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    I’ve never personally used Intelligender–how does it work? I figure it has a 50% chance of being accurate, one way or the other. lol 🙂


    I am a little over 17 weeks pregnant with the triplets now. At 16 weeks I started feeling movements every evening, 6 days ago they stopped. I have been a threatened miscarriage due to a large clot in the uterus and bleeding. The bleeding has actually gotten better but my stomach feels different. Has anyone experienced a loss of movement symptoms so early and the baby(s) be ok? Have to wait until the 27th for my next u/s and it’s killing me!



    Its a girl we where hoping a boy but doesn’t matter now!



    hi i dont no if im pregnant or not as i have got the implant in.. but ive been feeling sick or a morning and needing a wee like every 10 min .. i got a back ache aswell.. and i feel like the bottom of my stomach is streching does this mean i am or could it be somethink else ? does any 1 no ?



    novemberbaby18 Thank you. I hope everything goes well for you as well.



    Hey everyone!! Just wondering what you guys thought..I took some u/s pics at work..we were playing with the machine, and I think this baby is a boy!! The pics are on my profile…see what you girls think. I am 19 weeks. to help with orientation, the two long things on the left are legs the big round thing on the right is the belly..the first pic is kinda a side shot and the second was kinda looking right on at the baby..the pics are from the waist down so to speak


    i have stretch marks on my boobs too! i was a 36D b4 pregnancy and not im at least a 38DD. im still wearing the same bras but they barely fit lol. but they stretch marks r so light so i started putting the palmers lotion on my boobs. hopefully thatll help them completely fade. im just worried once i have the baby and sttop breast feeding and lose my baby weight my boobs will be non existent or really saggy. i dont wanna become smaller than i was b4 prgnancy! =/



    Hi, this is my first pregnancy and I was just wondering if any of you could help me out. I am a little over 6 weeks and have been experiencing slight pains on the left side of my abdomen. It is quite mild but I am concerned because I was told that I have a narrow Fallopian tube and so I was wondering if that would put me at more of a risk for an ectopic pregnancy. My doctors appt isn’t for another two and a half weeks. Should it be something to be concerned about or should I just forget about it unless it gets bad or is accompanied by spotting or bleeding?



    slh1980… i tried the intelligender this morning. It is a urine test combined with these ‘special ingredients’ You have to follow the directions to a tee . I tried it out because i saw it on the show ‘the doctors’ and they were talking about it. I thought, if anything it will be fun to do. It was 30 bux at walgreens. Said im having a boy, so we will see!



    tripsontheway – i personally would call the dr immediately!!




    I’m basically a nosey person so I’ve made my own maternity blog.

    Here I review maternity clothes and recommend them.

    And of course scour the celeb world for what the pregnant celebs are wearing and review it!

    Check it out if you have chance

    Thanks Sam xx


    taytay17 – i had theeee worst morning sickness you could ever believe, puking every single day to whatever i ate. it lasted for me up untill about week 14. but i found a way to over come it, you’ll be feeling sick because your not eating, so if you eat something light about 6 times a day, you’ll feel better. and drink milk too. it really helped for me and i hope it helps for you too!!



    Hey ladies!!, I’m 10 weeks pregnant today!, yay!, any of you experience a constant stuffy nose during pregnancy? Everything about this pregnancy this completely different then my pregnancy with my son!, my friend told me it’s normal to have to this but I’ve never heard of it lol



    Numommi11, Hey im 22weeks and my babys dad left about 2months ago, most the time i feel fine but definitly have down days, all you can do is be excited for the gorgeous little bubba you have and wait for him/her to come! if you wanna talk more id love too, ive never been in this situation before and would be nice to have someone to talk to about it!


    Hey everyone. Hope all of you guys are ok. I am going for my 1st u/s today and for some reason I am terrified. Can someone please tell me if it is normal to have morning sickness all day long, I go to bed with it and get up with it? Any ideas on how to make it a little bit more bearable?

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