Pregnancy after loss

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    Morning girls. Another day to look forward too. Hope everyone well or feeling better.



    I have to ask you all this- I don’t know if I am the only one who experiences this or not but I have never heard anyone mention it before. Everytime I am pregnant I go into a dryheaving and gagging session immediately after BDing! EVERYTIME! from the beginning of my pregnancy to the end. It has been that way with ALL of my pregnancies. My husband even kind of starts to feel like he didn’t please me enough if I don’t gag or dry heave at least 2 or 3 times. hahaha! Anyone else?



    i’m just wondering, and sorry if TMI. I’m almost 5 weeks pregnant and I have got a lot of clear CM at the moment. Almost like when i Ov. I don’t remember if i had that when pregnant with DS. Has anyone had the same thing, or does it sound like something might be going wrong….



    ALLISON – I hope you get some comforting news when you speak to your MD tomorrow.



    Annie, trust me if my husband was home I would not have cut the grass. I LOVE cutting the grass its one of my favorite things to do but yesterday it was wet and our mower has a mulcher and it kept getting clogged so I had to shake and bounce the mower constantly to unclog it and when that didint work I had to stop completely and reach my hand in there to get it all out. And if you have hip or pelvic pain pulling the string will make you cry. My mower doesnt shake too much but the pushing (through 2 ft of grass because I waited so long) gave me a lot of BH contractions and actually my pelvis hurts more and in more places now. Honestly yesterday was one of my worst days ever. I was already feeling sad because I miss DH (which is scarey because it hasnt even been a whole week!) and then it was a serious struggle to cut the grass (which I shouldnt have had to do) it kept bogging out and cutting off and everytime I pulled the string hurt so bad but I just pushed through it. I seriously grunted and cried and sobbed almost the entire time I cut the grass and about 6 of my male neighbors all sat on the portch across the street watching. Not a single one of them offered to help me.



    Mamagarces and Sarabeth… Thank you for making me feel so welcome. I do spend some time in my week’s forum, and some of the women in there have suffered losses too, but, we just don’t discuss it in there. I’m on the incompitant cervix forum too, since that’s what lead to the loss of my little angel-bean last year. But now I’m less than a week away from passing how far along I was in the last pregnancy, and so far(knock on wood) I’m doing really well. I have a little pink bean on board this time. I feel her wiggling around a lot, and I have a doppler, so I can hear her heart when ever I want to.
    It’s so nice to have a place to talk to other women who have been through the same sort of thing, and understand the feelings that being preggers again brings. My biggest issue is paranoia!!!! Every twinge at night makes me sit bolt upright in bed and break out in a sweat! I’m trying to be calm, but for someone in my position, the next 8 weeks are the most crucial. I’m on house arrest right now, (not literally) and will likely be upgraded to bedrest soon. After 28 weeks, if everything is fine, I’ll be able to uncross my fingers and relax a bit…
    I hope you’re all feeling well, and that you’re all having positive experiences with this pregnancy so far. Any time you want to trade stories, recipies, or anything else, just message me, K? Sorry for the uber-ramble…just excited(I have a LOT of time on my hands!!!)


    Hi guys! Just checking in. Love reading all your posts. LOSIC — I don’t have any info. on depo excpet that my sister got pregnant on it?!? who knows.

    Took my 2 ds’s to football practice tonight (little league) and I totally fell in a hole. Luckily I caught myself on my hands and knees. I felt like an idiot, but it was my own fault and the baby has been moving like crazy since so…

    hope you all have a great night. Looking forward to hearing some good delivery news from Heids soon! SB – your’s will be coming soon!



    Sb- congrats and welcome baby Maggie! SOON2BE- congrats on team blue. HEIDE- hoping squirts gets here soon!



    Hello everyone! Haven’t been on all weekend and spent most of yesterday cleaning. I think I did too much – after cleaning my whole house I was out pulling weeds in the yard and just started feeling sick. After lying down for a bit I felt better, I just need to not do so much I guess, which is really hard for me. MISSY, DIZZY & NAIN- Congrats and welcome! You have come to the right place! These women are amazing and it feels like a family in here – we can all relate as we know pregnancy will never be the same after a loss. JAIME- Great news the hemorrhage is gone! And your dr. is right, it’s still early and the placenta has plenty of time to move up – Mine was still low lying at 19 weeks with DS, but moved up by 28-32 weeks 🙂 LEAN- I can’t wait to see the photos! I bet they turned out amazing! BECKY- glad your appt went well! BUTTER- I hope you can get some more answers or maybe even another scan Wednesday – I know this must be so stressful for you. *Try* to not worry and rest as much as possible (((hugs))) 4BOYZ- definitely added to my prayer list – please keep us updated! MARJ- ‘Ask your daughter’ lol, too funny! Sounds like some progress is being made and Emily can make her appearance at any moment! Hopefully she’ll bake at least another week, but your doc is right, you could be like that for another couple weeks. Either way she’ll be here soon, so excited! Do you have a phone buddy? KARI- So wonderful to hear that baby is doing great! And yay for another u/s! LOISC- Oh goodness, so glad you are ok! Keep drinking those fluids – even if you aren’t thirsty! Maybe you will be in there sooner than you think… either way, try to rest and let DH do as much as possible. Also, do you have a phone buddy? MAMAG- *waving* Hi! LOL just wanted to greet you this morning 😉



