Pregnancy after loss

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    Thanks Ladies for the advice on stretch marks. Funny enough my mom had me and my brother and never got one stretch mark, she was pretty lucky. She said her sister got them really bad though so like you all said it’s really a crap shoot! 4boyz~ I am so sorry you had to spend time in the hospital with your son, I have heard RSV is a bitch and I knew a baby with it once and I felt so bad when he would start to cough because they are just so little to feel so bad!! Butter~ your belly is anything but ugly!!!


    Well, ladies…today is the start of the REST of my pregnancy! I lost my first pregnancy (a baby girl) during the 2nd trimester because I’d gotten sick. Today is one day past that mark. This is my 4th pregnancy and the only baby to make it to this point was born healthy at term! Now this pregnancy has passed that milestone and I firmly believe that it will go all the way! What a beautiful day :oD I’m celebrating with coffee LOL I imagine I’ll be feeling a LOT of my baby this morning! 2 more days until we find out the sex…



    Plant- Goodluck! And with the walking, it kills me afterwards, ouchy. I was almost positive I was going to go into labor last night, but nope, 🙁



    AZ- I hope u get some answers soon darling, keep us posted. We are all here for you xxx


    OKY – so happy to hear those precious babies are doing great! I know you feel about the bleeding…I bled for 10 weeks with Riley and at first they took me off the baby asa for a few days – I was freaking out!! But as soon as they saw all the hematomas they put me right back on. Bleeding is just so stressful – and when you have gone through so much already – it becomes almost unbearable…Hugs xox Keep me updated!


    Thanks Ladies. Here’s hoping it’s a boring 8 months!



    Hello ladies I am new to this section. I just found out I am pregnant again, hoping all goes well. Happy and healthy to you ladies 🙂


    MICHELLE- im sorry to hear of your news OKYNOT- im so happy for you ive been following up on you since i joined at the start of the year great to hear your babies are doing well.
    ive finally reached 31wk 4days and am still just as anxious now as i was in wk 7, all my bleeding stopped by wk 10 and baby seems to be going really well. i had alittle spotting at around 7 wks with my last baby i lost, i had alot of blood slightly hemmoraged at 14wks they prepped me for surgery, sent me in for and u/s and there was alittle bean still in there, needless to say we were shocked was told to rest but i had to quit my job and i have bugger all family support so i did my best….had a scan at 16wks and my little man waved at me now i know he was waving goodbye cause a week later he had died, deep down i new something was wrong but dint want to believe. i went to the docs just before 21wks to see if he could hear the heartbeat and he told me there was a good strong 1 unfortunatly 4 days later was my scan which showed what i had assumed but my world still came crashing down….after he was delivered the midwife told me she thinks it was twins and 1 didnt make it from the start and thats why my placenta had a huge hole in it 🙁 im finding it really hard atm as his 1st birthday isnt far off 15th june, i found out i was pregg in nov so he wasnt gone that long and i still feel so guilty but i have to believe this bub was sent from my angel baby… how do i get over the guilt and try and be happy, i keep thinking this baby must think im such a downer…
    GOOD LUCK to everyone lots of STICKY BABY DUST your way!!



    Dec Baby: congrats for your BFP..m so happy for you..i rem’ber you from TTCAL…..FX for everything goes well this pg. Blessedbeyondbelief : 4 more weeks to go..YAY..hope eerything goes well and easywith L&D. roosa: howz ur daughter feeling now?
    Momme: great to hear good scan results..i know i am late..but catching up today:). RED: good lukc for your upcoming u/s appointment/scan. hope u all r having nice weekend. considering me to be high risk due to multiple fibroids.. my doctor has started me on steriods , took one dose today and second one is tomorrow.



    Adleigh Grayce made her appearance at 2:11 pm 10/11/12 weighing 8lbs 10oz. I’ll post pics once I’m able to get on my computer.



    @mommee sorry for the trial yo are going through, hope you little boy is brave and heals perfectly



    So I’m here at work, working the night shift. I feel so bloated, gassy, my pants are killing me, my bra is stabbing me. I just want to go home and sleep. I work 12.5 hr shifts with an hour drive each way. this is killing me!! And to top it all off, it’s rotating shift work. So I work nights this Fri/Sat/Sun, I have Mon/Tues off, then I work Wed/Thur day shift. Ugh. Sorry for the vent, I’m just dying here.



    Red that’s so awesome you heard the heart beat x



    hey my nice to see all of you here..i hope atleast some of you rember me from 2012 weeks..I am here again expecting baby#2…my last two ended in losses :(..but I am positive again with this one..and 13weeks today:). how are you all doing?



    red, you mean 8mw 🙂

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