Placental abruption

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    mrsdenney i had the same thing happen to me in september and yes anyone who has this should take it very seriously nothing to play around with.



    sunday i had an emergency c section at 30 weeks 1 day. placenta abruption. i woke up felt a trickle thought my water broke due to my incompentent cervix. get to the bathroom and was pouring clots and blood. got to the hospital at 445 AM and had my baby at 601 am. it went very quickly and didnt have time to sink in. if they had waited another 30 minutes i would have died. luckily i made it and so did my son. he is doing well except for being small. please ladies take these things seriously. if you have bleeding and they think abruption may be the cause, rest stay off your feet. its serious.



    What are the symptoms and causes of placental abruption?



    it is really hard to diagnose abruption unless its too late. my first bleed was at 17 weeks and they suspected abruption but since the bleeding stopped for a while and the baby was fine they then said it wasnt abruption. bled again at 22 weeks and they still couldnt say for sure it was abruption. it wasnt until i was bleeding to death that they could tell for sure. i dont want people to be scared or overly paranoid but bleeding while pregnant is almost always serious and should be taken very seriously. there is nothing more scary then laying there knowing you could die as well as lose the baby.



    I had placntal abruption at 39 weeks. I thought my water broke, but when I went to the bathroom I was bleeding. My husband took my to the hospital right away and the doctors werent’ sure what the bleeding was from, but luckily the Dr. recommended they do a C-section and so a little over an hour after the dr. first looked at me, my son was born. During the c-section they discovered that i had had a placental abruption. My son swallowed blood and had to have his stomach pumped and was on oxygen and an IV for 2 days. But luckily, after that he was fine. But had they not done the c-section so quickly, things may have been worse. It’s b een a year and I am thinking about baby#2 but am worried that it may happen again. (and maybe not have a happy ending) Anyone have an abruption and then have more babies without any complications?



    hey I was wondering if anyone has had this and the baby made it and you had a healthy baby.I just found out I have this and im only 13 weeks and my husband is deployed in afganistan and we have a 14 mth old.Im so scared as this is pretty serious.I find out tonite if he gets to come home.Im so scared and would love to talk to other s who have this.



    I had placenta previa with my second pregnancy but no problems. They thought it had corrected itself. However, they were wrong and I had an abruption at 32 weeks. I woke up Christmas morning and thought my water broke. I went to the bathroom and the toilet was filled with blood. My husband was sick with food poisoning so my father rode me to the hospital. The bleeding stopped and they weren’t sure why I had bled. They kept me ocernight as a precaution. I started throeing up around 1 am but thought I was sick like my husband and the nurse agreed. at 4am I stood up to throw up and hemorrhaged. I had alot of blood loss. They did an emergency c-section and my daughter and I survived. I needed a blood transfusion and have since had another baby with a perfect pregnancy. I am now expecting my 4th and everything looks good.



    I had placenta abruption but I was diagnosed too late. I did not show any signs of abruption. I was 35 weeks and my water broke so I thought I was going to deliver. I found out when I got to the hospital she had detached two days ealier. It was horrible and I don’t want to scare anyone but please, please take all precaution if you are showing signs. Has anyone had placenta abruption and then it happened to them again with the next pregnancy? I’m really scared this is going to happen to me again since it happened with my first pregnancy.



    Hi. I have a 20 month old daughter, she was delivered by emergency c-section at 32 weeks after i started bleeding in the middle of the night. i had placenta previa and was also stressed out at the time, i think that worsened things. i was in hospital for a week and the ongoing monitoring wasnt reassuring to my doctor who felt it was best to get her out – she was in NICU and had so many feeding problems later on, not to mention reaching most of her milestones late. its only started getting bearable when she started walking at 15 months, and she’s a joy, a bright and beautiful star in my life. i’d like to have another, but i’m so so scared of going thru all of this again, or putting a baby thru this…. i dont want the stress of thinking of this during pregnancy as i know that stress made things worse for me the last time. no matter what dont stress during pregnancy, hormones are very very delicate at this stage and any imbalance is perceived as a threat (Including foetus).



    i wasnt quite sure wut this was but i guess i had one the day i delivered i was induced and when i was about 6cm dialated my doc came and said i was losing way to much blood and had 2 do an emergency c-sec. my baby was prefect didnt go to the nicu or n e thing i wanted to keep laboring i was 6cm!! and it was going fast but i didnt mind just no one really explained 2 me wut was wrong with me just welp ur going! very crazzy~~ all a big blur!



    Hi. With my first pregnancy I was diagnosed with a complete previa at 14 weeks. I started bleeding (huge gush) at 28 weeks. After several days in the hospital (and baby was fine) I was sent home for complete bed rest. Continued having various gushing blood episodes between 28-32 weeks and was in and out of the hospital 4 different times. Finally the day I hit 33 weeks I had the worst gush yet and my dr. said it was time to deliver. My son was born at 4 lb 10 oz and had a rough start, but is a healthy one year old today and I feel truely blessed! My hubby and I would like to have another child, but I’m terrified of another previa and abruption. Has anyone else gone on to have more children after an abruption? If so, was everything ok in your future pregnancies? Thanks for any info!


    Hello im a first time mom im 16 years old and pregnant with a baby girl iiM 24 weeks along &+ Havee recently been diagnosed wiith placental abruption,ii WASz devistaded Whenn ii realised that ii had to be induced as soon as possible right now im on bed rest and waiting for her to come im almost fully dialated this is very new to me anyone goin thru this &+ williing to share There info? Thanksz



    Towards the end of my first pregnancy,(35 weeks) I felt a burning with some mild contractions. It was confirmed about 2 days later that I indeed had contractions. They put me on Tirbulalane and told me to rest. 4 days later I had a placenta abruption. Thankfully my little girl was born at 36 weeks 4lbs 4oz (healthy)with an apgar score of 9. My placenta was analyzed with inconclusive results, however I was diagnosed with MTHFR 6 months later. I am now taking high dosages of folic acid. I also noticed that I did not make a lot of breast milk. Has this happened to anyone? I am trying to conceive again,



    Hi. I am 23 weeks pregnant and have noticed a tender patch on my upper abdomen – just to the left of my tummy button. It had been there for about a week. I noticed it when I was rubbing my tummy – it does not feel tender unless I put pressure there. Now I looked on line and am worried as I heard this can be a sign of placental abruption. I do not have any bleeding and do not have high BP. Can anyone help? I am away from home and will not get to see my midwife or doctor for 3 weeks. Thanks!



    I was diagnosed with placenta abruption when I was 12 weeks pregnant. I was told I needed to rest and not work for two weeks.It was juast spotting bright red blood first the I ended up in the ER because I was gushing blood. I spent 4 days in hospital with complete bed rest, IV attached & bathroom privlidges with nurse assistance. The doctor released me with strick bedrest for the remainder of my two weeks and told my the abruption should heal on its own by week 14. I am currently on my 15th week with no bleeding since.
    I have been eating healthy and resting when I can. I am back to work and haven’t had any issues yet(knock on wood I don’t either).
    I had never heard of this before and I have already had two previous pregnancies that went perfectly fine. Hopefully everything works out fine. To all of you women who experience the same thing and are terrified, don’t let it stress you out (that doesn’t help the situation), get lots and lots of rest and eat healthy. Cheers!

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