Hormonal changes during pregnancy

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    Hormonal roller coaster alright! I swear all my BF has to do is look at me the wrong way or say something in a tone that at any unpregnant time of my life wouldn’t have bothered me and bam, the waterworks or tirade starts. I don’t like to quote things but in the movie Twilight the comment about mood swings and whiplash pretty well sums it up! Can’t wait for this to settle down lol life will be a lot more pleasant for all concerned lol 🙂



    lol im the same i feel sorry for my partner because i can be such a cow sometimes, im 18 weeks on monday and sometimes im fine with him the next min i hate him lol



    I hope no one minds my venting here…but I am having the same problem as my first pregnancy which is that I am highly hormonal and angry. I really (sorry in advance) hate, hate, hate the pregnancy part. I just do not enjoy one aspect of pregnancy. It turns me into a raving…(fill in the blank). I hate being fat. I hate having a face like a pizza. I hate the discoloration of my entire body. I hate the feeling of someone inside of me and how uncomfortable the whole bloody pregnancy thing is. I LOVE being a Mom. Once the child is out, I love every aspect of mommying. I just wish I could somehow not feel so angry for the entire time. I know I am not alone on this, but I feel very alone. My husband doesn’t want to hear about this stuff and is so happy we are having a second one. I just wish he could be the one having the baby this time around. This was an unexpected and frankly, lovely surprise, but I just cannot get into pregnancy. Arrgh – anyone else have an idea how to make it through this feeling?



    From the lack of people and comments on here it seems that I really am alone. For no real reason at all other than I don’t want him around me I asked my husband to find a different place to sleep. I don’t want this pregnancy and was feeling really good about not having any more kids. Now I have guilt, reluctance, frustration, fear and a desperate sort of loneliness since I know every one around me sees this as a blessing. I know I’ll love the baby when it comes, but the problem is I never wanted this one to come. My husband is so excited about the new baby, but he sucks at parenting the other four. I miss being a single parent. There was just so much freedom, but I don’t have it in me to take a father away from his kids. He doesn’t abuse them in any sense, he is just a sucky parent. He doesn’t understand respect of boundaries, or how a child thinks or how to read their emotions. He spends 90% of the time being annoyed or frustrated by them then enjoying them. The kids don’t feel unconditionally loved by him, but they feel love so they take what they can get. I watch other fathers with their kids and I always wonder how I could let myself be duped as I have and now my children are paying the price, and they don’t even realize it… yet. Now with these hormones I have no more left in me. No more caring about how he feels, or how hard he is ‘trying’. It is the first time I wish he would leave and just send the money – like my father did/does. It is just so much easier that way. It isn’t like he massages my feet, or brushes my hair. He doesn’t write me poems, sing or dance with me. He doesn’t do anything remotely close to being romantic. If I have to feel alone then I would rather be alone so I don’t have to deal with the way he feels as well. Selfish I know – but that’s my reality now.



    I’ve done it. I worked so hard to not be in a marriage like my mother’s; instead I was so focussed on it not being it that I was blinded and now my eyes are wide open. I’ve married my father and am living my mother’s miserable first marriage. My poor, poor children. I am sincerely sorry. I was wrong to try to find you a father, you would have been better of without. I am so sorry. Perhaps this is depression but I feel that the depression stems from being in a relationship I’d spent my childhood witnessing, and spent the rest of my life trying to avoid only to find that I am already living it. It was wrong from the start and you can make something so wrong turn out right.



    I’m on a hormonal roller coaster!

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