal, and like your doc said, is more common in boys than girls. I have had two further scans since and all seems OK. If you have any concerns at all speak to your doc. I am lucky being in the UK as we have a blood test done at 14 weeks to determine possiblity of DS and everything came back good so extra water doesn’t necessarily mean DS.. xxxxxx



    I had my period twice in Dec. one on Dec 12 and the other on Dec 24 ,How many weeks am i? or ovulation? I really need to know thank you



    SHELLIE77:: I had the same concerns, & everything is fine the baby moves & that causes your belly to either get bigger or smaller & the softness I’ve never had. Eat something sweet & guzzle down a nice ice water & lay on ur right side you’ll see the babies fine 🙂



    cowen – It does sound like the beginning of PUPPPs! I’m soooo sorry. But your page is saying that you’re 24weeks? That’s a bit early for PUPPPS. PUPPPS usually starts around 32weeks or so. It’s also usually with a boy. They say that it has something to do with high testosterone. I had a severe case with my son. It was awful. So bad that when inducing didn’t work I opted for a section. I got the welts from my tummy down to my toes and even between my toes. I had it all over my arms too. Ugh! These welts blistered and oozed. I now carry about 50 scars on my legs and arms and I’m praying that this little boy that I’m carrying isn’t like his brother. HAHA! I’d talk to your doctor about it. There’s one thing when you have an itchy tummy but having dots is another. Good Luck! I was prescribed lots of meds for it. The best was visterol or something like that. A steriod cream also helped but because it covered my whole body the bottle didn’t last long.



    light pink discharge is that bad? this is my second pregnacy….the first one was a tuble



    hey not sure if im preggo or not..looking for some advise from some experienced mothers.. Okay..Im on the pill, been on this pill for over a year now, i was suppose to start my cycle on wed- 23 june. nothing ever happened. On sat 26 june, i had a little brown dishcharge..but not even enough for a use of a pad. i had slight cramping in my lower back and thats boobs are sore to the touch, im gassy and thats really only symptoms i seem to it to early to really have symptoms? i took a test on thursday june 24 when i didnt get my period, but it came back negative and i figured it was to early to test.what should i do? please i need some help on this one.


    hey everyone im 36 weeks now and i was wondering if anyone else was terrified to the point of crying all the time about the birth? i am so scared i cant think about anything else. should i seek medical help or is this normal. i dont want to have depression and not get it sorted. am i overreacting?



    Hello ladies… if you would take a minute to visit the link below and read my story… thank you–IVF



    AJCUK–Ive also has blood work done, and everything came back normal, so I think everything will be alright. I will talk to my doctor on the 23 though, just to hear her two sense in it. But thanks for the information, I need all I can get. 🙂



    Ronald10-The only way to exactly how far along you are is to see a doc..there are web sites that will predict but the only way to know exactly is to have an ultrasound.
    To all: Thank you to all who commented about by sitiuation with our two boys..I am sorry I have been unable to respond individualy..I am on modified bedrest..trying to keep him in a little longer…spent yesturday in L and D…getting my labor to stop..I am softening and slightly open not much thank-goodness..cross your fingers for at least 2 more weeks :-)~



    hi there ladies! i’m 18 weeks today with my first baby and i posted a picture of my tummy. could you tell me what you think? i feel really big!! thank you!!



    has anyone else been told that there baby is a week behind in weight?

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