Pregnancy after loss

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    Autumn… we are the same… everyday at least kinda couple and since getting pregnant I am done! LMAO We have done it maybe 5 times since getting pregnant. But my drive is starting to come back now so I am happy… getting ready to go into second trimester so I guess thats when the fun should start 😀 TTC, I started feeling nauseas around 5 weeks or so but didnt actually throw up for a little while. But lately I have been feeling pretty good… Though I say that and then for the next three days I puke lol I will say at like BFP-5.5 weeks I ate like a cow! And since then til still now I cant only eat very small amounts at a time so that probably has a lot to do with the sickness as well. Becky, I am so glad things are going well with you… Well I took one metformin yesterday in the morning but not the one at night and no progesterone… But as soon as I woke up I used the doppler and tada! Its so easy to find the baby now… but ‘she’ moves a lot so I find a HB and then hear a squiggle and cant hear it until I move the doppler around to find it again. LOL its like a little game we play. So no met at all today and no refined sugar and I am going to watch the carb intake. Its just tough when you live in a hotel! I cant wait to get home LMAO


    Liandre-I to will say a little prayer dear. It doesn’t sound like there is anything else you can do but wait and pary. It sucks to not be able to do anything. At least they are watching you close. I can only imagine how how terrible NICU would be. I hope little on hangs in there. Was this the 1st time they measured the resistance? Is there hope that this is the same as things have been, and so maybe they will stay the same and aren’t getting worse? **BIG HUGS**



    Em2 – your DH reminded me of my friend’s DH comment last week (they are also expecting their first baby) he is convinced that a bag of 5o disposable nappies will last a month!!!! We tried to tell him that wasn’t going to be the case but he won’t believe us, so I think he will be in for a shock at how much babies poop!!!



    So my first appt is May 19th for a meet and greet and they said they would do an us that day or the next because of the blighted ovum last time. I will be almost 7 weeks then… They should be able to see something then right? I am just excited and terrified all at the same time. What do you all think?



    marjgator-wow… that’s crazy! how far along were you when they said it was a boy at the ultrasound? I just had a conversation with the ultrasound tech this morning about finding the gender and how the female can look like she has a penis until everything moves up so it is not 100% accurate. Very interesting!



    Thanks for the well wishes ladies. Still here, still spotting pink tinged mucus. No fluid leaks or anything, thank God. Red, at first they just wanted to get me to tomorrow night 48 hours after steroids. Now, the way it sounds to me, is they are aiming for 37 weeks at least. I haven’t spoken to a Dr in forever. Going from NST’s to u/s. But finally all the tests are done, and I’m sure someone will be in soon to tell me what’s what. Contractions are now mostly an hour apart, and I still haven’t dilated past 2. I’m hopeful :).



    My little guy is due September 7th. We miscarried last year on September 5th. I can’t shake the feeling that our little guy will be born on the anniversary of our miscarriage.



    AUSSIE_ congrats!! And on my DH’s birthday, such a wonderful day! DANI~ I’ve got some crazy pregnant crying stories too. And I’m SOO not a crier. DH brought in his motorcycle last week for service, and when he told me the bill was $450 dollars, I sobbed. unconsolobly. For like an hour. Big weeping sobs that you can’t talk through. AND I DONT KNOW WHY!!! I think cause I kinda had plans for that money, but it’s not a big deal. Then on his birthday, I posted on my facebook status ‘Happiness is being married to my best friend’ and cried. Then all that day, whenever i thought about that message, I cried. So, not only do I cry cause I’m pseudo sad, I cry cause I’m deliriously happy. At least once a day, every day, these eyes are filling up for some reason or another. I cry when some jerk cuts me off in traffic too. LOL



    I also have my first u/s tomorrow; I have all these emtions running wild. Anyway, I took one heck of a nap today and could have slept longer if DH would have let me lol DS and I slept from Noon to 3pm, and I could still sleep more! I woke up wanting ice cream with chocolate sauce right away LOL I was currently dreaming about a sundae when DH woke me up haha! So here’s to hoping that’s a good thing!



