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    OK I had the worst heartburn with my first pregnancy and almost nothing worked to give me relief. Then someone told me to eat half of a raw potato and it worked …. I have been using this remedy ever since… 13 yrs and it has never let me down. Good luck ladies!


    Just a little tip for you ladies that really does work!! I get terrible heartburn, usually either late night or about 4-5 AM. My mother heard about this through a friend and I was very skeptical, but when you get heartburn that bad…you’ll try just about anything! Swallow a spoonful of regular yellow mustard! It doesnt sound like it would help, but it almost ALWAYS makes my heartburn go away within about 15minutes…..far faster than TUMS or anything of that nature! Give it a try! Just make sure you grab your toothbrush to prevent the taste from lingering in your mouth ;o)



    ugh, i feel yucky. I was diagnosed with GERD pre-pregnancy but it was totally under control with diet and weight loss. Now, it seems to have come back even worse. I hate that I have something in my throat feeling and the burping and burning. I tried chewing tums which seems to help but it only does so temporarily… 🙁



    I was so surprised when I started getting heartburn yesterday night after eating wings. I’ve NEVER had heartburn before. I’m only in my 10th week. I’m going to try some of the remedies people have posted 🙂 Thanks girls 🙂



    how early does heartburn usual start when you become pregnant?



    my heartburn was awful last pregnanyc– i had to take prilosec ( which was wonderful!!) i had heartburn like 4 times a day. i am petite and shortwaisted, so everything gets jammed up there pretty quick– i am now 13 weeks and got heartburn last night! i was like NOOOOOOO!!!! but i guess it has to start sometime.



    I have been chewing on chewing gum when I have heartburn. My mom suggested this and it has truly works! Stomach juices is an acid and salivia is a base so it calms everything down. 🙂 Hope this helps out ladies!!



    Thats good to know about the gum I think I will try that one. I always get it at night when I’m sleeping. It doesnt matter if I have 19 pillows under my head I still get it. It is way worse this time then what it was with my first son. I have had it the whole time I have been pregnant with this baby, and I dont know if its true about the whole old wives tell thing but my first son had hair, and if it goes the same this time my newborn will need a haircut lol.



    My heartburn is killing me. I’m nearly 38 weeks pregnant and I just can’t stop throwing up cause it’s so bad. Doesn’t matter what I eat or drink or the medications I take. Nothing helps it at all. Hopefully the baby comes like tomorrow so this hell will be gone.



    I feel the same way, I can drink milk, eat small meals, take tums whatever and nothing gets rid of it. I cant sleep because I’m up peeing every 5 mins plus with heartburn from the darkest part of hell haha. I have one more week left so I guess I can deal with it. Nothing I have tried has worked for me at all. Guess its just one of those things.



    im just over 24 weeks…and i have NEVER experienced heartburn like this in my life…its like an acidy feeling in my throat and chest..and it hurts. When i drink ANYTHING i feel ike its going to come right up, its been constant for like 3 days and I just want it to go away. I take tums,,,,and thats it…i dont trust anything else. I dont even take anything for a headache….too scared it will go to baby



    I get heartburn the worst when I don’t eat for stretches. When it started, it did not even feel like heartburn, just bad chest pains. Strange. Now I’m starting to get it everyday. The only thing that helps is Zantac 75 and Tums. Works great when I catch it in time!



    I have heart burn so bad now it makesbme afraid to eat anything because I know what is coming ! even water gives me heart burn . I’ve had it with each and every pregnancy and by far this one is the worst! I even Carry tums with me everywhere go at times it is so bad I throw up because of it! well atleast tums have calcium in them that is one possitive thing out of it



    Ladies! – you’ve gotta try this! – I’m now on week 37 and since around week 26 I was the same as many of you, my heartburn got so bad that even water and antacid prescribed by my doctor were giving me heartburn – so horrilbe that the feeling was creeping up all the way up my chest and neck and round the back of my head. I was being sick every night and getting really worried that I wasn’t giving the baby enough food. – I looked up all the remedies and tried everything and I’ve inally found the cure for me – its so simple ALMONDS! ~ I eat a few when I wake up and then munch on them throughout the day – I can even eat meals now without begin sick! – not big ones but small is better than nothing! – I still suffer a bit if I eat late at night but I think thats just because my stomach has shrunk so much – I can’t begin to tell you the difference these little nuts have made to my life! – I had to post it on a forum because I know how horrible heartburn can be and wanted to share this little miracle cure with you – hope it works for you too!



    Elenez is there any particular type of almonds like salted vs unsalted? I’m living off of milk now it seems because nothing else works but if try the almonds I just want to know which ones to get or if it matters just as long as they are almonds. Ps I HATE milk haha

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