Has this happened to anyone?

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    Hi everyone ! I’m new to this group. I have five kids. I just had my youngest back in June. She just turned six months. I’m just going to jump into my little dilemma. I am exclusively breastfeeding. After having five kids I know about all the pregnancy symptoms. My period returned after my pp bleeding and has been on time since. A couple weeks ago I started having pregnancy symptoms. I checked it up. I thought that maybe because of the change in my diet. I have now been missing my period for a week. I took a test today and it was positive. I’m way in severe shock right now since this is a huge surprise. I’m making my doctors appointment to be sure. Any words of encouragement will be appreciated. I and my hubby are way in shock. I was seriously not ready for this because my youngest baby needs me. Has this happened to anyone? Thanks in advance.

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