Pregnancy after loss

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    LOL last night I played up my sickness ( head cold) and my boyfriend cleaned and did all my chores for me, brought me home a pizza and chicken soup for dinner, and made me some hot tea and watched me lay on the couch all night. I do feel really bad but I am wayyyyy tougher than he is and can handle it. All day at work when he called me I made my voice sound so raspy and I kept telling him how sick I was, and I came home to all of that!! I need to play up my colds like that every time!!


    JESSIE – That is so cute 🙂 I have such fond memories of DS and daddy bonding through the womb. I look forward to my son being able to feel the baby moving.


    Plant- Thinking of you today- cant wait to hear how it goes. and then HELL YEAH! Shout it from every rooftop! LOL I made it FB official after my 13 wk appt, it was a GREAT feeling 🙂 **Bee- YAY for your mucus plug! (that sounds kinda gross now that I’ve said it! LOL) Keep on walking- Hope that baby is ready for you real soon! I’ve been reading Ina Mays Guide to Childbirth and it really gives a lot of inspiration & encouragement for all natural. It makes me think ‘I can do it!’ but I agree, we’ll see how long that lasts when it really happens. **Jesse- Yes, MIL can be so strange!



    Yesterday DH and I got into a little argument because I was tired of being the strong one while he got mad and slammed things. I was having to be the cooler head. I told him last night that I need to breakdown and I need him to hold me and let me be upset and sad and mad…..I cried for an hour and yelled and screamed and got things out….and he held me. It was good for me and I felt better. I got up to pee and there was bright red blood….I told him and right away I was hit with cramps and I had them all night. I’m sitting here on the couch with cramps that are so bad and my dr’s office told me there’s nothing they can do till my appt on Friday….well my ins at DH old job runs out at midnight tonight and the new ins won’t start till October. So I’m up poop creek w/out a paddle. I’m just taking tylenol and keeping an eye out for hemorrhaging. Oh and I’m done with that OB’s office.


    OK: I am praying for you, and and totally understand the constant fear, even when they tell you ‘everything is fine’. Hang in there and know that God is watching over you 🙂
    AVG: Glad to hear your bleeding has stopped! Hopefully you will heal quickly and be able to move forward. xx
    as for me, I had my anatomy scan today and am praising God right now because everything is perfect! 10 fingers and toes, no problems anywhere and she is measuring right on track. I am so thankful to have made it this far, and know that I won’t be able to really relax until I have her in my arms, but at least this is HUGE step towards the finish line. Today is the first day I actually feel like I might be holding a baby at the end of all this. I hope everyone is holding on and know that you are all in my prayers every night. xxx



    BABY-BEILER – Doc still isn’t concerned about my bp… I have my mom’s monitor here at home now so I am keeping a check on it, and the doctor said that unless it gets up into the 140s or 150s/90s, there are no worries and I don’t need to call them. She said mine may be up a little b/c I’m sick (stupid cold) so stands to reason that yours could have been b/c of the migraine.



    Wecome MELANIE!!!!



    Congrats to 2bBlessed – 8 weeks is awesome. Ladies, thanks for the support about my no symptoms. Got the appt for the 11th, and I look forward to peace of mind.



    Wow, things are slowing down in here! First page has posts from 6 days ago,lol. Im used to reading pages back to catch up for one day:-)…mommee-Glad all is well with baby and the fluid level! Same thing happened with me at my anatomy scan. Baby had just empited his bladder and stomach:/ So I had to wait a half hour in the waiting room and come back in for them to look again…Red-So happy to see you back in here regularly and trucking right along!! I had maternity pants on at 9 weeks. My jeans were too tight and uncomfortable…decbaby-Congrats and best wishes on a happy & healthy loooong 9 months♥…roosa- ((hugs)) Hopefully this is just a 24 hr virus the kids have and is gone quickly. My little ones had fevers about a month ago but it was very short lived and didnt become anything serious…blessedbeyondbelief – Yay! We are in the last stretch together:-) I have 2 weeks and 4 days until my c/s. Still have no name we agree on yet:/ Im waiting for his little face to decide,lol…avg2012 – Havent talked to you in a while:-) Hope all is going well and the fibroids do not cause much issue. Just getting on here myself to catch up too,lol.



    Congratulations Jamie!!!



    Thanks, Dec Baby and Pocahontas.



    Beegee, I dont know how you do it! I am thankful I get to stay home with my 3 youngsters. I dont know how I would cope with going to work for so long, and then coming home to do the daily chores!!



    Red- I was so happy my dr agreed to the lovenox also. He suggested the progesterone the first 20 weeks of pregnancy and I was already advised to take baby aspirin daily. I had a subchorinonic hematoma that was 3.5 cm at 6 weeks and 2.7cm at 10 weeks. I started the BA and lovenox at 12 weeks and the hematoma was completely gone at 14 weeks. I think the meds may have helped it shrink. I completely understand being nervous about stopping the meds. I did every other day with the progesterone before I stopped it. Then as far as I know I’ll be on the lovenox until 37-38 weeks. Not sure if I’ll be switching then or just stopping.



    congratulations Jamie!!!



    How can I enjoy this pregnancy after I suffered a loss?

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