Incompetent cervix

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    sdonbedrest, can you please e-mail me the spread sheet to my address at: would appreciate your response.



    KAYSMOM – well done for getting through the day! Do let us know how long it takes to feel relatively normal!

    MOMAPRIL – for some reason here in teh UK they don’t automatically test for GD. I think they look out for sugar in the regular urine tests we do and only then do they bother with the proper check. Seems odd as i know in the US you all seem to have it??



    Kings-I was on bedrest from 21-34 weeks. I registered online…i really had no other choice. I literally took a few hours to look through everything online and make sure everything was set. And if you dont like something you can always exchange it. As for the shower….my best friend threw it for me when i was 36 almost 37 weeks…just the way it worked out since i couldnt get up til 34 weeks.



    I know what you mean about the heavy baby and trying not to do much guys…I will be 33 weeks on Thursday, and my doc said i am okay to start moving about and doing more around the house etc…I notice it a lot towards the end of the day I feel like he is really heavy and i am thinking that maybe i need to keep off my feet for a bit longer…I am so close to being in the good zone…just so impatient with things and i think my husband figures that I can do so much more now he has started to slack…MEN! Oh well, not much longer to go here…keep up the great work ladies!


    I recently found out the hard way that I have a incompetent cervix. On March 30, 2009 I went into the hospital for preterm labor at 22 weeks I sat on my head in a hospital bed hoping gravity would take effect for 4 days on April 3, 2009 my water broke and I was forced to give birth to my son at 23 weeks and the doctors refused to do anything for my Javid Jordan Sears. I am having a real hard time getting pass this hard time. I am 23 and this was my first pregancy my doctor told me that next time they would do the cerclage but that it wasn’t 100% effective and I don’t want to have to go through the pain again.



    adriana – I have been on the progesterone shots since week 16 (I think) and I will have 4 more left. I will be 36 weeks when I stop taking them and I have a scheduled c-section during week 37! They really aren’t that bad. My husband, bless his heart, does not get weirded out by needles so he has been giving them too me. Usually it doesn’t hurt – I just have a sore bum for about a day and then it passes. I really think they made a difference with this pregnancy. I lost my first last year at 22 weeks and now I am up to week 32!! It’s all worth it – the bed rest, cerclage, and the shots. Best of luck!!



    Happyforest- You should definetly have a cerclage placed if your cervix becomes weak with that procedure. Better safe than sorry FORSURE!! I just had my 2nd baby (2 weeks and 5 days ago), but it was my 6th pregnancy. I wish no one had to ever loose a baby! It is so devastating and although each day gets easier, you never forgot the pain. I thank God for my two boys, who I had the cerclage with each and they both came early, but were healthy. Please make sure you have the cerclage just in case!! And good luck! 🙂


    Member to be..aytime your only 23 weeks pregnant, and dialating already, there is something obviously wromg..i was 23 weeks when my dr found i was dialating and was rused in toanother bigger hospital for an emergecy cerclage. i say go to the er, or saitch drs. thats rediclous…geez…dont risk your baies life!!! just cause ur dr acts like its no big deal…im so srry ur dealin with this!



    I agree ladies, I had just hoped that this time round wouldn’t be such a battle. But looks like they want a fight! I’m going to demand an early scan next week, that I meet the consultant in at least two and that when I do i will arrive and not leave until I am happy with future appointments booked in and that the consultant is experienced. You are all right, I will protect this baby and do whatever it takes to get what we need!



    babyinjuly — I have been thinking the same thing about just getting the stitch out while I’m ‘under.’ I am going to ask about that at my next appt. On Friday, my dr. said if I go into labor before the section is scheduled they might try to take it out again once my cervix is thinned (with an epidural), and then have me deliver naturally. It sounds to me like I shouldn’t get married to any one idea, and we’re just going to see how it goes. The one thing she did say is that if I get to the scheduled date and haven’t started contracting, they will go ahead with the c-section. So at least I have an end date in sight. I’m ready!!



    thanks! LOL she did a transvaginal also but didn’t bother to measure. She doesn’t even want me to sit, but hellooo I can’t eat lying down! LOL She is a tough one and she loves to scare her patients I swear! LOL My coworker goes to her to and made her worried for her last 10 weeks of pregnancy! LOL I am not going on Monday for my reg appt so I will go back in 2 weeks for the glucose and she can measure and hear heartbeat then! Hey she wants me flat so why should I go in on Monday if I feel fine! LOL I’m def not moving until then!!! well of course to use the bathroom! LOL



    So a quick update on me… my shower was on Sunday and it went great! I am glad it went very well and now it’s over! LOL days before the shower I was doing a lot of moving around… I helped with the choc lollipops, printed out the cards for the donation I made instead of party favors, wrapping the prizes… blah blah blah… I did a lot mainly bc my sister has a stressful job and I wanted things done a certain way (she calls me bedpregzilla! lol) My sister’s best friend was amazed at how I did a lot while laying down! LOL she said I can go into business for parties. LOL I went to my dr yesterday and she said the baby is 4lb 10oz and she is taking the stitches out in 2 to 3 weeks!!! She doesn’t want the baby to pop a stitch bc she is getting so big. I go next week for a cervical length (it was supp to be for this thurs but she told me to move it… I want to keep it though =(
    So pretty much everything is going great and I should be meeting my lil Ava in a few more weeks!!!



    I started bleeding a few hrs ago, half my liner had blood on it and I saw blood on the tissue, I had a doc appt so I just changed the pad and headed to the docs, when I went to the bthroom there , there was just a dime size amount on the liner, and a lil blood in my pee the ma said. The doc looked at me and swabed me and there was no blood at all so she wasn’t sure exactly where it was coming from. Then she felt to see if I was dilated and I’m @ 1cm and she felt the stitchs said they feel like they r in place but me dialting maybe that’s irrating everything and made some blood? she sent me to L and D to be monitered for a few hrs to see if I have reg contractions and if I do then she’s gonna take out my stitches if not then send me home keep them in a lil longer hopfully til 36 weeks she said. Sooo we will see what happens I’m not really feeling any cotractions just cramps here and there.


    dcov, i was 37 weeks when my first cerclage was removed..water broke the next morning….my second i was 38 weeks..and had to be induced later that weekend becasue i did not go on my own!!



    ok so my ob tels me today tha tshe will try to remove it in office though it will b tricky as i have been the most difficult cerclage placment paient she has ever had and my cervix is not just short but mis shapped. She mentioned that i will have an Epidural… :O( AHHH… i am so scared of needles especailly the thought of them going in my back…. makes me just want to cry thining about it. :O( i didnt even want one for labour… oh i am so freaking terrifeid now… only 5 more weeks till it comes out. .. also wowo swellin gof feet and ankles… just wow… like a 90 yr old ladies… wow.

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