Hyperemesis gravidarum

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    i am pregnant with my third child and had hyperemisis with my other two children ,hospitalzed several times and also this time ,i was put on anti sickness called cyclazine and its helped me quite a bit .i have also taken gaviscon an anti acid medication wich has helped settle my stomach im still sick but not as bad as i was in the first few weeks i am now twelve weeks pregnant .hyperemisis is an awful condition and can really make women feel useless and really unwell im kinda glad ive found this forum as i now know im not alone with it . kelly


    i took diclectin when i was preggo. it was a life saver. i lost over 10 pounds. and it is perfectly safe. me and 2 other friends were on it at the same time. all 3 of our babies turned out 100% fine. all i could eat before i got that were freezies, and apples. i found out i was pregnant in november, and was sick from then until february, freezies in winter sucked lol



    I was on diclectin as well, so was my best friend. It is very safe, the ingredients are vitamin B6 and an antihistamine. It’s prescribed solely for the purpose of sickness in pregnancy and has been extensively studied and proven to have no bearing on whether a woman has a baby with defects. Ladies, PLEASE, please please please do research before posting scare messages on medications. And don’t try to be a hero – making yourself stay sick when your doctor wants to prescribe something to make you feel better can have more severe impacts on your baby than anything because of malnutrition. BTW here’s the site about diclectin for anyone who is interested. http://diclectin.com/, and another that isn’t by the company that makes diclectin http://www.medbroadcast.com/drug_info_details.asp?brand_name_id=767


    im 14 wks and my hyperemesis is soo bad im considering termination (sorry dont wanna upset anyone), im in so much pain, cant keep anything down and im in and out of hosp going on drips and trying different meds…but im at the end of my tether now, just cant take much more…



    I am 21wks pregnant and I am still suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum. My doctor said that I am more likely probably going to sick until I deliver. I have already been admitted twice into the hospital and multiple trips to the ER and Labor & Delivery Triage area. But all in all I couldn’t imagine terminating my little baby. I have been prescribe nausau medication’s, phenergan and zofran. They have been helping so far. I can’t wait til this pregnancy is over. I am most definitely going to have some tales to tell my little girl when she get older.



    i have a question. my first doctors appt is monday so i cant discuss with doc till then.
    but i had HG during my first pregnancy…it didnt start till i was around 13 weeks. but i was in and out of hospital the whole pregnancy, and was on zofran twice a day.
    my question is…now i am 11 weeks preg with my secod, and up until now ive been lucky with morning sickness. now its starting to hit me though. since i had HG with my 1st…does that mean im going to have to go through that hell again this time????? i have different insurance now and they wont accept zofran. so if i have the HG im shit out of luck!!! zofran was a lifesaver last time!


    I am 15wks with my 3rd child and have HG as i did with my 1st. i am miserable. i am writing this from my hospital bed which i am so sick of being in…i have been here for 4 days and dont know when i can go home. they have me on continuous iv fluids..absolutely nothing by mouth now..and round the clock zofran, reglan, phenergan, and pepcid through my iv. none of it seems to help since i am still throwing up despite all of this and nothing at all on my stomach. with my first child (who is now 6) i was hospitalized on several occassions and spent 2 months straight in at one point. that time i went through surgery to have a groshan (sp?) catheter inserted in my chest for my baby and myself to obtain nutrients. hg is no fun and i feel sorry for anyone else going through this. i AM tying my tubes after this pregnancy.



    Hi ladies… I can sympathize with what you are all going through… I had severe hyperemesis with my daughter (now 17months). I am now pregnant again 5 1/2 weeks and and I just started puking today, so it looks like here we go again! I am so terrified since I know exactly what lies ahead. I think it will be a bit better, though, because I am better prepared. Here are a few tips (I live in Canada so not sure if these will apply to everyone here.

    … find an OB/GYN who is willing to look at different options to find what is best for you. DON’T settle for a GP or family doctor… they are worse than useless and think it’s all in our heads

    check out this website devoted to hyperemesis… GREAT resources http://www.helpher.org/

    Check out if your hospital has an Antepartum program, or something similar. If they do, you might be able to use their clinic to get IV’s and not have to wait in the ER

    You CAN make it through this if you have the right resources. If your doctor is not supportive, find a new one, end of story.

    Hugs to all of you!


    Im 33 weeks pregnant and my hyperemesis has been severe all the way through 🙁 at 31 – 32 weeks i was hospitalised 3 times for more iv fluids and meds. Have lost over 3 stone so far and been in hosp more times than i can count (im on metaclopramide, cyclizine and ordanzetron (sp?)….my HG has caused me to suffer a liver condition called obstetric cholestasis and so im being induced at 35 weeks (20th April)!!

