Pregnancy after loss

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    SARAH – Hope you’re doing ok hun – probably just irritated your cervix – but I’m sure you’d feel so much better if you got it checked out.


    I am 6 weeks pregnant now, had a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks in April but the baby had only grown to 6 weeks. I feel more positive this time but time is going so slow. Should be having my first scan around 9 weeks.


    Jazzy- SO happy you got to hear the heartbeat!! That must be amazing to hear it right from home! 2 more weeks for me, then my 13 wk NT scan! JDubb- Looked up the bedding ::SO CUTE:: cant wait to see final pictures. It sounds like so much work goes on in the end that I am glad I will be on summer vacation before my baby is due 🙂


    Desia~ Welcome and congrats on your pregnancy! This is definitely the right place, and many of the girls here have also popped over from TCAL. The page has been pretty slow the last month or so, but don’t let that stop you from coming on here. I don’t have PCOS (although we did run testing for it), but I have a dear friend that I met on here when I was pregnant with my first successful pregnancy almost 4 years ago. She has PCOS and underwent treatments to get pregnant. She had also had previous losses, but little Lizzie stuck in there and she is a very healthy rowdy little 3 1/2 year old now!! I’m wishing you lots of sticky glue and glad you could join us!!



    Hi ladies, just checking in… Had my 20 week u/s yesterday… He seems to have all his parts in the right places. I took DD and DH with and they both loved it! tonight, on her way to bed Olive yelled, ‘Goodnight Baby James! love you!’. while at my a ppt, the tech asked if I had ?’for the doc and I had some about the chances of Pre-e again. mainly, I didn’t realize that having had Juvenile Rhumatoid Arthritis is an additional risk factor. I totally forgot that I’d had that as a kid and never told her about it. Ups my risk more. 24 hour urine starting Sunday and bloodwork to establish my baselines. So hard to temper my worry.


    **Jesse- Oh boy, that totally sucks!! I sometimes get pains, but it doesn’t sound nearly as bad as what your going through. Hang in there, its almost over! Just think- Pain with a Purpose! (I watched The business of being born- the documentary last night- eye opening and inspiring!) **Suzm- YAY! So glad to hear you saw the heartbeat! 🙂 Happy for you!! **Dezzi- Congrats- hoping for a sticky baby!!



    All the best JESS!! DAY not long for either of us…SCARED and EXCITED!!! AZ hope your ok my lovely, thinking of you xxxx


    CICATRice- Couldn’t wipe the smile off my face while reading ur post. It’s great to hear how wonderfully ur pregnancy is going, I could feel ur energy. So a little girl!! Do u have a name picked out yet? Xx



    checkin in on ya roosa, prayers going your way. ((HUGS))



    I’ve been working all weekend and thought I saw something yesterday but nothing today yet. Mind you when I’m working I sometimes pee in the dark because our bathroom fan is so noisy an everyone is sleeping when I get home. I still have pregnancy symptoms. I have not made an appointment yet for u/s and haven’t decided yet if I will. So far I am feeling positive and hoping that my strong symptoms are a good sign.



    Hey, ladies. Checking in to say hi. My cerclage is tomorrow morning and I can’t sleep with nerves. Has anyone heard from lilpigz in the last couple of days? I wonder how she is doing after her placenta issue. 2bblessed- I just read a bunch of stories of c.l. cysts rupturing early with no ill effect. Hope that helps a smidge. I will check back in a day or so when I’m not too loopy from pain/meds. Cross fingers for me that it goes well!



    ROOSA- do you have her offline contact info? ABBY- I am so sorry for your horrible loss. (((hugs))) What grief!! I don’t personally know you, but I know that you have impacted so many women here in such a strong way. Thank you for ministering to others. May others now minister to you and uphold you during this new grief all over again…



    Dec Baby, oh so very happy for you!!!!!!



    Roosa – Yay for the great u/s!



    Lindsay…how are you going? are you having a better week? did some of your pg symptoms return? So glad you could see your Dr. and hear a h/b…that must’ve been very reassuring…take care x

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