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    boy … alot of times thhey will disappear after time. i got one when giving birth to my first son. It actually disappeared for about a year until i was about 28 weeks pregnant this time around



    I got hemorrhoids about 6 weeks after delivering my son and they still haven’t gone away. It’s been 6 months now. Ugh, this is the worse. I can’t get the surgery because my doctor says if I’m going to have more kids don’t do it.



    just came out from hospital from really bad roids. had to give me local as general wud b harmful 4 baby. it was so painful, they cut it opened and drained it and on antibotics painkiller. it still swollen just hope it will be gone b4 labour, im 35wks preg. they also said ive 4 more small ones.



    The hospital should really be recommending for women to keep their stools soft and regular after giving birth.. I’m QUITE annoyed that they didn’t.. I’m a first time mom what do I know?? I’m convinced that had they let me in on this secret, I wouldn’t have had to deal with this EXCRUCIATING pain that I have endured.. and I’ll be honest my gyn said that it’s ‘just a small one’.. well, it feels like 10 big ones! I can’t IMAGINE the pain being any worse… I literally want to just die while going..I’m crying.. sweating..it’s pure torture.. well, this was before I finally got my stool soft with colace every day and two doses of metamucil a day. But before the stools were soft enough to come out on their own.. when I had to push, unbearable! Why the f* doesnt any medical person feel the need to share this with women before they leave?! They had me on the softener while I was there, and said to stop taking it as soon as I got home, bad advice! Plus I knew NOTHING about hemmys, nothing.. and now I’m still pretty clueless just know they hurt ALOT. And thats an understatement.. I’m awed that they haven’t come up with something better then a cream to help them, with all of the technology these days, and they say ‘just take a stool softener’ they don’t even talk to me about it.. It seems hard to get good medical care these days… at least for hemmys! Ugh, GOD BLESS you all for your pain to go away, I am so sorry and wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy. I’d rather have three natural pain med free births in a row then have to poop one more hard poop with this hem…



    I have suffered hemeroids for 9 yrs now. My first operation was not successful due to the fact I had gallstones that we didn’t know about. My second operation was a success ( he was the one that found the gallstones, so we removed the gallbladder first). But I got my enemies back when I had my daughter, so in 2 years time I will go back for surgery ( ure not allowed to do any heavy lifting or anything strenous for 6 weeks after surgery), but for the girls that have more then 1 or 2 hemeroids or for the girls that r in so much pain that it’s affecting ure day to day lives, then I would suggest getting them banding. Did u know that if u suffer IBS then more then likely u have hemeroids also? Anyway try a hot bath with a lot of sea salt, or sit in the ocean, a cold pack or heat pack works good. After going to the toilet use ure babies nappy wipes ( toilet paper is like sand paper and irritates and flares the hemeroids up worse), walk around with a nappy wipe up ure bum, it cools the external roids down, and helps to shrink them. Over the counter creams are not very effective, see ure dr and get a stronger numbing cream, don’t use the applicator instead use a cotton swab, and be sure to get the cream imternally and externally ( the applicator is a killer, cotton swabs work great. Also if u can push them back in, then do it, if not use anything cold to shrink them, I hope this helps a bit, I know how painful these things r.



    hi to all
    i have developed this after delivery, i am not sure if its a hemorrhoids or not, but i feel so much pain i feel like if razors are cutting my inside. i dont know what to do im going to make an appointment to see my GP please help me


    I’ve had terrible hemms since preg with my son, who is 9 months now. They got REALLY bad when I delivered (3 hours of push) my doctor just gave me a prescription for ‘proctofoam’ has anyone else used this? I’ve been using it for two days now and haven’t noticed any change….any one else used this product?



    I had three kids and got hemis each time. After the last one, my doctor recommended surgery when they didn’t go away. I hate the idea of surgery and researched the internet for answers. I found a website that gives away free information that will teach more than you ever wanted to know about them and offers a cure that worked for me, http://curebleedinghemorrhoids.com.



    Does Prepration H actually work???



    Preparation H worked wonders for me. The cream did nothing, but the suppositories made the pain go away within minutes….



    Newgirl: Probably. If it has been their for a while and always comes and goes then more then likely it will remain ure new friend for a very long time. I prefer to call them my enemies though. After my son was born, I had 3 of the buggers ( big buggers), I had them removed, they came back, had them removed again… was roid free until I had my daughter… now I have them back..some days they r ok, I can deal with them, other times I need to pull out all my remedies.



    i still bleed a little and i am almost 5 months pp!!


    liz- if your doctor is that concerned, I would lean towards listening to them. If you are not 100% convinced, get a 2nd opinion. I know how embarrassing this all is!! I had them YEARS before I got pregnant with my son and my doc warned me they would get worse…I did all I could to prevent that, and they got BAD. I pushed for 3 hrs to deliver my son, you can imagine! My doc pushed them back in for me at my 6 wk pp check. That did wonders, was EXTREMELY uncomfortable at the time, but within a few days, oh my goodness! But, if your are prolapsed already…I would really voice your concern and ask your doc what all options are, if you are not satisfied with the answers you get there, seek a second opinion!! Hopefully it all works out for the best! 🙂



    I got one after giving birth, it hurts during a BM, but doesn’t itch or anything, it’s just annoying. I’ve never had them before, is there anything I can do to make it go away or will it disappear on it’s own?



    omg,last pregnancy i has real bad piles was off work with them and everything,my boyfriend used to have to poke them back up for them to slide right back out…no dignitity in pregnancy…so feel for u,would of had them surgically removed but was too close to my dd,,but i never got told it would be dangerous to have vaginal delivery because of bleeding……i am now preg again and they are back with a vengeance 🙁

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