Pregnancy after loss

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    Hi Ladies! I just came from the TTCAL forum. I just tested pos yesterday. AF was due tomorrow. I have a DD who is almost 20 mos. DH and I have been TTC for about 10 mos now and have had two early miscarriages since then. My last pregnancy they suspected was ectopic but I didn’t have to take anything for it, it resolved naturally. I am pretty nervous. I hope this bean sticks. It’s so hard bcuz you want to be so excited but I feel too cautious to be too excited. How far along are all of you?



    I love this forum too, I don’t comment much, but I love to see how you all are doing. I am on the weeks page, but there was some drama there last week, I figure it’s not the first and it won’t be the last. But in this forum there is so much hope, true joy and a SIDS mom, some people tend to avoid me like a plague, but not around here, there is just loads of support..Thanks PAL ladies!!!



    tonysmommy, the first hpt I used whs a doller store brand, it was very faint for about a week, I tested 2 day before AF was due. After a week I bought a good test, cant remember the band at the moment, and it was still very faint. Im not sure why, but here I am getting ready to deliver in 4 short days. Are you useing first morning urin?


    DANI – yeah!! woo-hooo to a great appointment 🙂



    Dani and Megs, I don’t know how you ladies do it…Strong mommas for sure! If I had to stay on my feet for 11 or 12 hours, around hour 3 my hips and knees would give out. Between sciatic and pelvic pain, i haven’t been getting much exercise and feel winded just walking up my stairs! I waddle like a duck and have to stop to realign my hips just walking around the mall. TIANA, wonderful advice for Oky, and i agree! Enjoy your wine and each other. DH and I tried the every second night starting on CD6 and it worked for us, so I wouldn’t be concerned about missing a day. Liandre, HUGS from me too. So sorry for the stress, and I’ll just reiterate what you and every other lady here knows, the movement is always sporadic. I had a couple of panic sessions around 24-27 weeks when he wouldn’t move for 5 or 6 hours, but then he always made up for it! Megs, enjoy your shower, I’m so looking forward to mine!


    I hear ladies talking about getting a doppler. I was just wondering were can you get one and how much do they cost?



    Oh please let this day just pass. What good can possibly come of it? I dont want to be reminded of what i have lost:( where the hell are my children? Where are my home made cards? My Macaroni art? My hugs. My kisses?


    LOL Em, try it when you have a toddler! I usually scarifice one room of the house to her while I try and clean the rest… I think it was a week or so ago that I went crazy, got off work, picked up Evie, got home scrubbed the bathroooms, cleaned and mopped the kitchen, washed dishes and did laundry, cleaned the office, and DH came home and asked why the living room was a wreck… UMM, because our child was able to play in there and wreck it while I cleaned the rest of the house!!! Oh and she also did a stomping dance on the gold fish I gave her for a snack, so my living room had a lovey orange tint to the carpet until I got a change to steam clean….. Please remind me why I want to do this again?! I go back and forth between my being smart about having them close together since they will grow out of these stages sooner together, and my being an absolute idiot for thinking I can handle a newborn and a toddler!



    Beckybear: thanks, yeah I woke up and laid towards the end of the bed, unfortunately that didn’t help either. My hubby just picked me up to put me back on the other side of the bed because he didn’t want me to fall off for switching ends. It’s when I sleep, when I go on car rides with hubby, my goodness my back just is such a pain in my butt. I just woke up from a horrible nap. I think I’m considering to sleeping on the floor to straighten out my back, I don’t think all the comfy pillows are going to help me anymore. 🙁



    thanks ladies! i never thought of that! that would be even better!


    Birth story is up, with a pic! More pics to come in future.



    LOOKING, I was still wearing most of my pre-pregnancy clothes at 14 weeks, I didn’t pop until 20 weeks, so don’t listen to your MIL. I agree that hte 4 weeks between appts is unbearable, which is apparently why my LO keeps finding reasons to make me go in sooner.



    wow.. I am having trouble keeping up here! lol Its like walking into a bar and trying to listen to everyones conversation! I may be a bit rusty at first I think so I apologise If I miss anyone etc! BECKYBEAR- thanks for the welcome! and so glad to see you in here too! EM – glad you enjoyed the class! only a little way to go now! Oh my cat just puked down my shoulder… I gotta go!



    I had my 24 week appt today. I am at a practice with 4 different doctors and for scheduling reasons, and b/c when I deliver I will get whoever is on call, I’ve been alternating and seeing them all. The doctor today is the no-nonsense woman doctor. She did not necessarily think the fetal fibronectin was needed, since my symptoms have been well controlled with rest, but she sent me anyway per the previous doctor’s orders. We talked about the cramps and contractions and since me resting seems to make them go away, she said that’s what I should do. In terms of whether or not to write me out of work, she was willing to do it now, but really left it up to me. So we agreed that for now, if ffn is negative, we’ll give it another 2 weeks and re-assess then. She did mention that she’s not really a fan of doing cervical checks very often, and I have to tell you the ffn test and the cervix check they did at the hospital were not pleasant! I know the baby’s going to hurt much worse, but I don’t think I will be pushing for that again unless I’ve got some intensifying symptoms going on. It made me a little paranoid that maybe I will get things going too early with all this poking and prodding. They also hooked me up to the monitors at the hospital, it’s their SOP for any woman that goes to L&D, and they saw no contractions and baby’s HR was great, in the 140s. It’s really LOUD when he kicks and the monitor is on, made me jump the first time, ’cause I wasn’t expecting it. I didn’t expect to see any contractions since I’ve been resting all weekend, but it’s good to know. We (DH under my direction) took 4 bins of clothing out of the nursery and donated them yesterday, that was great, made me feel like we are accomplishing something, and we are going to get rid of the rest of the furniture in there. DH is also dead set on getting hardwood floors done before the baby gets here. We will have them done by a pro, but there’s still much work to be done moving crap out of all of the bedrooms, removing the ugly wallpaper in the nursery, and painting and then putting stuff back when the floors are done. And I can’t help with most of it. So time will tell how much of this grand plan gets done, I had just assumed we’d do it all later after baby is here when I can help. But we did clear out the entire lower level for carpeting in like a day, and DH did an awesome last-minute job building our bar right before our wedding, so it could happen.


    Woah! Just found one for $52 new and free shipping. Ding ding ding…think we found a winner!

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