High risk pregnancy

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    Why would a doctor classify me as a high risk patient?



    I just found out at 8 weeks that I have a heart-shaped uterus (Bicureate). Does anyone else have this and have you had any complications? Also, at my first ultrasound, we could not see the baby – the sac was there and looked great! but no baby… I’m nervous because I think I may have a blightened ovum… It sucks because my husband and I have been trying for over 2 years to conceive.


    I am considering having another baby. I was high risk the last pregnancy and it didn’t turn out like we wanted. They, the specialists have found I have Factor 5 blood clotting genes that effects my pregnancy. They believe they can ‘treat’ this with a daily shot of a blood thinner. I am nervous and don’t want another disappointing heartbreaking experience. Anyone been through this?



    I have a blood clotting issue too. I had 2 miscarriages before I had my son. My son passes away shortly after birth due to Hydrops Fetalis (Due to noonan’s syndrome) and we were devastated. I got pregnant 2 more times and they both resulted in miscarriages around 7 or 8 weeks along.

    I am now happily expecting a little one and I’m 15 weeks along. My dr. had to give me blood thinners and I was TERRIFIED. They didn’t hurt the baby at all, and even though I am considered high risk because of my past history, this one is doing GREAT.

    I guess what I’m trying to say to you is keep hope. Things work out when you have patience and keep your head up. My Dr. had to explain everything to me about a million times before I became confident enough to try the blood thinners.

    I have faith that no matter what, you will succeed in your quest for a baby. Be optimistic. 🙂



    I have thyriod disease…hypo…and after my last pregnancy ended up with kidney problems for a few months. My creatin levels were high and my kidney function was low. Now Im pregnant again and finally got a referral to a high risk O.B I also have to see the kidney specialist regularly. Its so scary as I could go through this just fine or I could have a whole range of issues such as Toxemia, Preeclampsia, kidney failure etc. Its really scary. Ive been dying to talk tot he high risk so hopefully he will be able to get me in soon. Has anyone else had these issues while pregnant? Thyriod or kidney? Im only 7 weeks so far…..



    Can’t tell you about the shots, i’m on vaginal suppositories. I am 24wks with twins and at 21 wks I had major cervical shortening and funneling. My cervix has shortened a small bit in the last 3 weeks, but I’m on hospital bed rest now and the docs are pretty sure that I’m just going to ‘hang out’ for a while. They feel that I’m pretty stable and have been . I wish you the best in your preganancy. E-mail me if you want, [email protected]. The internet access at the hosp is extremely restriced and I can’t get to my profile:(


    Hiya everyone
    Im having my baby induced on 20th April (ill be 35 wks preg) because i have obstetric cholestasis (the big itch) and also severe hyperemesis gravidarum. Im classed as a high risk pregnancy, i was originally carrying twins (lost one at 8/9 wks) and conceived on IUD…but also my conditions make me high risk, im really upset i just want to enjoy pregnancy and be ‘blooming’….just wasnt to be! Still i shouldnt complain cos in 11 days ill meet my lil boy!!


    I had the worst scare this morning. I woke up around 6am and realized I actually had some decent rest last night. You would think I would be overjoyed. But suddenly I also remembered not waking up because the baby hadn’t been moving. Normally, my LO will wake me once or twice during the course of a night. I also didn’t have the normal episode of contractions I had been having lately. My baby usually starts to stir around the time I wake to get my son ready for school. This morning I wasn’t feeling ANYTHING! So I drank 3 tall glasses of water and some OJ to see if that would help. I told my husband what was going on and he immediately started poking my stomach, talking to my belly, and anything else you can think of. I laid on my side (which is very uncomfortable for me) for a few minutes. I felt a real faint movement, but that was not enough for me. My this time a hour has passed and I called the Dr’s office. Good thing I had a NST schedule for today anyway so they told me to come in right away. I must admit my nerves were shot and I literally felt sick to my stomach. I couldn’t imagine getting this far and something happening to my baby. I don’t know about you guys, but I pray when I’m terrified. Needless to say I prayed to whole way to the Dr’s office. They hooked me up right away and I heard her HB! Eventually, she slow started moving around (as much as she can at this point).
    I’m telling you all this because I lost my 1st baby because I ignored some of the signs, and I thought everything was ok. I will never make that mistake again. Often times some people in the health profession can make you feel like you’re a worry wart, but I don’t care. I sure hope you all never have an experience like I did this morning. I wish you all the best with the rest of your pregnancy.



    Hi everyone! I’ve been looking for a site like this. I am currently on bedrest, have been since mid-Feb. and will stay this way until our baby is born. My due date is Aug. 17…. still some ways away. I have a 4 1/2 year old son and was also on bedrest with him. This is my 6th pregnancy and we are hoping to have two healthy children after. I am high-risk and have a cerclage. It will be nice to hear from other woman on bedrest. Some days seem to take forever and I’m hoping this will help me through the long days!



    I need someone to help with my quetion. I have 5 kids but with my third, a boy I recieved three deep thrombus bloodclots in my left leg. I was only 26 yrs. old now at 37 I am having number 6 and this time I am worried. My last two babies were girls and I had no problems. I was supposed to do lovanox shots in my belly while pregnant, they hurt severly. This time I want the shots and I will do them. Anyway is there anyone out there who has had bloodclots in your legs and then had 3 more babies? If so please advise me and support me. I am only 5 weeks pregnant and have an apointment on May 7th wish me luck.


    hi tquinn, I am new to this site and had a question for you or anyone else. Did your blood clots go away during your pregnacy or did they stay the whole time? I just had a stillbirth May 3 and then developed deep thrombus bloodclots in my left leg as well and May-thurners syndrome. I am on coumadin now and the clots are still there. I am nervous about having another baby someday and wondering if you can still carry a healthy baby even with blood clots in your legs. I also have 3 stents in my vein. Any advice would be great! Thanks!



    omg ladies if you ever get told you have to take the lovenox shots just get ready for the rest of your pregnancy to be very unpleasent. i dont have to just take them in my stomach well not your stomach but your love handles. you can also take those in your arm which hurt out of everywhere else you can. you can also take them in your leg on your thigh on the side where the fat part is. i have to take one every day and they are painful, but very very helpful to baby it gives the baby alot more oxygen. good luck high risk ladies i am in same boat.



    Hello everyone , I’m currently 21 weeks and considered high risk. My daughter was born at 28 weeks because my cervix all of a sudden started to shorten. The doctor has me taking progestrone shots once a week. And check my cervix every two weeks. I’m still not sure I want to get this shots. Shouldn’t the cervix check be enough?


    Alexis oh gosh no!! the shots and the cervical checks are very important. I too lost my baby boy at 18 weeks do to IC i have a cerclage and im getting the shots in a few weeks if you ever need someone to talk to send me a message anytime.



    Hi ladies Im new to this particular forum and very scared. Im hoping to be able to find some good support here. Im 12 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child and doctors just found a 3 1/2 inch tumor on my liver and want to remove it while Im pregnant, OMG surgery while Im pregnant. Can someone please help me calm down over this? Has anyone gone through this? Im so terrified.

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