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    You should go to they have stores everywhere so you could even find one of those, they have all types of clothes that might work



    When should you buy mat clothes. Im only 14 weeks and nothing fits!!! Is that not too soon.?


    im only 6weeks pregnant & wearing jeans sometimes a pair may go unbutton throughout the day; yeh & im only 6weeks & 2days.. the jeans cause me cramping & im only comfortable in sweats is it ok for me to buy maternity clothing now & what should I look for ?



    HELP! I am due Sept. 3rd and I am going/suppose to be in a wedding on September 26th. I am a size 12 now (before baby). I don’t know what size bridesmaid gown to get because I don’t know if I’ll still be swollen/pregnant/or just still chubby. What do you recommend?



    You could perhaps buy a 2 piece bridesmaid dress in the right color – buy the top ahead, but wait to buy the skirt until post-delivery. That way you can guage it better and still have a couple of weeks to get the right fit.


    I bought 2pairs of maternity jeanz from a pea in the pod. or some shxt like tht..& a top & some dress pants !
    total was 210…

    damn near wanted to kill dat store’s arse I swear.



    I have been trying to decide on maternity clothes… I have purchased most of my ‘maternity clothes’ as bubble dresses, babydoll tops etc. Not true maternity clothes…. I purchased isabella oliver top and momzee jeans both a must have….. also my husband purchased the best maternity and nursing pjs.



    Any good suggestions for good fitting maternity bras?



    I have a really great website that i have got some of my maternity clothes and
    try these places…



    sweetie-I bought my first pair of maternity pants at 14 weeks…buut there’s also the belly band..generic or people really like the bella band…I LOVED that during my 2nd trimester.



    You should cehck out They are having a big sale…



    I found the best leak proof no pads needed nursing bras if anyone is interested 🙂



    ASH- no pads needed? it will still get soaked with milk and smell terribly, won’t it?
    TALITHA- although I like the bella band, I did end up having to fix it a lot throughout the day. kind of annoying. but I liked it better than using a rubber band. my favorite things are things that say they fit 0-9 months, so versatile and well worth the money. (pants and skirts mostly)



    Hi Ladies, Just wanted to tell you about my new discovery! Was browsing on the net for maternity jeans and bumped into Seraphine website which is amazing!!! The clothes are great quality, looks like it’s worth the money as it will definitely last you for a whole pregnancy! I got my order last week and I just had to exchange on dress for a smaller size but believe me ladies i am not going to shop anywhere else for maternity! (found a discount code too! whoo hoo!! for those interested LKM09UK 10% off!!!) Their website is have a look and let me know what do you think!



    I got a couple of nice things at Their clothes are pretty affordable.

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