Morning sickness

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    I had tried everything – every dietary recommendation, B12/B6/Folic acid injections, acupuncture, electrode nausea bracelets…. everything! Finally, I went and saw a Naturopathic Doctor who did a homeopathic makeup and gave me a dose of Sepia 30c. It was miraculous! Within minutes I had color to my face, I was hungry, and I was happy for the first time in weeks. That evening I felt so wonderful. I had to re-dose a few times and eventually I took my constitutional remedy of NatMur 30C and that has been my savior for the past three days. No more puking, dry heaving, or feeling generally awful. I am still amazed! I recommend seeing a doctor who does homeopathy, unless you have experience yourself.


    This forum doesn’t appear very active but I’m just here to gripe. I’m in bed for about the 7th straight day feeling increasingly nauseaus each day. Haven’t brought up, just queasy, tired, stuffy, crampy, headachy et al. I’m self employed and used to being active so this is really tough on my spirit as well as my professional and personal life! Can someone remind me how awesome babies are and why I wanted this so bad?



    I am 10 weeks in and have had severe morning/all day and night sickness. I am taking generic Zofran and it just wasn’t enough. I couldn’t get up off of the couch b/c I was so sick. I read that Benadryl helps w/nausea so I took a half a tab an hour after taking my Zofran and it has helped tremendously. I have been doing it for two days now and I can actually eat, something I haven’t really been able to do for 5 weeks. It has been a lifesaver!



    I’m 12 weeks and I was told that the MS should end around 12 to 13 weeks. Well, I hope this is true. I’ve been so sick. I don’t even feel like myself anymore. All i do is sit in my bed praying that this MS will end soon. I was hoping I could find confort on this forum, but it doesn’t seem too busy.:-(



    I am 7 weeks pregnant and not feeling great! Morning sickness, very tired – please tell me it gets better!



    i’m also suffering terribly from sickness..nausea and vomiting…it is just HORRIBLE!! My 3yr old ds also didnt understand what’s happening and would want to kiss me’s heart breaking! My sickness however has got better in time and now I am 12 weeks I am not sick everyday, I am still feeling nauseus but at least I am keeping some foods down. Sucking on tangy haribo sweets helps, and eating juicy red grapes helps too as I cannot keep water down either. I’ve tried EVERYTHING but nothing works, so I’m hoping it’s just a question of time as it seems to be easing off a little as pregnancy progresses. Wish you all better real soon!! x



    I am weeks today and this MS seems like it does not want to leave me alone. Also it seems like all I want to eat is milk and corn flakes but it makes me so sick after. I don’t knw just want to feel better. :(((



    MS is my nemesis. I was sick with my daughter for the whole 40 weeks, and I am 6 weeks with this baby and awfully sick. It’s incredibly hard because it comes and goes all day and I still have to go about my day. I wish I never had to work!!



    Help! Is anyone on Avomine? I am about to start taking them tonight as I’ve got hyperemeses gravodorum. I just want to know the success rate? As in if you took them did both the vomiting and nausea go or did the nausea stay? Etc am soo sick I’m just looking for some light at the end of the tunnel! And my boss wants me back at work! Lol



    This is awfull…
    everyday I wonder why people get pregnant…I mean I’m still thrilled to be pregnant, and feel incredibly lucky..but this morning sickness (or rather all day and all night sickness) is really draining me out! I’ld rather have pain somewhere. Nausea is so sneaky and irritating. I can’t eat anything to make it feel better, I can’t even keep down yoghurt!



    Hi – I am suffering too… 10 weeks now and the nausea is AWFUL, especially of a night – I wish i could vomit and feel better but its just constant nausea and its getting me down a bit. I think what makes it worse is that I work then go home and have to lay down because I feel so bad, I cant go anywhere or do anything to help lift my spirits because Im just not up to it. Fingers crossed only a couple more weeks.



    Wow, not a lot of new comments! Well, I made it, week 11 and finally starting to feel better. I ended up finding that Kefir yogurt drinks and balance Bars worked great, and Unisom at night. For some reason, Unisom, which is a sleep aid, also helps with prego nausea. Mostly it worked, sometimes it didn’t, but when it did, I was so grateful! But it of course makes you tired so if I took any during the day I took half or quarter.


    Hi all i am 3 weeks pregnant, just found out recently. Wasn’t expecting this, but was pleasantly surprised. I thought i’d been food poisoned with the throwing up, lol! Im really nervous about my pregnancy! Not sure what to expect… well except for the morning sickness!hehe. I’m trying to ignore it as much as I can… but its getting worse! Im starting to find work difficult. But I’ve decide not to take medication for it. I’ve tried very cold diet coke, since its caffine free… but it just gives me gas! A friend mentioned ice lolly’s for sickness… they apparently help with sickness… and its natural… let see, need to research it! Take care mothers to be xxx!


    Looks like no one has posted in a while here… i wanted to ask, even though this Is my 3rd, i *think ms improved at abt 12 weeks, but im not exactly sure ! I just remember i woke up one day and felt much , much better. Well at 8 weeks now im counting down with much anticipation ! Im miserable, no energy, though Sea Bands aré helping me from vomiting, thank God !



    Hi Ladies, I wanted to share my trick for nausea. Sea Bands, my doctor mentioned them to me and they really helped me out a lot. I got them at a local drug store for about $9 and wore them on each wrist from morning to night to keep the nausea away. I haven’t been nauseated for a few days but i still carry them in my purse just in case. I hope this helps someone, Good luck ladies!!!

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