Pregnancy after loss

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    Kari- glad u feeling better. Ms nasty this morning.



    Military, I have a feeling DH knew they were there… I will mention them when he gets home and see what he says lol. But we just BDed last night and lets just say he was ‘down there’ so I am sure he saw them LMFAO Dani, the other girls are right, dont give up on the BFing… Have baby nurse from that side as much as possible to work out the pain… It will make you get better faster. I know its not comfortable but you can work through it!



    Morning girls. Its real early here. Been up since before 4 coz of cats fighting. Well i’m 7 weeks today, i like the number so hopefully it brings me luck with my scan today. Oky- glad all is still well with the baby just wish the bleeding would stop. Its frustrating when they cant find the cause. I had it at 16 weeks with amy. I was put on bed rest and it eventually went away.


    Thanks girls…I really wonder if I will be able to relax with this pregnancy…loosing one at 14 weeks and the other at 18 weeks – when everything was going so well…I want to be able to enjoy this pregnancy – enjoy every second I get with this new baby – because I know how fast everything can be taken away…but I am just feeling very detached this time around…ALLISON – so happy for the HB but I wish they could have helped to reassure you a bit more…Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.



    Ladies, I had my NT scan this morning, everything went really well 🙂 it was a 2d, 3d and 4d scan.. we got some nice photos and a video cd 🙂 Our LO is doing perfectly fine and he or she is a healthy baby 🙂 he/she was asleep at first and then woke up to pose for the camera lol over all it was a great experience 🙂 I totally loved it 🙂 hope you all are doing good. 🙂



    My shower is today! It’s a small one, just 10 of my closest friends and my mom at this adorable restaurant in town. We don’t need much, so I didn’t want a huge shindig like last time. I’m so excited to have a relaxing afternoon w/ the girls! Oh, and presents are an added bonus! hee hee



    Hi everyone—had my 34 wk. appt today. My doc said the Shrek ankles and feet are fine–but if my hands and/or face start swelling, to call. I gained 5 lbs. in 2 weeks and I am not eating any more than normal–so it’s all fluid. BP was fine. He said she is head down and low in my pelvis, which is good. Had my Group B strep swab—nothing like having a q-tip where the sun don’t shine! Yuck. He told me I am officially in the home stretch now!!!!!



    SB-Congrats and welcome little Maggie!!!



    baby-beiler -Yay, awesome news♥…sunshinelady31 -Wow, 39 weeks already. Best wishes on a speedy and easy delivery:-)…mumof 6 expecting7th- I can completely relate. I used to think making it to 12 weeks was a huge milestone after all my early losses, but after losing our daughter at 18 weeks, I wonder when that sigh of relief will happen now. Im trying to just take this day by day and and not look ahead. It definitely sucks but I am grateful for each day I am still pg and just staying positive…So my Dr recommmended genetic couseling because I am Advanced Elderly Geriatric age now,lol. Such a stupid terminology. Think it should be Advanced Wisdom and Life Experienced maternal age:-) Anyway, they made me an appointment for next week, I will be 7 weeks. I know they are doing another u/s, but anyone know why? They will do the NT scan at 12 weeks, but Im starting to wonder how many u’s are actually necessary? Plus this is the same 2 hour drive I had to take last time to the specialist to find out our daughter had died in utero. Not having happy vibes here and seriously thinking of cancelling. I won’t do amnio or cvs anyway , and they can’t fix whatever genetic issues they may find. I dont know, it just seems like it will dampen my happy bubble I am trying too maintain here.


    Okay. Maybe if I make smaller pieces?? ***Michelle- My dr didnt do 48 hr bc of the weeekend. I did Thur & Mon. Unfortunately my hcg ##s dont double. Im not normal. haha. Check out my Wk 6 blog. It was a super scary time, but it turns out the baby is growing just fine. Dont put too much worry into the blood work 🙂 Glad to see you over here! 🙂 SO Happy your lines are darker!!!



    YA!! welcome Emily!!



    Lean-good luck! Is anyone relaying messages for her? So excited to find out how you make out!



    BUTTER – sending you hugs!!



    oh jamie poor thing x


    Wooot-wooot!!!! Congrats PREGGERS!!! Can’t wait to see little Skylar!! Enjoy every second xox

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