Hyperemesis gravidarum

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    I wanted to let you all know I am on my 3rd pregnancy and I dont have MS nearly as bad as my 2nd pregnancy. I only gained 5 pounds my 2nd pregnancy, was hospitalized 4 times and had my soon 4 weeks early. But he is an angel and a blessing and it makes me so sad a woman would terminate due to MS/HG. I went through hell and back but its so worth it. I would never judge anyone so please dont think I am. Just know it DOES end, you DO feel better and you can have more babies without HG. it may be a hard, even almost impossible 9 months but your bodies are made to do this and you both will make it through. My son was a preemie but you would never know after just a few months. he even scored a 9/10 on his Apgar!



    Im a little over 4 weeks into my third pregnancy. My first pregnancy, I had severe HG from the beginning all the way through delivery of my son. I was admitted and given a feeding tube through my nose. Then eventually I was given a zofran pump, which did help me gain weight and I didn’t throw up quite as much each day. Some of the doctors did try to encourage me to terminate pregnancy but that wasn’t an option for us. I am so thankful that it wasn’t because I gave birth to a healthy little boy. All my pregnancies are high risk, so Im at the MFM clinic every week (sometimes twice) and I give myself blood thinner shots everyday. We are going to try to wait until after my first trimester to see if I need a zofran pump this time. I know that I am in for a long nine months, but I am just grateful to experience a baby growing inside of me again and consider it a true joy! 🙂 I’ll be praying for all you mommas dealing with HG!



    Hello everyone. I am 8.wks with twins. Ive been diagnosed with hg and its been hell ever since.My arms are bruised from nurses poking new iv lines everyday. Soon ill be getting a picc line for that. Im taking gravol, zofran, and zantac for acid reflux. My have no more energy, even bathing has become a chore. I havent eaten in 6 days and lost 11lbs in 2wks. Does this hell ever end? Also, any suggestions on food i can try? Saltines dont stay down.



    Hello everyone. I am 16 weeks pregnant and have hg. It’s been hell…. I finally got my picc line taken out but now I’m having problems with my acid reflux. I take meds for it and still have not been able to keep the nausea away because of it. I’m having problems gaining weight just like I did with my first child. Any suggestions?



    i have only been pregnant 6 weeks so far Hyperemesis Gravidarum has been kicking my butt. Have already been to hospital once cause started voimting blood. But still having a hard time keepin anything down and dealing with heartburn and throat burning still. I was giving zoflan to help but doesnt seem to be and is really hard to keep down any food. is there anything i can do to feel even alittle better. Plus keep waking up in middle of night feeling like i cant breath. Any advise would help



    I cried reading all the posts here. When I was pregnant with my first child, I had HG which started as early as 4 wks. It lasted till the day I gave birth. I was so depressed. I vomitted 40x a day, I lost weight, I couldnt eat and I couldnt drink. Everything came out..I couldnt function at work, at home..I took unpaid leave, slept in the toilet, wasted time in Sick bay… Admitted to hospital and put on drips. I totally understand how it felt. I couldnt imagine how i went thru it all.. I gave birth at 38 wks to a small but healthy baby..Now 3 yrs later,Im pregnant again, 8 wks now… This time it isnt that bad. I can eat and it stays in the stomach. I do vomit at times but this experience is definately better than the first. This time I only get depressed juggling with a 3yr old craving for attention and my morning sickness. I am so tired always… I neglected her and I am so unhappy and depressed. Though this is just mng sickness, how can I get to be myself and do things I should do? 🙁



    Thank you all so much for sharing your experiences .I don’t know if I have hg although my doc thinks I might.Here I am feeling sorry for myself because I vomit over 10 time a day most days ( that means heave until all that comes up is bile , spit and sometimes blood ) , salivate constantly , have acid reflux , frequent severe diarrhea ,painful bloating and water retention and am so tired that I could sleep constantly and this has been going on since before my pregnancy was confirmed at 4 and a half weeks .However , you guys have made me feel thankful for the positives that some days are better than others , that I am gaining weight ,that the meds although I can’t take them and drive do have some effect ,that I haven’t passed out or had to go into hospital ,that my baby seems to be doing just fine and that finally now in my 10 th week I think that it may be starting to get slightly better.So thank you for helping me see the brighter side and for making me realise that I am not alone .



    How can nausea and vomiting become so severe?



    My daughter is currently 16 weeks pregnant and she has had nausea and throwing up all the time but mostly when working. The Dr. had prescribed a anti-nausea medicine but my daughter wouldn’t take it because of risks and they assured her they wouldn’t give her anything that was harmful. With all that said they gave her zofran on this past Wednesday and she only takes it when she works if needed should I be worried about the after affects of taking this medication?

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