Pregnancy after loss

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    Red they want me to stop the baby aspirin and lovenox. I understand why, but it’s scary knowing that it’s what got us this far and now I have to stop it soon and don’t know how soon after I’ll have him. I’ll be sure to let you all know how the u/s goes Tuesday.



    Anatomy scan tomorrow morning(Thursday)! Im freaking out…I dont know if I will be able to sleep! hehe My head says everything is fine but my heart keeps telling something will be wrong. Ive been feeling kicks but not really the last couple of days. I know at this point it isnt all the time but I keep focusing on anything that could be a sign of something wrong. ugh!! I’ll fill you all in tomorrow after the appt!


    Hi there ladies! I’ve been hanging out on the TTCAL forum and got a faint BFP today. Haven’t decided if I’m going to tell DH yet or not…he’s got a lot of stressful things going on right now. This was kinda planned. So, I figured I’d get as involved as I can on this site so I don’t feel the urge to talk to anyone else LOL I have two angel babies and a handsome son who is 2 yo. EDD is 10/28/11 and I got my BFP today at 10dpo.



    Hello ladies.. This is a very great place for us to come… I am so worried about this pregnancy.. I am trying to stay positive but after 2 losses both ending at 13 weeks its alittle scary.. Baby is doing good so far. Our first appt the h/b was 112 that was at 6 weeks, our 7 week scan h/b was 162.. I have one more u/s with the specialist on Monday.. Im so nervous that we are going to go in and there will be no h/b like the other 2.. I have a blood clotting disorder called MTHFR.. I have been on lovenox, progesterone, HCG, and baby aspirin since we got our BFP… Wishing everone the best.



    mugs, I am so glad and relieved to hear you felt your little girl again. That must have been a long, scary wait. It is hard not to get paranoid.



    red> i said a little prayer for you, all will be fine you’ll see!



    VIN- a friend of mine had placenta accreta – she was told she would need a complete hysterectomy during/after her c-section (which was waaaaay before term); anyway, they realized during the c-section that they could save her uterus! It was such an answered prayer. They told her to wait 6 months, but that’s about up now, and they are about to start trying again. And apparently accreta is really on the rare side, whereas previa is fairly common. Will your doctor look at the scan notes and call you with more info? It’s impossible (gosh, do I know…) but *try* not to worry too much. Take it easy (if you can with your sweet kids!), and wait for more updates. And listen to what Roosa said. She’s ‘been there, done that’ recently. Keep everyone updated in here, okay? You will be much loved and prayed for. ((((hugs))))



    Posted a 28 week bump pic.



    LOL Dani, I guess we both have common names. Gonna have to name baby something like Doula Butterfly or Brick Dirt so his/her parents unremarkableness (word?) doesn’t hold them back!! LOL. Good luck on the scan! I’m so freakin jealous!!! I may be 28 weeks before I get one, LOL Or at least it seems that long……….



    red, actually I do think I would have stopped worrying earlier if it wasn’t for my constant complications. It seemed like one would go away, I would start to relax and be excited, and something new would happen. Now I feel very positive though. I plan to buy the crib from They have a huge selection, some very nice ones and great prices. I have looked for used ones but haven’t found anything so far I want, and that isn’t super expensive anyway. Other than the crib I am still looking for a bouncer and probably a playard. I don’t have very many baby toys, rattles etc but I know people often give those as gifts so we’ll see what happens. I do have lots of clothes already though. I went to those 25c sales remember, and couldn’t help myself. Kaden is going to look SO cute! It must be very special to have a crib your dad made. The one I am looking at is:


    DAN — I think you can probably feel the baby. You know what it feels like! How great!



    My Doctor has been able to hear HB with the doppler since 9 weeks and i have heard it on my own personal since then to. Now it can depend on the doppler to if your buying a 30$ walmart one u might not hear it till later on. But they have better ones that you can hear it earlyer with.


    Great numbers EM. Victoria glad all turned out ok!!!! Not long now and it will all be worth it. Dan- you are too funny.


    OK, looked it up, had to check alot of sites. Rolaids are fine but some doctors prefer you not take them in the first trimester. There are no known side effects but caution is prefered due to the calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide. Tums however are considered safe at all points in pregnancy.


    MAMAITALY — I am so sorry for you and DH. I will be praying for you and just know that you are thought of and cared for!

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