    i thought id just check in to say hello…..i read everyones post everyday but dont always get chance to write anything myself.
    dani im liking the cheer and youll definatly have to video it cos not to hot on cheering and ill need practice for october 🙂 oh and your pic is loverly btw x. as for the main topic today it got me thinking about who ill want at the birth. this will be my first birth experience and never really thought about it until ur posts!… me in abit of a cold sweat lol ill definatly want darren to be with me but not looking down there…think that would scar him for life and he wouldnt want to come near me again 🙂 lol as for family his all live 6/7 hour drive away so we wont be getting the hospital visits think my family wont come to hang around but if im in for a day or two then they would turn up on mass! like when alls well and they get a call … mum would probally be loytering in the corridors but respect darrens and my wishes she would be like tell me if im getting in the way then soon as she gets the green light we wont get a look in and its her baby! lol its good i have a relationship i can tell her to wind her neck in abit and give my baby back or im calling the police!!! lol it will be in jest tho thank god. this will be her first grandchild so i think shell be in tears my dad wont be there to see any of it. saying all that darrens family are planning on visiting us with some staying at our home at the beginning of december…..there all laid back ppl and not the type to judge any of the habbits we would have gained by then and not the type to pass the baby fact im actually looking forward to seeing my mil just not his brother whos 2 years younger. he has a lil boy and already gave us bin liners full of designer baby boy clothes and left heafty hints that `his` clothes cannot be mixed with the non designer baby clothes! lol dont get me wrong he doesnt bother me with his comments like that nor does it darren we just lol at him to his face. im just not looking forward to him coming down cos hell nodoubt have a new gf hell want to bring with him and hes soooo messy! and like a whirlwind wanting to visit different places and show off to his gf……im such a clean freak im just worried it will all get on top of me, plus im hoping to breastfeed and ill be uncomfortable doing it infront of him. im not planning on walking around with my baps out mind you!…just will feel awkward (i know such an awfull thing to say i shouldnt be embarrassed for feeding my child but you know what im getting at) just hoping we would have some kind of routine down by then and we can all enjoy the visit.
    kinda went off on a tangent there but like i said your posts got me thinking….lol



    Dan – will try that position next time I get hubbs to myself for more than 10 mins, just couldn’t seem to get comfy enough to let go this time! EM will def look up that yoga vid, the DVD I’ve been doing is getting a bit boring. Kari – stay away from the damn scales girl! I’m getting to the point where I beg my doc not to weigh me cos I just get too depressed hearing the numbers! I garuntee it’s all just water weight and if the ms kicks in your weight will drop back again (not that I’m wishing ms or weightloss on you AT ALL!) Oh by the way can I just tell you all I’m BLOODY BORED with all the damn football already and it’s not even through the group stages here yet! Lois – your neighbour sounds like a classic loon to me, when I read your story I pictured her as bout 70, how the heck did she get so mad so young?


    OH – funny story — I was at the dr. yesterday and then out doing errands at the mall and whatnot. Well, I decided I would leave target and head to Once Upon A Time to check out the used baby stuff. When I got into the van at target I felt my skirt get caught on something, but didn’t think too much about it. Well, I got out at the next store and felt a really big breeze – I turned my skirt around (because it is really big and just moves all over) and I had a rip from the bottom to the top of the skirt. Needless to say my bum was hanging out all over the place. I got back in the car, but had to go to the gas station and luckily one of my boys left their Teenage Mutuant Ninja Turtles Beach towel in the van so I grabbed it and tied it around my waist to hide the tear. I got lots of looks on that one. I thought that might brighten someones day. It was, however, my favorite skirt! (casual, but nice looking – bummer).



    i have never done any of the home gender tests.. i did however do the chinese gender chart and it was correct for my son… this time is says girl… i guess i will find out in a few weeks



    Hope everyone is doing well! I had my 2nd u/s today 7w5d everything looks great! I graduated from my fertility dr and I’m moving onto my reg ob.. I have my 10 week u/s set up for aug 2nd.. Very happy to be here with all you ladies!! 🙂 It sure is HOT outside blah!! Guess I should take a nap 🙂



    Dani, hop in the shower with him! thats where we started the other night… I had just finished shaving and he ‘inspected’ the area and then we had to finish up in the bed room! Oh how I love pregnant sex!

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