Pregnancy after loss

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    Desia- thanks, will update for sure! Kents- good luck for yours too, time goes so slowly when you are pregnant hey!!
    I am too hoping for the third time charm! or third time lucky as we say here!
    I have had some strange stomach pains today..nothing major but it started off a bit of worry, am hoping it is just all the changes happening. I am also feeling sick but have not been sick yet. I have been gagging though which is strange.. has anyone else had that? My poor BB’s are getting more tender along with my nipples now. Am liking having the symptoms although very uncomfortable!! WHat are other people experiencing about now?



    So when I woke this morning I have noticed that the spotting is almost gone… now just a bit of brown in my CM but since I woke up I have had some pain/cramping on my left side and down low in my pelvic bone towards the middle. I have not really felt sick all morning which kinda worries me… I mean spotting cramping and not feeling sick… I am kinda just hoping that the cramping is mainly gass but idk… If it doesnt get better by this afternoon I will go to the dr. Brian and I have not being having sex… its been like 9 days. And we havent been intimate in other ways either… The only thing thats been put in my hoohaa are my progesterone suupositories. Needless to say my feet will be up all day and if these cramps arent gone by this afternoon or I am still spotting, thats it…. gonna head to the hospital.



    Hi ladies, do any of you have the summer brand baby dopplers? If so, when were you able to hear a heartbeat?



    Lisa- I have less then 5 weeks to go and I’m still worrying at times. I’m just ready for her to be here so I can stop worry about her being ok or not. Then of course once she is here I will have a ton of other worries.


    Em- YAY for 13 weeks. that is HUGE for you!! So happy!



    Hi beautiful ladies! **waving** Just popping in to say hi. And to say THANK YOU for the heaps of baby dust and baby gravel (and whatever else y’all dropped on me this month). It worked! lol. So for the fifth time in thirteen months, I am trying to jump forums… 🙂



    Looking & Veronika – brilliant news, shovels of super baby glue your way! Looking – I got bfp on a dig 1 day after a really faint FREP test. I didn’t believe it till I saw a + digital test either! Beck, glad that you are finally feeling better, am about to drag my lazy bum into work, really can’t be bothered – irony is that I’m fighting with them to let me work later into my pregnancy when secretly I just want my sofa and laptop!



    Well crap you guys… I am normally a D so I am screwed. The reason I cant see my feet later in pregnancy wont be because of my tummy LOL.



    babygal- sorry you have to work! its hard to not obsess about every twinge and cramp… i had lots of gas and twinges when i was about 4 weeks… now that i am 5 weeks..not so many… i have had stretching feelings in my uterus tho..if i stretch too fast it hurts…

    I am having the exact same food aversions i had while PG with my son..i wonder if that means its gonna be another boy!!!! sweets make me sick unless its juice or fruit… soda and tea and cookies, all make me feel sick to my stomach


    JENN~ Lol that is why I refuse to buy anything but graco infant seat wise. I already know how to make those work and I don’t have the patience to learn a new seat configuration!


    Miracle~ A c-section is no fun, but it is also not as bad as I feared. I labored for 26 hours before it became aparent she wasn’t coming out, her head never managed to engage into my pelvis, I never dialated quite to a 4, and I spiked a fever of 104 so no time to wait and see if she would find her way out. I think a planned c-section will be much smoother but even my un-planned c-section went well. The surgery was not hard or very scarey, the nurses and anestisiologist were great and talked me through the whole thing. DH stayed with our daughter when she came out, got to cut the cord and all still! And after I was closed back up I didn’t have to go into an isolation recovery room (my biggest fear), my daughter was brought sraight to me and we began breast feeding right away. The recovery is not fun, but it is do-able. We all heal at different rates, I was walking 10 hours after surgery (the soonest they let me out of bed), out of the hospital at 42 hours, the first week was the worst. Very sore. By 2 weeks I felt good and tried to drive, umm, didn’t make it very far. After that attempt I waited the full 4 weeks my doc recomended to drive again. By 4 weeks PP I was just a bit tender but doing everything I could before. It obviously wasn’t so bad since I am doing it all again in 6 days! Keep your chin up, there are scarey moments but in the end it is all so worth it.


    Wahoo Megs!!! Can’t beat that at all! How exciting 🙂



    jess~ I agree it is stupid and Babies R Us is damn expensive anyway. I will not really be shopping there anymore once I use this $100 gift card I got from there. Target has a lot of the same type of stuff and cheaper.



    I am currently on meds to stop preterm labor and I;m dilated to 4cm already, but I find that I am still having contractions..sometimes they are 10 mins apart other times they are further apart..nothing too consistent though…what are the chances I am dilating further, and what happens if I go to the doc’s on Monday and I’m at 5cm or 6cm??..what would they do? I don’t think it’s okay to walk around at 5-6cm, but I’ll only be 35 weeks..any advise? I am trying to mentally prepare myself..last time I was 5cm they landed up inducing me, because I have fast labors but I was 37 weeks. Thanks in advance ladies!

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