Pregnancy after loss

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    EM– I’m glad the cramping and bleeding have stopped, and I can’t wait for you to get your pecans!!! For those of you who are curious about the weekly forum drama, it started in week 35 on Saturday, so you have to look back a couple of days to see what I wrote. EM– I’ve actually had ladies on this site message me and ask me what I did to have twins?????? Some women are just ignorant and clueless… I always tell them it’s in God’s hands, and you can’t make yourself have anything. There are also ladies who try to gender sway to get a specific sex. I feel really sorry for them…. During the first trimester the women in my week got ticked off about some of us talking about our past m/c and told us to go to another forum. THUY is the one who found this forum and encouraged us to come over and talk, so thanks THUY!! THUY– about the GBS… as long as they know about it beforehand and give you antibiotics during labor you’ll be fine. I had it with one of mine, but I didn’t find out until after I delivered. They put the medicine in my I.V. and everything turned out fine.


    Aubree~ WOO HOO! I LOVE hearing about heart beats!



    Jenn~I am 22 weeks and high risk….waiting to get to 24 weeks….seeing my doc every 3 weeks and doing bloodwork and 24 hr urines every 3 weeks for BP and protein….at my sono my cervix was nice and long, so glad for that!!! Skittles~Good Luck sweetie!!


    DMAMA- First off, I am soo terribly sorry for your losses. I cant speak for everyone, but I am pretty sure that most girls in here have experienced the same feelings. I know I am. I too have lost 2 little ones and am now about 6 1/2 weeks along. Im nervous and scared and anxious. You should know that your thoughts and feelings are all completely validated and I hope you can find peace and strength here, with all this wonderfully amazing ladies. SARAH- I kind of have a feeling too. Not getting excited yet…but hubby and I both feel differently about this pregnancy as opposed to the other 2 *plus the m/s tends to give me hope* 😉 I didnt know you could actually use a doppler *too* much?!? Interesting…. I think, if all goes well Friday, then I will order one. Because my cycle was soooo long, I honestly have no clue how far along I actually am. It will be interesting to see what the u/s says…and what little BP3 looks like in there…cannot wait!! Thanks for all the responses, I will probly wait as long as I possibly can to actually *try* the doppler. Lol.


    BECKY — I am so glad that you are feeling better. I missed everything this week that was going on, but praying for all my friends in here. I am glad things are feeling better. I hope you get an u/s next week. How fun to see you lo!



    I know this is nothing new to this forum but I am so anxious and nervous with this pregnancy. I didn’t even make it past 8 weeks last time and it is making it impossible to relax or enjoy this pregnancy. I know itis normal but it just sucks!



    Great numbers Red! As for me ladies, just wondering… how long have you had round ligament pain last? It started when I got out of bed this am… must have gotten up wrong and it hasnt exactly gone away. Its only on my left side. I checked with the doppler of course and the baby sounds fine but I was just wondering if I am just being silly or if I should be worried.



    Thank you for the prayers and good thoughts ladies. I went to work today. The spotting decreased but now I have cramps. I haven’t had any cramps in a week or two so now I’m worried about this. 🙁


    RED — nothing I can say will help. I am praying for you and hoping things are not as they seem to you. Big hugs!!!



    i dont really want a shower this time.. last time barely anyone showed up to them… made me super sad… so this time i dont want to go thru that again



    EM – Now you know its not just your sacrum youre dying off to have him pressing on!!



    HI ladies, I joined this site years ago when I was first pregnant and over the past two years I have had 3 miscarriages, 4 in total. Two days ago I got another bpf! We are so excited but if you read my story you will see pregnancy hasn’t been a joyful time for us, I pray this time will be different. I look forward to getting to know you all and share my fears and excitement.



    I rested over the weekend and did pretty well. I felt some tightness in my stomach when up and moving around, but pretty good when I was sitting or laying downs. I’ve had to come back to work today and I’m a little nervous about what’s going to happen. But I’m gonna try it out this week and at some point I am going to be asking my doctors to write me out of work. They don’t seem to be overly worried about the contractions and tightness, but I just don’t think it’s right for me to be moving around so much when I know that resting makes it go away. I’m having all kinds of twinges and stuff in my cervical area too. I’ve been having that off and on since week 14, but it’s just very worrisome combined with everything else. I was really hoping to avoid bedrest, but the longer this goes on, the more I feel like I am better off being safe than sorry. And reading stories helps, but it also doesn’t help, b/c there are some sad endings out there too. Read one that said she went into labor at 23 weeks and all she came home with from the hospital was flowers. My DH and friends still seem to be criticizing my worries too, which doesn’t help at all and is so damn frustrating. They kept saying ‘Don’t worry, you’re gonna have this baby, blah, blah, blah.’ Thanks for listening to me vent.



    ADY – I’m so sorry that DH is being difficult, I hope your day is getting better.



    EM – As long as they are mailed before the weekend, I think the timing will be OK. My sister didn’t mail mine until early last week and my shower is weekend after next. She didn’t want to send them out too early. Of course, all of my people are local so they would have gotten them within a day, and I know she emailed everyone too. OKY – Hoping everything’s OK, the bleeding could very well be from the hematoma. HEIDS – My co-worker was feeling ‘off’ last Friday and feeling some pressure and she went into labor Sunday night, 2 days before her due date, so maybe Squidge is getting ready to make an appearance. SB – I will also be out of work until January and it does seem weird, but I betcha when the time comes it will seem way too soon and time will have flown by. EM – I love the old fashioned names. My sister has picked out Abigail Elizabeth. DH and I still haven’t agreed on a middle name for Sammy. BUTTER – Yay for 9 weeks! MARJ – That sounds scary, hope it’s over now. I’ve been having some stabbing pains in the cervix area today, fun, fun! Oh, and the furniture is already in!! So we will be picking it up on Monday when we will have friends off work to help, which means after my showers next weekend, I will have a place to put everything, YAY!

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