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    What should I avoid to prevent listeria?



    anyone know if you are more prone to listeria when traveling in foreign countries? i am supposed to be visiting my relatives in cuba in two weeks. i have spent a lot of time there and never been sick, but i’m wondering if i am more susceptible to getting something while pregnant. my doctor has said it’s okay but for some reason i’m still nervous! does anyone know if i should cancel the trip or am i just being silly?



    Listeria is one infection that we can’t pass off as a pregnancy myth or old wive’s tale.

    My aunt had a cold sandwich (much like Subway – cold sliced deli meat, sliced cheese, lettuce, etc) and contracted Listeria.

    My cousin was born 3 months premature. He was the size of a forearm. He was in NICU for a very gruelling 3 months.

    Please, please heat your meats to steaming to kill off that bacteria that MAY be there. It’s not worth taking the chance of losing your baby.

    I agree that it’s a pain in the arse – last weekend we went to a luncheon and the only food there were cold sandwiches. ARGH! I was starving (as is a constant for me still – 16 wks along), but I chose to heat the sandwich regardless. Yes, it wasn’t as good as it was cold, but having seen someone go through almost losing her baby I wasnt going to take the chance.

    I, for one, can hardly wait for sushi!!!!!!!! Ugh, 6 more months to go.



    Also wanted to add that you’re not going to contract Listeria with every piece of cold meat you eat. It’s POSSIBLE that the meat has been contaminated with Listeria.
    Also, the reason we only hear about Listeria as a concern when we’re pregnant is because our immune systems as preggo’s is lessened by the pregnancy. It is very common to have contracted Listeria while not pregnant and not know it because our immune system fights it off without us even knowing about it.

    This is all one reason why you’ll read about these women who have a cold sandwich for every meal their entire pregnancy and never get sick ( ok, maybe I exaggerate a little) – the bacteria may not have infected those meats…. but why take the chance that it could happen?

    Same ol’ story of alcohol or smoking effects – some women have smoked 3 packs a day their entire pregnancy (ahem, exaggeration) and their kid is fine… but why risk having a kid born with severe asthma and allergies when it’s avoidable?

    Just food for thought… ‘cuse me while I get something to eat…..

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