    LOIS – Hope he’s ready soon! RED – Hi there, good to see you, and thanks for the link, I will check it out. LEAN – I got the doppler out today just for fun and his HB is still up high, so I’m abandoning hope that he turned, but I just want him to get here healthy, whatever it takes. MAMAG – I’m going to hold out hope that you will find someone to watch the girls while you are giving birth, you have time to work on it and maybe some of the folks you feel are not currently up to the task will step up to the plate if they realize that the alternative is you having to give birth on your own. Even if you can get them to time share, that’s better than the alternative. Think about neighbors, support groups that you might join, referrals of good sitters from people you know, etc. I used to babysit for 4 kids (6 year old, 4 year old twins and 1 year old) overnight for a neighbor when I was 13 years old, I have to hope and think there’s a responsible sitter out there who could take good care of your girls. OKY – Happy Anniversary, sorry you don’t feel well. OKY/RICHY/BUTTER – Big hugs and hoping everything stays OK with your LOs.



    Bunting, i actually dropped 15 pounds in the first trimester! So no worries…. it will pick up!



    BUTTER- I am so happy that this little one is doing great and congrats on another boy! LEAN- WooHoo, hope this is it, good luck hun! HEIDS- I can’t stand not knowing, I want to go shopping and get all the clothes ready. If its a boy then I have a lot of clothes to sort through and wash, if its a girl I have nothing. However I can only find out if they baby wants me to and I had a feeling that it wasn’t going to show us yesterday and I have a feeling its not going to show us at all. How you feel better soon! MG- Yeah I guess I put the baby in a sugar coma. lol. It was moving around from 11am and on yesterday so going to make the next appt for later in the day. The tech suggested eating a meal and drinking juice the next time too. BABY- Good luck at your u/s!


    Hey ladies…hope you are all doing well. I just wanted to see if you all thougt I was crazy or not for being upset about this. At my daughters second b-day party on Saturday. DH’s family was all sitting around (mom, dad, sister, neice, friend, and himself) and they were all telling me how big I’ve gotten. I don’t mind that one bit, I actually enjoy hearing how big my tummy is. His sister says I am big and that he is going to be a big boy. I then told her that the doctor said he wasn’t measuring big, but yet I’ve already gained 40 lbs. DH makes the comment that everybody has been telling me that my butt is getting big (which I think I’ve mentioned on here before). His sister told me to turn around (THANKS Alex for making that comment and now everyone is going to look at it!!!) When I turned around, everybody got quiet and his neice made that nasaly laugh where she was trying not to do it out loud…and then everybody got quiet and started laughing at me. They then started making comments like ‘a big butt is better than a flat butt’…etc. I just put on a fake smile and pretended to laugh it off, but then went inside and cried for half of the party. I KNOW my butt has gotten wide, but it’s because I’m pregnant. Why the hell would you do that to somebody…I felt so embarassed and belittled. I was feeling very pretty that day until that point. What a bunch of jerks…I don’t go around telling his dad that he’s balding, or his mother that her face is still wrinkly and she’s still fat even with her three plastic surgeries. Then later, my cousin said she was sitting outside and his mom said, ‘you don’t think we hurt her feelings do you?’ And his sister replied something but my cousin couldn’t understand her. MIL said, ‘Well no girl wants to hear that her butt is big.’ (In a semi-bitchy voice)…and SIL replies, ‘Well you can never win with her.’ (talking about me of course in the short snippy voice). WTF…I don’t talk to them EVER, how can they just sit there and say that you can’t win with me when you’re the one saying I have a fat ass??? Alex thought I was overreacting and tried telling me that they didn’t mean any harm by it…but I find it innapropriate to talk about like that. If my close family and friends said that, that’s one thing, but for my inlaws to say it? I think it’s out of line. Maybe I’m crazy. WHOA…this is probably getting long. Lol. Thanks for letting me vent, I needed to get that out before I start punching some mommy-in-law.



    Well I have been MIA for a bit and WOW look at all the new BFP’s YEAH to you all and welcome to our what once was a small group increasing awesomly almost everyday lol I LOVE IT !!!!! CONGRATS TO YOU ALL 🙂



    Annie40: Congrats on getting passed the developmental ‘hump’! I read your profile and am extremely touched by your story. Im glad to hear Dottie is doing great. My bh are so strong now at 36.5 weeks w/twins…Im on the max dose of meds and they are not stopping them, but Im still not in labor. I also lost my baby. Albeit shortly after I gave birth. I feel like some sort of psycho /emotional/ spiritual shift will come once we give birth to healthy babies and bring them home that can help to begin to shift that fear…

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