    Stay strong ladies because HG babies are the cutest and its sooo worth it in the end, i have 11 days left and i cant wait until the continous all day nausea and vomiting stop! I cant wait to meet my lil boy and the moment he is in my arms it will all be so worth it. I have put up with HG all through the pregnancy and i know that i am a strong person for doing it and so are all of you who are suffering from this awful condition! xx



    If hell is anything like this, I need to make sure I am saved! I am in and out the doctors. My body is under 100lbs. I am 14 weeks and I am trying to see the light at the end. I have never heard of this before and I have been dealing with this before I knew I was pregnant at 3 weeks. It had gotten so bad, that my husband has to hold me up and take me to the doctor. When I first got diagnosed, I didn’t have the activity of my limbs. They told me it was fatal, but I am hanging on. I had so many thoughts of abortion, depression, anxiety, confusion, sleepless nights, and pains. I have taken Phenergan tablets and shots, Zofran, pain kilers (doctor approved), antiobiotics ( I was open to infection), IVs…one after the other. I am so glad that there are others out there that are dealing with the stress of HG other than me. I know we are going to have precious babies. Its the endurance of it all that counts!



    I was sent to this page because what I thought too be morning sickness is obviously something else , I am 8 1/2 weeks pregnant and since my 3rd week I have been non stop sick , I barely have the engery to move at all , I dont want to eat anything because it doesnt matter what I eat I throw it back up , I have been hospitalized 3 times with Dehydration and have even begun to throw up bits of blood. My doctors seem to know little of what may be happening with my system and are running numerous tests. I am very scared because I am already High risk Pregnancy with having several tubles and miscarriages, I have an Inverted uterous and My white Blood cell count is abnormally High , My body purposly trys to terminate. I have tried medications in which the doctors have prescribed I have taken pregnancy gravel to try and take away the dizzy nasuated feeling and nothing works. I am at a total and utter loss on what to do , My clock in weight at 6 weeks was 136.8 since then I have gone down from that to 131.2 and now I am at 120.5 I don’t know what to do an am very scared I didnt go through any of this with my previous pregnancy with my son. Can someone please help me !?!?!?!?!



    Hi all,i am preggers with my 2nd baby,just turned 11 weeks and for the last 5 days have been unable to keep anything down,visited my doc today who found keytones in my wee and said i have hg,said he could give me tabs but they may harm the baby….so i didnt take them.im feeling really unhappy as im lightheaded and nauseus and not sure how im gonna face working feeling like this….ive read your posts about taking other meds,so u know if they are available in uk and if my midwife is able to prescribe them to me?will i know im dehydrated when i physically cant stand anymore??



    advice from anyone with hg and how you are handling it. i lose weight at every appointment this week it was another seven lbs. i am 18 weeks and no relief in sight. i am on zofran and phenegren. i also have had several ivs. they took my pic line out as they can only stay in for 30 days so its back to the hospital for iv’s. i guess i am looking for some miracle that will help but will take suggestions of things that helped your hg. usually when i ask people i get answers like eat saltines and i know they are trying to help but regular morning sickness tips dont help its so severe. i just want a healthy baby and i am scared that all this losing is going to hurt baby



    I had HG with my first pregnancy. It was horrible. I know how you girls are feeling. All I can say, is hang in there, and it will pass eventually. I got sick when I was 6 weeks along. My OBGYN kept telling me it would go away at 12 weeks, then 16, then 20. My constant nausea and vomiting finally went away at 24 weeks, but by then I had lost 30 lbs. I felt like the nurses and doctors thought I was just crazy, or wanted attention. SO not true! I was on Zofran and was hospitalized several times, it was the worst experience of my life. I got through it, and you will too, I promise! I’m now expecting my second child, and hoping to avoid going through this again. Good luck ladies, and hang in there! I know its miserable.


    i had hyperemesis when pregnant with my son. i was admitted to hospital nimerous times and lost 20kgs. i was worried as i was unable to eat or drink for long periods of time. i was put on zofran and given fenergun injections aswell.
    i was miserable and had to quit work! i also felt ager and frustration at the coments like ‘ ginger helped me’ or ‘eat dry biscuits’ those things may work for people with morning sickness, but not for hg.
    i was one of the unlucky ones and continued to be sick up until a week after i gave birth to noah.
    the silver lining was that he was a very healthy 9 lb 3 oz !!
    he definatly wasnt affected by my sickness and for that im very thankful! all the best girls just remember it will stop eventually and at the end u get the best prize of all!

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