Pregnancy after loss

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    well i saw the eye dr this am… the final verdict is optical migraines. The tx aren’t pregnancy approved so he said he wouldn’t offer it until it’s been a problem at least a mth, after that I can ‘chance it’ if I want to…yeah that’s not gonna happen. He did say that most people will have them really often (like 4 and 5 day like I am) at 1st and be down to just one every few weeks or less frequently after about a mth. And that this could be brought on by the pregnancy hormones and not be something that will effect me forever or the timing could be a coincidence and they will.



    Thanks for the congrats danielle*-0-* and jenn.and.pumpkin. I went to have my blood drawn today for hormone level testing but I have begun to bleed like the heavy 2nd day of my regular AF; so I am uncertain about this one.



    Good luck Victoria!! And Vinessa! Thinking of all of the ladies who are getting close to their due dates. So excited for you all!! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!



    Congratulations THUY & SHAW!!!!! I’m so happy that both of you went into labor on your own. Try to get some rest and enjoy your sweet babies. 🙂 SKITTLES & VICTORIA– it won’t be long for the two of you!! Relax and hang in there… try to get as much sleep as you possibly can right now… trust me, you’ll need it.



    Marj, I know about those though I kinda wonder because of my insulin resistance if thats ok… guess I’ll have to ask the OB tomorrow.



    Hello ladies. I just had my appointment with the gyny to check the flow in the Umbilical cord. Resistance is still high. Have another appointment next friday. Will be getting steroid shots:( then after it will all be about buying time. . . Hope i make it to at least 30 weeks. I guess thats only wishfull thinking huh? 🙁 i dont think i can go through the NICU thing again.



    I went for an ultrasound earlier this week and they found 2 gestational sacs, I’m makin an appointment for another u/s, hopefully I have twins! I just got over being sick with the flu, so I hope everything is alright. This definately makes up for my last miscarriage last April. Baby dust to all if you ladies!


    WOW guys – there is like 5 pages to catch up on and I just can’t do it. Anyone want to fill me in? RED — how did your treatment go? Did you get your levels and stuff checked? LIANDRE — yeah for baby! Praying for 30 weeks for you and then 32! Whoelse – any newbies? It seems like it, but let me know! Hi to all the girls – sorry I have been MIA, but I’ll fill you in.


    LEAN- yea… we will see if I have the patience for it 😉



    Really REALLY hoping to add you to the list soon too AVERYS! Appt went well, baby is measring spot on, heart rate strong as an ox and it turns out i’ve only gained 7kgs since getting pregnant – was expecting twice that but haven’t dared to weigh myself! ADY – Hope that you feel better soon, must be hard with 2 running round but try to take it easy hon. RED – Squeezing your one finger that i can reach from here, I’m sure all your other fingers and toes have ladies hanging ontro them and squeezing tight! Love and strength – stay positive honey bun!


    Desia- YAY! So glad your scan went well 😉 oh and you got a hint early that it might be a boy- how exciting!! When will you find out for sure?? Nurse- Feb 8th, I’ll be praying for you and waiting anxiously to hear how it goes. Have you had any m/s or other symptoms that let you know something is going on?? I haven’t had much, some nausea but no serious m/s. If I eat every 2 hrs the nausea isn’t as bad… My work pants are tight now and my bbs hurt to touch, thats about it 🙂



    i keep wondering how much bigger my bbs are gonna get..i went from a B to C while pg with my son..then to a D when my milk came i am a big C… wondering if i will go up to a DD when my milk comes in…. UGH… i always wanted bigger boobs and now that i have em i hate em…



    KARI–CONGRATS on your BFP….I look forward to spending the next 8 months with you and AMK and all the other wonderful ladies in here……(thumbs up)



    Marj-that’s a good idea! Blessed-wow, you are strong to wait until 30 weeks! I just couldn’t wait any longer and I’m 16 weeks! Question for you ladies: Did any of you have sharp, shooting pains very low? I had two of them today and I’m trying not to freak out. Each lasted maybe a minute. I have been drinking a ton of water and haven’t done anything physical so I’m not sure what is going on. Any help would be appreciated!



    EM – if you could send some of that energy my way… My house is a disaster and I need a nap so badly. Ahhh 1st trimester fatigue. Not that I’m complaining!

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