Pregnancy after loss

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    SB- I really am sorry about your doggie, maybe he will fool the drs and will be ok and here to meet Maggie. I know how sad it is to lose your animals. LISA- Is it at all possible that maybe you aren’t as far along as you think you are? I know my dr said the u/s can be off a few days to a week and everything be ok. I think I would make a trip to the ER and have them do an u/s. We will be here for you.



    Dani, I notice when ‘bob’ and I spend quality time I get BHs… and actually any orgasm and even just arousal can give me them! DH’s last night here was AMAZING (like well over an hour of amazing!)and my whole belly was rock hard! DH said it freaked him out and he almost wanted to stop… almost, then he realized it would be a while LMAO



    SARAH – That is so frustrating. I actually started typing my stuff in a separate notepad document first so I don’t lose it if the website or connection flakes. So happy you had a great appt. LOOKING – Happy bday to your DS. My little boy is being lazy today as well after a very active day yesterday. xO – Sorry about the rude doc, glad everything’s OK. My panties are wet every day. Yesterday my little man was super active and I had alot more discharge than today when he’s being quieter. So far my docs haven’t found anything important is leaking and I get an U/S on Monday for measuring too big, so I don’t think I’ve lost fluid. CAZ – So happy for you! Glad they gave you the progesterone, it certainly can’t hurt, I think it’s pretty standard that once you’ve started it, you take until 12 weeks or so. OKY – Your FIL’s girlfriend is a loser!! What a dumb thing to say to you.

Viewing 3 posts - 15,391 through 15,393 (of 15,393 total)

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