Pregnancy after loss

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    Preggers- Congrats! I love the name too, its very pretty.



    Marj, woot woot! Funny about your little one being sideways. Alison is almost always transverse. I guess because she kinda grew that way it doesnt bother me much. Though ask me how much it bothers me when she is bigger LMAO And lol at your DH. Brian is the same way… if I even look like I could be laying on my belly slightly he gets all sassy LMAO I always tell him, ‘trust me I am not gonna crush her!’ We were bding the other night and I was on top and leaned down to kiss him and he freaked out LMAO I was having a BH at the time so my belly was rock hard and he thought it was the baby getting smashed lol gotta love men!



    Had my second OB appointment today. Everything went well and I have only gained 8 lbs and I am at 17 weeks. I swear it feels like 28 lbs lol. I dont get to find out what we are having until August 12… the suspense is killing me but I think my husband is worse!!!


    I agree DANI~ We miss your dirty jokes and fun talk 🙂



    Jdubb, welcome! Almost all of us in here spent some time (I spent 2 years) in TTCAL and we are always happy to welcome newbies here. My symptoms came and went many many times in the first few weeks. I also had spotting off and on. I hope you get to stay with up for a long long time



    Mama – I really hope they will agree to another U/S for you next week. Once you’ve had a mc you can never stop wondering if this time you’ll get your miracle. I really wish more doctors realised how hard it is on a woman to mc and made special conditions for mothers of angel babies. I am going for my 2nd u/s tomorrow, and i’m only 5 1/2 weeks. I really hope we can see some growth. I have a good feeling about this baby! I really believe that i will get to hold my baby in my arms in 9 months (Well, 8 now i suppose)



    hey girls..been having an emotional day and my 2 year old is the cause of all the strife!! stubbern, rude, bossy.. OI!!! i got really upset and cried and he actually stopped being a pain..climbed in my lap and sat with me for 30 mins.. for now hes being a good boy.. i pray i can make it thur the weekend, i am all alone til late Sunday!


    SARAH – woot-woot – great news! You must be so relieved!!



    I have an important question for all of you:) I am at 20 weeks, 2 days, and am experiencing pretty significant menstrual type cramping at night. It comes and goes, and doesn’t have any other symptoms with it. It doesn’t get worse or more frequent. They just kind of come and go. I’m not too concerned aboout it being preterm labor because I have a stitch in my cervix, so I’d be in a lot of pain if I started dilating. I’m ust wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar:) I have my 20 week scan tomorrow, so if there’s anything ‘wrong’ they should be able to tell me. I’m just wondering I’f I’m on my own, of if some of you have experienced anything like this at 20 weeks… Happy long weekend, all!!!!



    MAMA—so sorry yo were sick! That sucks! Maybe it was food poisoning? When I had it, it came on so fast and was so violent like yours–I could barely catch my breath. Horrible. I don’t know what to say about the 2 heartbeats, but holy crap if there are actually two! RICHY–Yay for baby moving! Isn’t it the coolest thing ever? Until he/she JABS you consistently in the ribs with a knee or elbow, that is! PREGGERS–so glad all is ok w/ you and that DH came through in the end. A lot of times what we take for disinterest in men is actually sheer terror, and they can’t deal. LOIS–good luck today w/ your appt. and keep us posted.


    OMG! I am SO embarrassed! My husband loves onions on his sandwiches and just ate one. He came to me all frisky and and I was so willing, until he breathed on me and then I PUKED on him and the wall. UGG!!!!!!! HOW HORRIBLE!



    XO- thats a cute story… i was laying down the other day at nap time and my dh came home a lil early and when my lil girl heard his voice she went nuts kicking all over the place..he had been gone at a confrence for the weekend so i think she was happy to hear his voice .. it was cute



    still here, still very much pregnant crazy to see `1 day to go`! lol i could cry im so itchy n bord waiting around now ive left myself nothing to do. even went midnight shopping last night to try and muster all my `thats just my luck` for waters to break or mega contractions to kick in ….but no…nothing. so once again spicy food for supper and wait some more


    Hi girls – hope everyone is doing well — BECKY – congrats!



    So I had to quit wearing my wedding rings because i started to get a rash the last month under my rings… ive been reading that its common in preg women to get a rash from white gold when preg… what the heck? anyone else have this prob?

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