Pregnancy after loss

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    I know its been very quiet in here lately. A lot of the oldies have had their babies lately. Also – there has been a lot of security issues on IAP lately so a lot of the girls have deleted their accounts. I have deleted all my pics – but will stick around a bit. Sorry – haven’t been on much ladies – have been reading but not posting much. Congrats to all the newbies!!! For those going for their scans – keeping my fingers crossed for y’all – DREAM – please give us an update when you get back!! JESSIE – good luck girl – my fingers are crossed! NATURAL – I am so very sorry – huge hugs…



    one step, I am so sorry for your losses. I know it is sometimes hard to imagine a pregnancy with a successful outcome but hang in there. I try to remember all the women in the world that do, and to remember I do have a child so I know it’s possible for me as well. I know it is hard though – we are here for you. xox



    Thought you could all use a laugh, this has nothing to do with pregnancy, but my son, hes almost 28 months, informed me today that he had a tail, when I aske where (wrong question) he points to his privates, all I could do was laugh at him.



    Moving~ I am so glad other people drink their one cup of coffee a day too like me. Those damn employees at Dunkin Donuts actually tried to make me feel bad, telling me I ought to drink decaf instead. I was like look lady, just get me my coffee and let me pay you!! lol. I have not had heartburn so much as what I would call indegestion at times but it has nothing to do with what I eat it just comes on occasionally i the evening when i lay down to relax. A couple of tums and I am always good to go though. I always said i have an iron gut, I can eat anything without getting an upset tummy, lucky for me because lately any food in front of me has beein fair game!!



    Just wanted to add that there’s lot of information online about stress and miscarriages. Some still question if they are related but many find a link. One site that has done some research on women found that 90 percent of the women, whose ages ranged from 18 to 34, with elevated levels of the stress-induced hormone miscarried during the first three weeks of pregnancy, compared to 33 percent of those with normal levels. I know this information may be scary and could likely increase stress just knowing what stress can do, but as I said in my case it just made me more determined to find peace and continue to seek peace.



    I am laughing so much!!! How long do you ladies get off for maternity? Anyone planning on staying at home? Sorry to here about the job losses ladies! I’m sure things will turn out ok…but I agree the timing sucks x



    DANI- well, it was 6 weeks ago today that I lost Peace, so according to ‘lmp’ I would be 6 weeks today, but I know I didn’t ovulate until two days late, so I am not considering myself 6 weeks until Saturday. So tomorrow my ‘6 weeks ultrasound’ would be at 5w6d. 🙂 I *am* scared… but my problems don’t usually happen until 7-8 weeks. Biting my nails.



    Finally out of hospital, so glad. Hate the place. Far too much going on to think about. Just gonna stay relaxed and see what the 3 specialists say when I see them.
    Hope everyone else is ok.



    Good morning ladies. Our little girl is moving quite a bit this morning. She just wanted to be lazy like her mommy. Thanks for all of the support. It really helps knowing u ladies are here!!
    Phoebe. Danielle has been worrying. She had us worry with her. But she has been doing good lately!!!



    Well, I was afraid of bad news & turns out there was twice as much good news in store. That’s right, TWINS! We are shocked (spontaneous, no fertility meds, just progesterone to sustain once we concieved) & thrilled & totally overwhelmed. DH is over the moon, and I am so happy, but also now I have twice as much to worry about! Obviously this changes a lot of things but the Dr is really optomistic, they are exactly the same size & their sacs are perfect, she said it doesn’t get better than that right now. Can you believe it? 🙂


    OMG this baby boy nearly caused a wreck today! I was driving to the post office and he flipped into a breach and kicked donw HARD on my cervix. I felt like I got punched in my girly bits… Lol, his crib bedding came in the mail though so I am happy about that. OK, anyone wants to know about cloth, well, I am the crazy cloth diapering lady. I have tried over 30 kinds of CD, and my DH thinks I have a problem. I just view it as a hobby, I like to try the new ones that come on the market, and I love all the cute designs for my DD! Lol, umm, I do give them away when I have too many or one doesn’t work out for us… Haha, I even wrote a guide to CDing for new moms. It has my reviews of all the diapers I have tried… So yes, I am insane but if you have questions ask, or I could just e-mail you my paper… My DH says that the guide I wrote is just another way to justify my addiction! I figure better to collect cloth diapers than purses or shoes!



    Welcome and a BIG Congrats to the new comers, this is a wonerful forum, filled with wonderful ladies. They have gotten me though my pregnancy. So nesting has really kicked in, I wasked my washer today, hope you all get as big a laugh out of that on as I did. My house is spotless, and my back is acking, but I just cant seam to stop cleaning, it smells so good. Hope everyone is having a great day.



    a friend of mine is named Genna is typically scotish over here



    Wow Dan – Your HALF WAY! How the hell did that happen? Considering I’ve just got through the longest 3 months of my life that seems to have come round in no time! (Made sense in my head!)



    Aubree, try to relax… maybe the tech just said that date because thats what you would be by LMP… I know thats what my drs do when I first get there and I tell them I ovulate late and should be another date but then we measure and the baby ends up being somewhere in the middle. These early weeks the date will change a lot! So try not to stress about it! Liandre, A milestone is a milestone… For me everyday has been a milestone. I have not gone through what you have but I have had 4 connsecutive miscarriages. I only just yesterday told my mother about this baby because I didnt want to disapoint her again. All we can do is take it one day at a time and hope for the best!

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