Is it safe to undergo a gum disease treatment during pregnancy?

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    Hi. I am 3 months pregnant. I’m quite excited because we have been waiting for 6 long years. I had undergone fertility treatment. Are there any chances of complication in my delivery? I have a severe hair loss and I have oral issues. My gums are red and swollen. I have read an article that 40% of the pregnant women are prone to gum disease. A friend of mine had undergone a gum disease treatment in our downtown Toronto ( ). But I am scared to undergo this procedure. I’ve heard that dental procedures should be totally avoided during the pregnancy phase. Does that include gum disease treatment? I don’t want to take any risk. Is there any home remedies for gum disease which doesn’t cause any harm to the baby? Or is it safe to undergo a gum disease treatment during pregnancy?



    Hello my dear friend, welcome to this forum and I hope you are doing good. I can really understand your problem and it is a good thing to share your issues to find good solution. Congratulations on your pregnancy and I know that it is one of the most amazing and beautiful moments of your life. It is a dream of every lady to get pregnant and to get a happiness of beautiful baby in life. In pregnancy, your body will go through many physical and hormonal changes. Due to these hormonal changes, you may face various problems in your body like hair loss, body pain and cramps. Gum disease is a very normal problem these days and you should not worry about it. When it comes to finding treatment solution for gum disease, I will recommend you to consult with any health expert. You should consult with your health expert if you are able to take dental treatment solution or not during pregnancy. Your dentist can also help you in this case. Only professional health experts can give you good advice because they know about your physical condition in a better way. I am not any professional health expert so I will not give you any advice about it. If you had any infertility clinic to get pregnant, you should not worry about your baby’s health. There are many couples who got infertility Clinic and now they are living healthy and beautiful life with baby. There are very low chances of any kind of complications with your baby due to infertility treatment. I hope you will be able to get a good solution and you will be blessed with a beautiful baby.

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