Pelvic pain during pregnancy

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    Anyone else having this problem?



    ahhhh so painful I had pain for a week finally got in to see the doc he said bed rest and to keep following up with him i go back tomorrow at 10am wish me luck and some comfort too. I know that work has become the most painful part of my day followed by bed time 🙁 any one else with this pain good luck 🙂



    I am 10 weeks pregnant and have had pelvic pain the entire time! Doctor says it is fine and nothing to worry about! how can I not worry though???



    im 27 weeks pregnant now & have had pelvic pain for weeks……..iv had a physio check up & theyve confirmed my pelvis is out of alignment (think it used to be known as SPD) & its probably only gonna get worse…..I know that this can be developed from as early as Tri 1…its not related to the size of the baby, its the Estrogen levels that soften the bones & then they can move around more easily which can cause pain….so i wouldnt worry megan….Its jst hard to deal with, esp as the baby gets bigger & the pains get worse! I also have a 2 yr old & have been told to rest, which is almost impossible! But iv been signed off work for a few weeks so im gonna try my best to take it more easy! lol



    Omg i just want to be able to walk normally again! Im 20 weeks and in so much pain, and i know its only going to get worse. This is my third baby but the first time ive had this other than right at the end with the other two. My doc has suggested a pelvic girdle- anyone tried this and did it work?


    Anyone with SPD, my chiropractor does some amazing stuff to me which gives me refief for about a week each time. You should definitely try it!



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    Is pain in the pelvic area normal during pregnancy?

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